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Happy New Year 2017~!!! Hayate x Nagi fanart

To greet the new year, here is a fanart of Nagi and Hayate together. It's a tribute to Kimi no Na Wa. I chose a nighttime background because Hayate and Nagi met at night after all. The intertwining shooting stars represent their respective character development progress so far -- Hayate has a lot of catching up to do.

Enjoy this manga while you can guys. This is most likely the last year for it. Also, can we stop hating on Nagi -- please? There are still people like me who like her as a character and who want her to be with Hayate after all. If your ship has been sunk, don't wish ill on others.

Anyway, below this post are some more new year's pics. Also, I'll have changed the blog's background by the time I've uploaded this post. Anyway, even if the manga ends this year, I'll still write stuff and draw fanart of Nagi for as long as I am able to.

So to make things a bit interesting, I'd like to learn more about the active readers/commenters on my blog. What got you interested in the manga? (Hayate no Gotoku!, of course) How are you celebrating the new year? Do you buy merchandise of your favorite characters as well? Let's talk! Hope to hear from you in the comments!

Something extra for 2017. This is Nagi's limited edition heat-reveal card from Vol. 48 of the manga. I uncensored it myself. ENJOY!
Nagi wishes you joy and prosperity into 2017~ so stop the hate, please~ 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 554: What a Wonderful World (6) Paradisus - Paradoxum -- Review and Synopsis

What an extremely fitting chapter cover to end the year~ so beautiful mai waifu!

Synopsis: Chiharu: Mi-Misundestanding? Wtf?

Hayate: I became a butler... truly... I became a butler...

The end of these two's misunderstanding

What a Wonderful World (6) Paradisus - Paradoxum

Chiharu totally gives Hayate what he's been asking for the whole series a huge effin slap on the face

Chiharu: Wha-what is this?

Chiharu: That girl... really loves you, Ayasaki!

Chiharu: It's true love. She's already dreaming about marriage.

Chiharu: In spite of this... in spite of this!

Chiharu: You have no feelings for her!!

Hayate: .....

Chiharu: .....

I-is there nothing?

Hayate: definitely... I was thinking about that kindness

Hayate: On that day, ojou-sama saved me

Hayate: Our relationship didn't matter... it was kindness.

Chiharu: Maybe you misunderstood each other... I don't know.

Hayate: Chiharu san...

Hayate: Please don't tell ojou-sama about this.

Chiharu: Be silent? To keep fooling her?

Chiharu: The truth will come out...

Hayate: Because of Hisui-san!

Hayate: If I can take the Sanzenin Inheritance... after that, I'll tell the truth about everything....

Hayate: I'll quit being a butler...

Chiharu:... (walks away)

Hayate: Chiharu san!

Chiharu: I'm going home alone but... Ayasaki-kun. I'm not sure if you're making the right choice...


Maria: Yes, Ah... Hayate-kun

Hayate: Can we talk for a bit?

Maria: 0_0 .....

Maria: Well? What did you wanna talk about?

Hayate: It's a bit hard to say but... could you not quit being a maid?

Maria: WHy?

Hayate: W-well... it's going to be really lonely isn't it? For ojou-sama too---

Maria: Hayate-kun, when I'm gone, you won't be alone, right?

Maria: On that night of Christmas, Nagi misunderstood that you confessed to her. I know.

Hayate: Maria-san... you knew?

Maria: Of course, there's no way that I would not have noticed the two of you at this point.

Maria: "I can't respond to Nagi's feelings, but also, I can't leave her alone."

Maria: "That's why I will defeat Hisui."

Maria: "I will win the Sanzenin Inheritance for her and then leave."

Maria: "But then ojou-sama will be all alone. That's why I want Maria to stay by her side."

Maria: That's what you're thinking, right?

Hayate: But Maria-san... I...

Nagi: What's going on here?

Hayate: OJOU-SAMA!

Nagi: W-what? What's with that loud voice.

Hayate: S-sorry...

Maria: ...

Nagi: Oh hai guyz. wazzup?

Nagi: Well? What were you talking about?

Hayate: Eh? Well, it's not really anything important.

Hayate: Just talking about tomorrow's meal plans.

Maria: That's not what we were talking about.

Hayate: Eh? Iya... sore...

Hayate: Nah, it's not really anything important.

