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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 563: Final Chapter 15: A Cruel Angel's Thesis -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis: Hina: Now... Hurry up! It's all over if those wedges are 
Nice assist, Yukiji

destroyed, right?

A-tan: U-understood!

Isumi: then we leave the rest to you

Himegami: Hero of justice... huh? (ally of justice is 

more accurate, but I like the FSN reference)

Hina: I've been listening but... you won't just hand over 

the stone will you?

Himegami: Don't you get it? What had been planted is finally 


Himegami: You refused my proposal that would make 

everyone happy, didn't you? That's why Ayasaki's death 

will be your fault as well.

Himegami: But honestly, I'm relieved that things turned 

out so well.

Himegami: Nagi thought that Ayasaki was her lover for one 

year, but that was a misunderstanding and it's finally 

been revealed.

Himegami: This is the result of that despair, but it's 


Himegami: She won't suffer anymore. Nagi has obtained 


Himegami: As a reward for that, the sinner is also 

judged. This is exactly what he deserves.

Hina: I don't know the exact circumstances but... I've 

been watching. How can you say that this is what Hayate-

kun deserves for the past year?

Himegami: Hm? Ah, yes of course. You like Ayasaki-kun, 

don't you?

Hina: Hah?

Aika: Sou yo!

Aika: That's why for the one she loves, Hina will defeat 


Hina: W-wait! WTF are you sayin all of a sudden?

Hina: My feelings for Hayate-kun are a different matter altogether.

Aika: What you saying now? Everyone knows how much you like Ayasaki-kun!

Hina: Eeh!? Who is this everyone you're talking about!!

Aika: Well... whatever... the children are sleeping right now. Isn't it Santa's duty to deliver the presents?

Aika: So, whacha gonna do? You're afraid of heights aren't you?

Aika: He can freely dance in the sky. How will you fight without wings?

Isumi's grandma: Aim for his mask. that thing is his wing.

Isumi's grandma: As for that thing behind him, after you break it. Leave it to me.

Isumi's grandma: Well then flashy little girl. Isumi and I will help you out too.

Hina: On that day, it was here wasn't it? From this terrace...

Himegami: Well then, that's enough talking. I'mma destroy the wedge and end it all~

Hina: Ya think! I won't let ya!

Himegami: Empty threats, Katsura Hinagiku...

Himegami: You're just stalling. You're a coward whose afraid to fly.

Himegami: Yukariko, I'm finally here...

A-tan: NUUUU! the next wedge won't make it in time!!

Himegami: At last, this is all for you~

Hina slashes im and barely misses

Himegami: Na-nani!?

Hina: I won't... let you do as you please!

Himegami: Could it be... using Shirousakura?

Hina: Haaaa!!

Guy: Hey look, ain't that SC pres?

Girl: It's true! COOOL!

Izumi: HIna-san is...

Miki: Flying?

HIna: It's scary. I feel like I'm about to pass out from the fear...

Himegami flashback: He's just getting his just punishment
HIna: However... I can't forgive him for saying that!

Extra: Hey hey, why is the SC prez flying?

Extra 2: It's part of the show ain't it?

Extra: And the cloak guy?

Extra 2: It's the bad guy ain't it?

Extra 3: Monitor, put that up. Cameras on top!

Ruka: Amazing production eh? Atsumari san?

Ruka: Well then... everyone support the SC prez

Ruka: The song will be... A Cruel Angel's Thesis

Hina: Haaaaa!

Himegami: Oh fer cryin out loud. Why u tryin so hard?

Himegami: Even if you fight like this, that guy will never know.

Hina: That's right! Even if no one will know!

Himegami: If it's not for that guy, then why?

Hina: Aren't you the same?

Hina: Believing that a miracle will happen someday. Always, always thinking about it!!

Hina: But just thinking about a miracle, won't make it happen!

Hina: Eh? What's with that right hand...

Himegami: You're not the only one who thinks of herself as a hero of justice. This is from god --- my right hand.

Flashback of Himegami wishing to be a hero of justice with a cool attack "god's rocket punch"

Himegami: The power of justice!

Himegami gets a hit on Hina. Hina plunges to her apparent doom

extra: uwaaa! SC prez fell!!

Hina: I'm fallin... fallin~ as I thought, flying in the sky...

Miki: Ganbare, Hina!

Izumi: Hina-san ganbare!!

Risa: Ganbare, Hina!!

HIna (does a multiple flip) shi--- shirousakura!!

Hina saves herself just in time and comes face to face with Ruka.

