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Hayate Reflections: The Creation Of Dilemmas In Hayate No Gotoku!

Ok, first some awesome news. The covers for Vol. 51 and 52 are out and they actually come together to form one complete picture. Also, I am quite ecstatic about the covers for obvious reasons. Here they are. Take a close look at Hayate and Nagi's hands. Very subtle, Hata-sensei... very subtle~ Now for the discussion of the week... we begin with a demonstration of how relatively simple it can be to create an artificial atmosphere of trust By way of example, say I made a promise to post a pseudo-philosophical rambling  and then subsequently posted a pseudo-philosophical rambling therefore, I delivered upon that promise creating the illusion of trustworthiness Now you might think that this is way too simple and that no person in his right mind would be fooled by it,  but that is because you have already been preconditioned to prepare your psychological defenses for such an attack. Now if you had not been warned beforehand of the promise and the subsequent fulfillment, the

Hayate Reflection: Hisui - The Epitome of Evil?

I'll definitely finish this by next week! So I guess I'll be calling these weekly blog posts "Hayate Reflections" from now on. The name sounds nice and also... First off, you might be excited for the "Hayate Big Reflection" books to be included in the limited edition volumes of Hayate vol. 51 and 52 to be released on 6/17. I've already preordered mine... how about you? Go! Go! Go! Edit: New stuff from Hata's twitter ハヤテ最終巻、本編の書き足しが12ページ、追加のエピローグが15ページ、さらに限定版の追加エピソードが26ページ。合計で53ページ分の描き下ろし。そりゃ連載終了後も、ずっと仕事してるわ。 12 pages added to the main story 15 pages of epilogue 26 pages added to the limited edition A total of 53 new pages. For more details (in English), you can visit Doughnut Gunso's Blog . Perhaps unlike a lot of Hayate readers (as always, I hold the unpopular opinion), I never once thought that Hisui was really "evil" even though she was clearly introduced into the story as an antagonist. She was first shown

My Year Of Less - A Guest Post From mikey

Greetings! Lordcloudx here. If you've been following my blog for the past half a decade or so, you probably wouldn't realize this, but I was once an active member of the English Visual Novel scene... well, that was a horrible decision in hindsight. In any case, I made quite a few "connections" with people there whom I will always consider to be my liftetime friends. Today's guest post is from said friend. Also, I am still participating in the 365 project mentioned in this article through 365 Nagi wherein I take a pic of one of my Nagi dolls or figures every day for 365 days. At the moment, there's only two of us left and we're in the home stretch so wish us luck. Anyway, I leave you with mikey of ATP Projects: My Year Of Less Dear reader, imagine the following inner creative monologue: Arrrgh! There's just not enough time to do it all! Too much to dooooo! Okay okay, stay cool - let's make the list here: there is this VN

Maria's Departure:Not As Bad As You May Want To Believe

I actually followed someone else's art style for this one. I just love the way the artist drew Nagi's head and expression. Making her look all sparkly was my decision. Greetings! It's a Wednesday in Japan and if Hayate had not ended, it would have been published today in Weekly Shounen Sunday. By the way, Hayate no Gotoku Volumes 51-52 limited editions are now available for preorders from your favorite international online hobby stores. Grab em while you can -- this is the last time after all. Also, White Cat Nagi is now available from Orca Toys too. No delays this time. Mine has already shipped. So for this week's blog post, I'd like to talk a bit about Maria's departure from this series. Naturally, I am talking about the last time we see the real Maria and not the one in the Royal Garden who was obviously not the tangible Maria that we have come to know throughout the series no matter what your unsupported delusions might lead you to believe.