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CD-R King Headphones With MP3 Player

The headphones I just bought these headphones with a built-in micro-SD reader for playing MP3 files as well as an FM radio function that I never plan to use from CD-R King. The construction is pretty much china quality, although to their credit, at least the parts seem pretty solid/not made out of cheap plastic (made out of cheap metal instead).  Included in the package: -The headphones -5 sets of generic glossy printed carboard decals/faceplates  -1 audio/mic cable -1 usb charging cable   The headphones are a bit on the small side, with the earpieces measuring in at around 7 centimeters and the faceplates measuring in at 5 cm (per second... lol). As far as comfort goes, they don't seem too bad so far. Nice and comfy, although I do feel that it can get a bit snug around the ears for long periods. I'll have to test them out first to really find out. Default generic faceplates. Not too shabby, but not for me. The sound quality is ok, but not spectacular. It'

Something Different: A Christmas Incident Involving Me

I’ll try to write this article from a journalistic perspective, although I trust you’ll forgive me iffI tend to ramble on and insert my personal feelings here and there and if I refuse to drop any proper nouns here. The video attached to this post covers the entire incident involving the police, although it probably will not make sense to you unless you understand Hiligaynon. Also, let me make two things clear here: I'm not a professional journalist (no one is paying me to do this) I got personally involved in this incident It happened at around 12:30 – 1:30 AM on December 25, 2013. I was inside my house together with my mother – washing the dishes after our late Christmas Dinner (a little Filipino tradition called Noche Buena in our country.) We heard the continuous crackle of fireworks and saw a succession of multi-colored fireworks explosions in the sky from our house and immediately thought, “Isn’t that illegal in our area?” This is because we live in an ar

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 434: The See-Through Playing Cards Come With Volume 39’s Limited Edition – Synopsis and Review

We get a Hina cover for the fanservice chapter this time. Not implying anything with that. Not at all~ Synopsis: The Student Council Rangers/ Baka-Trio, Izumi   and the two others (Miki and Risa) are inside what is presumably the Hakuo Aacademy’s student council building and playing cards with a twist: half of the cards are transparent. This chapter also doubles as “blatant advertising” for the see-through playing cards that come with the limited edition of the Japanese volume 39 of Hayate The Combat Butler. Anyway, Hina eventually comes along and Miki convinces her to join in and play a game of strip poker (by egging her on like a little kid. For some reason, Izumi has to strip just in case Miki loses while Hina has to strip completely naked if she loses. Miki loses the first game so she declares that Izumi has to take off her panties. Izumi is reluctant, but does so anyway. The game goes on and Miki loses two more times to Hina until Izumi is completely naked – mostly because

Otaku Culture 101 - Bringing Your Otaku Stuff Outside

Got a little bored while waiting for the next chapter of Hayate The Combat Butler, so I decided to make this little otaku culture post.  Now most people have this stereotypical image of the overweight, pimply-faced otaku who has developed an aversion for this strange land called "the outside." The thing is, while I do identify myself as an otaku since according to Nagi ojou-sama here... Got that, Chiharu? And I do pretty much all of those and then some -- including collecting anime figures, and shamelessly wearing t-shirts featuring my own fanart of my favorite anime heroines like so: Dem shades! Anywayz, I go outside pretty often to play Tennis on a nearly daily basis, do some running, or just take a walk around and check out what otaku/non-otaku merchandise the local stores are selling. But... I do like to bring all my otaku gaming/web surfing/anime viewing stuff with me, which includes: 1 PSP 1 PS Vita 1 NDSL 2 Android Tablets 1 Portable Power Bank

Connection - An Original Fiction Short Story

Just thought this song was fitting Connection by lordcloudx My pen danced frantically along the book’s pages, making a rhythmic scratching sound as I wrote with unbridled enthusiasm. It had been hours since I’d begun this futile effort, but I couldn’t stop now. My blood-engorged eyes had already succumbed to the eyestrain hours ago, but I still couldn’t stop. I had to continue no matter what. “Great… the words are flowing well today… must keep going…” I thought to myself. "But... no one in their right mind will actually read this story. Why are you so motivated to write it?" A stern, calm voice said from behind me. She was right, you know. It’s not that the story itself lacks potential, but it’s just that I was never even a writer in the first place. No one in their right mind and in my situation would even continue with this fool’s errand, but still… “It doesn’t matter. It was his dying wish.” "That person was a stranger! You neve

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 433 Addendum: Hisui Hatsushiba

So in the last chapter of Hayate, we saw a glimpse of Nagi's new rival for the Sanzen'in inheritance named Hisui... at least the side of her face and her back, anyway. Like so. What an evil-looking little girl So based on this much visual information, we can probably safely assume that she'd have a more or less cute/pretty face like the other female characters in this manga... maybe something like this? The actual colors are anyone's guess. I just thought of "Dark Nagi" while drawing this. However, we need to keep in mind that Hisui is Jenny's sister... now as we all know (at least based on Nagi's childhood memories), Jenny looks like this. (as re-imagined by Hayate.) Remember Jenny, folks? Therefore, taking all the visual information we have on Hisui's build and clothing so far and then factoring in the fact that she is Jenny's sister and thus, there might be a family resemblance, we can safely conclude that Hisui Hatsus