Ruka: Do your best, ok?

Hina: Of course!

Himegami: You're here again?

Hina has some Hayate flashback moments

Hina: Hayate-kun, Hayate kun, Hayate kun, I will make a miracle...

Himegami breaks wooden masamune with flying rocket punchy

Himegami: Too bad, huh? Your miracle

Jedi Master Yukiji: Ei, can I borrow that for a second (borrows bamboo sword from Fumi)

Fumi: Fua?

Himegami: Won't happen!!

Yukiji: Hina!!

Hina catches bamboo sword and breaks Himegami's mask with it.

Mikado: that is...

Sakuya: SC Prez just kicked HImegami's ass.

A-tan: Isumi-san, you take care of the wedges. I'll go retrieve the king's jewel with Sakuya

Isumi: understood

Aika: Welcome back... how did it feel to fly in the sky?

Hina: Well... it was the best feeling ever.

A-tan: So, the king's jewel?

Sakuya: Pretty sure it fell on this side.

Sakuya: Eh? What is this!?

Hinagiku wins over Himegami. Also, what did Sakuya see? Don't miss the climax!

Review: Well, here we are 6 chapters before the ending and as expected, this was a Hina fanservice chapter giving Hina one last chance to shine before this manga concludes -- and shine she did.

You'll notice that she actually made use of the wooden masamune and a pretty innovative use of the Shirousakura. Too bad Himegami had to destroy masamune.

Anyway, Hina overcame her fear of heights here while overcoming Himegami. Also, Yukiji got to show off how awesome she is within just a few panels too. Good stuff.

Note on the powerlevels. Based on past feats, isumi and Athena should be stronger than Hina and more well-equipped to take him on. But it seems their powers were needed to maintain the wedges, so they couldn't concentrate on Himegami -- which is why Hina was perfect for the job.

Now Hina herself appeared to be of little threat to Himegami who was effortlessly dodging and parrying her attacks and even destroyed wooden Masamune -- that is until, Jedi Master Sister changed the tide. Really, that was more of a surprise attack more than anything else -- but it got the job done. It was sort of poetic justice too. Hina couldn't touch him with the mightier wooden masamune and ended up kicking his ass with an ordinary bamboo sword.

With that said, Himegami said a lot of interesting things in this chapter. Like that blatant callout to Hata's other manga using his right hand. Other than that, there's him repeatedly saying that Hayate deserves to die for his sins -- which I'm almost inclined to agree with, but let's give Ayasaki some time to redeem himself. He's KO'd for now after all. Nagi reflection chapter WHEN!?

Anywayz, that's that. See ya next week. Fanart time~

Fanart Corner: Yah, had quite a lot of time to do fanart this week to make up for last week so yay~


  1. Wow! This was amazing. I'm really happy hinagiku got her well deserved spotlight. The setting right now seems so much similar to ctmeoy.

    1. Yeah, I do get those vibes. Well, Hata did say that he wrote several hundred pages of manuscript for CTMEOY which should have been part of the manga.

  2. So far how do you see Hayate ending or rather.. how would you end it?

    1. After settling things with Hisui and the King's Jewels business, Hayate just needs to look inside himself at all the happy moments he's had with Nagi, convince her that reality is much better than she might think and make a very strong implication of romantic feelings for her that no amount of interpretation can twist. Also, having the ring box from Athena, the watch that Nagi should have given him for his birthday and the ring that Athena gave him back play a role in this realization would be a plus.

      We can then move on to a ten year timeskip epilogue to see what happened to everyone.

  3. What do you think will happen to Hina after it's all over?

    1. Umm... she'll be her usual awesome self? She's always been a strong, independent girl, so she can basically be anything she wants. Sort of like Maria. Heck, she can have her own spin-off action manga series like Mikoto Misaka from To Aru Majutsu no Index getting her own Railgun spin-off.

  4. Aika is really intelligent while understanding the situation. Hina is really the santa for those two, for now at least. And the red ranger title also suites her. It's good to see ruka to rely on hina for hayate. But hina must have to be prepared as the miracle is not happening and must learn to loose. What nagi did when she apparently lost to ruka.
    I think she could defeat him as she was inspired by her (former) idol, her sister. Each character is shining differently without clashing among them, it's just awesome.
    It's worth noticing that nagi never complained for the declination of status in violate mansion. She realised how great the sanzenin estate is when she returned but rarely bothered about that while she wasn't in the sanzenin's.
    She went to mykonos to have more time for hayate but he got engaged with the stuffs of atan. She wanted him to protect her after destroying the stone but he had to serve every single tenants and had less time for her. She lost her inheritance for him and only for that ruka could enter in their lives but never complained when ruka decided to take hayate from her. Most pathetically, after all the strugglings of kyoto-ise arc, she was rewarded by hayate's declaration of wanting to make ruka happy. Nagi threw away her hikkikomori lifestyle and made friends and so on.
    Even after alll those events, she only loves hayate. I believe that's why she deserves him and she will be the one shining the most in the remaining chapters.

