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Sanzen'in Fascination: Why I Believe Nagi Will End Up Romantically Together With Hayate: A Hayate The Combat Butler Essay

  I don’t often talk about Nagi but when I do… WAIT, the premise is a lie and you should know it by now if you’ve been reading this blog often. Not to mention that this is a terribly overused meme. The truth is that I do talk about Nagi and quite often, but it really has been a while since I’ve last written a long article about her. If memory serves me right, the last one was the Athena vs Nagi article and that was written years ago back when the manga was in chapter 413. Now that I feel that we are approaching the home stretch since the manga has finally strayed from the path of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You and relegated it to non-canon, alternate fictional timeline status, I believe that it’s time to do a follow-up article of sorts as to why I believe Hayate should end up with Nagi. All Roads Point To Nagi Naturally, this is my personal opinion and I am definitely donning my shipping lens when I make this assertion, but I feel that the natural and logical order

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 490: I felt Like Doing It But It Was Meaningless -- Review And Synopsis

Naturally, Hata has to ride the Hestia bandwagon. Synopsis: While Hayate is away from the cabin, Tsugumi comes in and produces a whiteboard and proceeds to explain to Nagi as to why Hayate will die if he wins the 150 million yen. Just in case the Nagi service from the previous chapter wasn't enough. Have a little bit more. According to the half-pint, the first thing that Hayate will do would be to retire as a butler. Nagi hesitantly counters this by proclaiming rather uncertainly that Hayate will stay with her because he has feelings for her. Tsugumi plays along with this and continues her story using Nagi's proclamation as leverage, she says that Hayate would become a NEET if he stays with a rich girl like her and then they'd do nothing but flirt all day. After three months, Hayate would get tired of her and start fleeting from girl to girl and this cycle will continue until he is eventually stabbed to death. As ridiculous as this story is, Nagi instantly b

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 489: Cliches Are Important -- Review And Synopsis

Do not sexualize the... oh for... go ahead! Nagi still looks cute either way. I want that bookmark! Synopsis: Nagi is dreaming about the times she'd spent with Hayate when Hayate wakes her up and we find that she's actually fallen asleep in the middle of the downhill race from the previous chapter because it was so cold. Right... Hayate remarks how dangerous the downhill race is, but Nagi assures him that New Zealand is actually the perfect place since they can be rescued immediately in case something goes wrong and that there are no dangerous animals like brown bears or grizzlies here... at that moment, Hayate points to something behind her, which turns out to be a huge pedo bear . This is actually a realistic rendition of pedobear. They make a run for it with the pedo bear chasing them down, but suddenly, an avalanche covers up and the pedo bear and Hayate is forced to grab Nagi and take a leap of faith to a cliff to the side to avoid it.  Nagi has tons of

Draw Nagi Sanzenin With Me Part 2: Digital Lining And Coloring In Photoshop

Before we begin, I'd like to thank and acknowledge everyone who took part in the previous tutorial and showed me what they've done including mikey, kikered, denzil and quite surprisingly... my mother, who has never drawn anything more than a stick figure her whole life. Here are some of their works: By Denzil By my mother Previous tutorials 1. Draw Nagi With Me (Harder Version) 2. Draw Nagi With Me (Easy Modo) Looks like most of you did the easier part 1.5 tutorial... which is all well and good. For this tutorial however, I'll be using the more complicated Nagi sketch that we've done in the first "draw with me" tutorial. Naturally, you can apply these techniques if you drew the image for the 1.5 tutorial as well. We're going to need the image either scanned in or just a digital photo taken with your cellphone camera or whatever you can use to get the sketch into your computer. Trust me, it doesn't matter if we're going digital