Maria: Nope, it's really something very important.

Maria: You know, Nagi?

Nagi: Yes

Hayate: Wait, Maria-san!

Maria: I've been thinking about quitting being a maid.

Nagi: Eh.....?

Maria: I've been talking about it with Hayate. You no longer need a substitute mother.

Maria: That's why near your 14th birthday. I'm thinking about quitting.

Good job, Maria!

Chiharu: Well... I can understand Ayasaki-kun's feelings but...


Chiharu: Yes? Who is it for?

Guy: Well, I'm from a neighborhood redevelopment company. I just have a few questions.

Chiharu: Yes?

Guy: This apartment was planned for demolition at any time, wasn't it?

Chiharu: Ha?

Next part goes out 1/11

Review: Awesome chapter, this was! Both Maria and Chiharu really shined. I'm still a bit frustrated that all Hayate could do was show that sad pathetic face of his for the entire chapter... but still, he now has plenty of room for character development.
Also, that slap from Chiharu was brilliant -- he's had it coming for a long time. Yeah, yeah, we all know the misunderstanding is because he's dense, but that is not an excuse to allow things to escalate to this level. He should have known better and reflected on his actions earlier. Nagi gave him all the signs after all -- but nah, he chose to ignore said signs -- even her manga and pretend that all was well and good.

Nagi has delicate ears. Don't you shout at her like that, butler!

In short, Ayasaki was being a coward and now he's being made to face the full consequences of his actions. I like how it was both Chiharu and Maria who did it. Maria wouldn't allow him to take the coward's, convenient way out.

Anyway, the bomb is still looming over the horizon, but more importantly, it's about time for Hayate to seriously start thinking about Nagi now that he really knows for sure about her feelings. That slap from Chiharu was a good wake-up call for him.

He had it coming... even my fanart says so.

Chiharu's character was portrayed really nicely here. Frankly, I never liked her and her high-handed attitude in the mangaka saga, but now she's shown that she's a true friend to Nagi. She knew just how much Nagi loves Hayate so she was actually trembling with anger over what Hayate said about the misunderstanding.

I also loved how Maria kept contradicting Hayate. He needed that -- a lot. Let's see how it goes from here~ see ya soon!

Let's keep in mind that A-tan, the girl who once loved him, noticed something about him while he was talking about Nagi and while he was happily smiling with Nagi. (go read the Golden Week arc again if you doubt me)

Fanart Corner: The amusing thing is that my fanart is pretty similar to Chiharu's slap. New year's fanart still to come. Watch out for it~

Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Party For Two With Nagi~ Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas, everyone! I've prepared a party for two with mai waifu today. I'm still working on that new year's fanart, but I have prepared one fanart in anticipation of certain "bombs" going off.

The song is "White Gift" sung by Hatsune Miku. I have no idea who produced/composed it.

Also, Merry Christmas, Ayasaki... you deserve this~

Gotta thank Doughnut Gunso for inspiring this idea... even more~

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 553: What A Wonderful World 5: Vermilion -- Review and Synopsis

Secret Path in Student Council Building leading to some Celestial Sphere thing... huzzah
It is 10/25

A-tan: Even if the stone is in the enemy's hands.

It's not that I hadn't predicted this situation for ten years

For the royal garden especially, knowledge about the king's jewels.

This should be top priority.

The enemy does not know how to open the path.

In order to use the path, you must enter this place -- basically.

This place is a fort.

You must use this the moment you try to enter the castle.

I seriously want to punch Hayate's pretty, girly face everytime he wears that expression.
Hayate: Well then... where...?

What A Wonderful World 5: Vermilion

A-tan: Of course, it's Hakuo Gakuin

Hayate: I see, then... let's prepare some weapons and ammunition to intercept them!

A-tan: Uh no... weapons and ammunition are a bit...

Sakuya: What kind of preparation is that?

Hayate: Dun worry, I once prepared with an MG 42. Other than nuclear weapons, I can bring it from the Yakuza's warehouse.

Sakuya: Did you bring it all the way from the 4th volume?

Sakuya: Anywayz, it's good to be prepared but... what do you really need from this place?

A-tan: Well, over this place, there is something I need to use.

Sakuya: Whut the fudge? This is a pretty amazing sight. There was something on top of the student council building all along?

A-tan: yeeeeees, I can monitor the royal garden from here.