    1. So true.

      Nagi should have been feeling a bit insecure herself at the end of the comiket arc, but she still came out to cheer up Hayate.

      She's proven her love for Hayate time and time again and she definitely deserves some reciprocity for that. In fact, the real question is not whether Nagi deserves Hayate but: does Hayate deserve Nagi? I think that Hayate still has to prove himself to show that he's anywhere near worthy of Nagi's love.

      Also yes, I'm eagerly anticipating Nagi's one last moment of awesome as this story heads towards its conclusion.

  5. Ah, Gods Rocket Punch. Well if the goddess is canon in this manga, and she is, I suppose Nadja's rocket punch deserves to be likewise canon.

    Hata actually updated Backstage this week for the first time in forever, I hope he keeps it up until the end.

    This week he said (Far as I can tell anyway) Himegami was meant as Hina's opponent from the beginning, because they are both people who can't help loving someone who doesn't return their feelings. I actually kind of like that because it gives a nice bit of symbolism to their battle here.

    1. Thanks for the info. I never read backstage. Maybe I should now that we're chapters away from the ending.

    2. Backstage is an interesting thing. Way back in the day, it was something I looked forward to the most each week since it was where Hata would post all his behind the scenes info and new art (and exclusive color 4 Koma!) and what not.

      For a time, it was his main way of communicating with his fans. Around the end of the Mykonos Arc he got on twitter and started paying less and less attention to Backstage, even the art mostly became previews of upcoming covers and such.

      Looking back, the decline is obvious. He updated Backstage just 11 times in 2013, and four times a year in 14, 15 and 16. In 2005 to 2012 though he was updating it almost every week.

      Just another blog that got eaten by Twitter, really, but there's a lot of nostalgia there. A lot of familiar bits of artwook, comics, and fan theories (See, "Athena was originally the heroine") originate from Backstage.

      I do believe he intends to update it every week until the end now so I'll have to dust off the old bookmark for a bit.

    3. Nice. I was just about to go and look at it myself when Gunso saved me the trouble when I came across his review first. I'll still give it a look though. I might add it to my minor translation efforts each week as a separate post as we count down to the ending.

    4. What's backstage? It sounds interesting! Can you provide some kind of link or something?

    5. http://websunday.net/backstage/hata/ This is the link

  6. As a student of psychology I couldn't help noticing something similar between hayate and nagi. They both suffered from ambiguous loss. Hayate suffered from ambiguous loss when he constantly remembered Athena and was in search for a well needed closure. Nagi is currently suffering as well, since she's experiencing a lack of responsiveness on part of hayate towards her. Which resulted in the explosion of the bomb. In this regard,it may be said that hinagiku conquered this loss,through her protective nature towards her friends and her will power for becoming even stronger.

    1. Currently, I'm not sure if Hayate has actually found closure regarding Athena even. I know that Athena has at least accepted that she's "no longer reflected in his eyes," but I really, really just want to take a look at what's in Hayate's head.

      Also, I really wanted to deck Hayate good when he stayed silent when Nagi asked him if he loves her. Of course, I didn't expect his response to be in the positive during that time, but I still wanted to punch him anyway.

      In any case, I'm pretty excited to see how things will be resolved. So many juicy possibilities churning through my mind right now.

  7. So himegami watched over nagi for one year after he resigned and went to hakuo during the christmas party with full preparations to wait for the bomb to explode?
    My confusion no. 1: Did he quit being nagi's butler for having the advantages of her lonely heart?
    No. 2: How he knew his substitute would be a liar ( apparently).
    No. 3: His parents revealed themselves to hayate and nagi in the perfect time. Are they in sync with himegami?
    4: I thought hayate's mom knew about the misunderstanding from nagi's story of hayate and guessed the thoughtline of his son. Now himegami may be the one to tell them too.
    5: The patient dr. Kurosou came to visit for, could it be himegami ? Maybe because he still suffers from yukariko's death or have some problem with the shrinked body.
    I thought kurosou was in charge of the characters whose whereabouts were unknown to us primarily. I mean she was taking care of those people about whom hata-sensei refused to worry for a long time. Now, is she the part of this too , playing with hisui, hayate, nagi and others!!

    1. Some pretty interesting thoughts there... I'll have to think about these a bit...

    2. No. 1: I really don't think he could have planned things out that far.

      No. 2: Maybe he didn't? He just observed what happened until things naturally fell into place for his own goals.

      No. 3: Hayate's parents' motivations are pretty much unknown at this point. Let's hope Hata tells us more about them in the last few chapters.

      No. 4: It could have come from Himegami... or it could have come from Hayate's dad through Chiharu.

      No. 5: Hmm... I'm not too sure about that. Could Kurosu really have such a connection with everyone? I mean, if she was really evil, she had plenty of chances to kidnap Nagi back in the mangaka arc.

    3. Thanks for the answars.
      well I don't think kidnapping nagi is the job of an ultimate evil person. She may like to play with people's feelings or something else.
      If chiharu was that weak to have secrets, it would be difficult to have the disguise of haru while working for saku. Even then hina would know about this misunderstanding and she might do something to prevent the explosion.
      But it seemed nagi talked a lot about hayate. His mom may know what could hayate have done to escape from death, she may be familiar with the misinterpretations of his words too. She is her mom after all.
      Himegami's land has some connectionwith RG, so himegami might have used that mirror to know about the circumstances long ago. Neither, how did he planned to serve his final duty to nagi? By the way, himegami- hinagiku ..... aren't these sounds similar a bit !
      I wish hisui can also have a moment to shine. Maybe her greediness is just to prevent the loneliness just like hina's weapon is to have friends by helping them in problems.

    4. Good point about Chiharu... then again, she did reveal the misunderstanding to Hayate by accident.

      Yeah, Himegami and Hinagiku does sound kinda similar... and I think they'd be worth shipping -- if I cared about such things.

      Also, yup. Hisui should have some short backstory as well. Strangely enough, I don't hate her even though she's supposed to be one of the main villains of the piece. As far as I know, she hasn't really done anything to hurt Nagi or any of her childhood friends.

      In any case, I could do without anything from Hisui as long as we get a reflection chapter from Hayate on Nagi... which I'm becoming quite desperate to see.

    5. Chiharu thought hayate and nagi both treasures the event of that day. So as nagi told her, she thought she could discuss it with him too. She even avoided the topic when maria was around in the mansion. So I don't think chiharu to be the one to reveal that.
      Hina deserves someone who is honest, dedicated, helpful, does not mess up everything and abeys the rules. Himegami's character hasn't been revealed that much but he only can be a candidate for her if he remains as young as he is now after the royal stuff settles.
      I guess we will now see how nagi wakes up and grows enough to handle everything to keep hayate at ease and try to escape. Hayate's introspection maybe in the last two chapters. It would be good if the last one be a timeskip.

    6. Speaking of that... does Hayate even treasure that day? I sure hope he does and we just haven't seen it from him yet.

      I think we need an introspection scene from both Hayate and Nagi this time. It's about time we got some reciprocal scenes wherein they're both thinking about what they mean to each other. Nagi herself isn't in the right frame of mind right now.

  8. I wonder which lucky guy will be the next person who catches Hina's eye?

    1. I'm not really into guessing at this sort of stuff. I think it's best left to the Hina shippers who might be interested in Hina's love life after this chapter. With that said, she and Himegami aren't a bad match in my opinion. I could have mentioned Ikusa as well, but I think Hata has already impliedly paired him with Athena.

  9. By the way... blowing my own horn a bit, but I'm pleasantly surprised that a lot of the scenarios I imagined in this alternate retelling fanfic have actually come to pass in the actual manga (especially Hayate's parents being the last bosses). Let's hope things are resolved in a similar way... or even better: http://www.jaded-perspectives.com/2016/06/what-if-hayate-no-gotoku-alternate.html

  10. By the way, Hata was asking which 4 songs should be assigned for the last 4 chapters of the manga~

    Here are my suggestions:
    Can't Take My Eyes Off You
    Here I Am Here We Are
    Heaven Is A Place On Earth
    Translate from Japanese

    Link to Hata's tweet. Send him some, guys: https://twitter.com/hatakenjiro/status/839885086296170496

  11. Things i hope to see in these final 5 chapters:
    1/ A final big battle with Midas and Yozora (i don't understand what happen to her, why did she vanish?) with Ikusa and all of combatant character in the series to help (Sonia, Ruri, Kotetsu, Athena, Isumi, Hina, Machina, Yukiji... in which Isumi and Athena finally defeat Yozora on screen, Hayate and Ikusa win over Hisui and Midas, everyone elses kick every monsters's asses that Midas summon).
    2/ Nagi finally got what she deserved and Hayate could realize his true feeling and express his true love once for all.
    3/ Other one got a little bit of shipping ending such as Sakuya with Machina, my beloved Atan with Ikusa (he is better, hotter, stronger...... than his brother, Ataaan you deserve best boy). I have a feeling Hina will go solo, but i really want to ship her with Himegami, they look good together, so a spin off for Hina with that ship could be awesome. Kananiwa can find a boyfriend. Everyone elses got a happy ending party. And Yukiji finally accept that teacher.
    4/ I can't express how much awesome Hina and Ruka was in this chapter. Ruka haven't done much, but her scene with Hina was very impressive for me. Hina was god-tier this chapter, i never like her this much, now i'm having a big spot in my heart for her, only after Atan.
    5/ Hope Hata-sensei could explain what happened with Yozora, she was interesting but never got a good closure.
    6/ If we have 30 chapters left, then i want to story to flesh out more on how Hisui first meet Yozora, how Nagi and Maria used to live with Himegami, what is the 28th, Mikoto and Yukariko bond, and spend 10 chapters for Hayate to deal with his parent. It's too bad we only have 5 chapters left.
    7/ A lot of plot holes that we never got a good explanation.
    a/ How can Hisui (atfer that boost of Yozora) OHKO both Athena and Isumi when Yozora herself said that she can't win that duo.
    b/ It was never make sense to me about Midas's true intention. I don't know what he really want. And Yozora, why she want Hisui to be a new king. Does Hisui being a new king could help Midas have another host and then through Hisui he can conquer the world ? Then why not he use Yozora instead??? Yozora herself can do everything, why bother to use Hisui?
    8/ We never got that final Maria arc. I feel a bit unsatisfaction with her leaving. She was main co-heroine but never got much development. I used to think Hata want to set up Maria as Midas's daughter until Yozora join in the story.

    1. Thanks for commenting.

      1. I think Hata just needed to get Yozora out of the way as she was a tad too powerful and he doesn't seem to be all that eager to write chapters focused entirely on fighting. Not sure what kind of battle we'll get in the finale, but... I'm actually hoping to see Nagi possessed by Midas. I'd like to see Hayate's reaction to that -- and Nagi overcoming Midas' influence on her own.


      3. Haha the part about Kananiwa finding a boyfriend made me laugh -- poor woman. Well, maybe she and Ashibashi Gouji (the mangaka) would make a good match.

      4. The Hina x Ruka bit was great. I think Hata mentioned something in backstage about how he was thinking about what Ruka should say to encourage Hina and that in the end, he opted for something simple that got the job done instead of being wordy about it.

      5. That is true. She just sort of decided to disappear and use her powers to power up Hisui.

      6. Agreed. It just feels so unreal right now that a manga that has gone on for this long is about to end in just about a month.

      7. a) Well, like I've said before in this blog, Hata will do anything to advance certain events in the plot. He doesn't seem to care that much about power levels and consistency.

      b) The relationship between Hisui and Yozora was never really explained, was it? During Yozora's farewell chapter, it seems that she was really close to Hisui.

      True about Maria. She was pretty underutilized. In practice, she was never a real co-main heroine as much as she was a supporting character. At least there's still her unopened letter which might explain a lot of things. She might also get a cameo within these last few chapters just like Yukiji.

  12. Well, found the spoilers for 564 https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/C_Chat/M.1489219565.A.A59.html

    Seems it's going to be an Ayumu chapter.

    Athena enlists her help in helping Hayate who is wallowing in depression over what he's done to Nagi. I'm not sure what's happening in the other panels whether Hayate is actually talking to Ayumu or if this is all a dream sequence/what-if scenario.

    1. Forgot not everyone can make sense of the text. Anyway, what is happening in the other panels is that someone is imagining a what-if scenario wherein Ayumu had found Hayate on that Christmas eve when he should have met Nagi. The yakuza kicking Hayate from behind there is asking Ayumu to pay the 150 million yen. Then Hayate goes: "You let go of this person's hand right now or I will never forgive you!" (of course, those panels may be out of order)

    2. scanlating ch. 564 spoilers just coz I can... also I'd like some input from some commenters here on what you guys think. Please wait warmly~


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