A-tan: A celestial sphere

Hayate: This... Katsura sensei talked about this before, so it was true.

A-tan: Of course.

A-tan: It's still unfinished, but we're in a hurry.

A-tan: Anyway, Isumi and I will stay here.

A-tan: Hayate, you eat up and get some rest in preparation.

Hayate: Understood!

Hayate: I'm home~

Nagi: Oh, Hayate! Welcome back!

Chiharu: I'm visiting

Hayate: Oh, welcome, Chiharu-san

Nagi: You seem to be in a hurry.

Hayate: yeah, a little bit

Hayate: It's for ojou-sama's future, so I must do my best.

Nagi: You... so transparently...

Hayate: How is your manga coming along, ojou-sama?

Nagi: Ah, perfectly!!

Nagi: The manuscript is there. I'll be able to submit it soon.

(stupid butler takes a look. It's a pic of him hugging Nagi)

Nagi: Maybe I could buy Hayate's birthday present with the prize money for winning the manga contest.

Hayate: eh?

Hayate's birthday is on November 11, right?

Hayate: A-anyway, I have some errands to do.

Nagi: Understood.

Hayate: :( ......

Nagi flashback: This manga is based on real life experiences

Hayate: No, it can't be...

Sakuya; By the way, what's Himegami up to?

Isumi: Eh?

Sakuya: I mean, he suddenly quit being Nagi's butler and now he's Hisui's butler.

Sakuya: He was also on good terms with you. He's really changed.

Isumi's grandmother: Watcha talkin about?

Isumi: Ah, grandma

Isumi: We're talkin about Himegami. Ya remember? Nagi's former butler.

Great Grandma: Ah, Ah...

Great Grandma: That kid who got cursed.

Isumi and Sakuya: Ha?

Chiharu: Well then, that's it for me.

Hayate: Ah, Chiharu-san, you're going home?

Chiharu: Yeah, I think I want to sleep in my own room today.

Hayate: I see.

Hayate: Then I'll send you off to the apartment. I'll be going to Hakuo anyway.

Chiharu: Sure, thanks

Chiharu: But seriously, you're really trying your best for Nagi, huh?

Hayate: I-is that so?

Hayate: You're always helping out everyday, Chiharu-san

Chiharu: Haha, that's what friends are for.

Chiharu: I've also been a bit inspired lately to write a light novel.

Hayate: Ah, that's great.

Chiharu: I think the trend right now is traveling to a different world and becoming a butler, don't you think?

Hayate: Yes, quite likely.

Chiharu: But I heard from Nagi. About your first meeting. It was a nice story.

Hayate: Eh?

Chiharu: That Christmas eve when you confessed to Nagi.

Hayate: Eh?

Chiharu: Oh, sorry, was it a secret? But, I haven't told anyone.

Hayate: ......

Chiharu: It was a really nice story to hear.

Chiharu: Falling in love is really nice, I think.

Chiharu: It was a fated meeting, wasn't it?

Chiharu: A really envious situation

Chiharu: I want you... was it?

Chiharu: Ayasaki, you really don't look the part, don't cha?

Chiharu: Incidentally, what part of Nagi did you like?

Hayate: I didn't...

Chiharu: Eh?

Hayate: I didn't confess to her...

Chiharu: eh?

Dun worry, my pretty little baby. You'll cry for a bit, but everything will be oook~
Hayate: I didn't confess to her... on that day...

Hayate: I intended to abduct ojou-sama... but...

Hayate: It's a misunderstanding.

Review: Ok, let's just turn this into a review while my connection is stable.

Whoo! What a chapter eh? I for one am glad that Hata is taking the direct approach here. He's finally removed all the safety nets on the relationship between Hayate and Nagi. How things go from here will determine the FUTURE!

I think it's a good thing that this is happening before the final, final battle with Hisui and company. Hayate's been fighting for Nagi for all the wrong reasons all this time. Now the misunderstanding has finally come to light and it can be addressed.

It's a mystery what Hayate will do from this stage. Will he try to spare Nagi's feelings and lead her on? Bad idea. Will he directly confront her and break her heart and thus inadvertently open the path? It could happen...

How about this, though? What if he tries to tell her and then he looks at her... he feels something... "wait... why... why can't I do it? Why can't I tell her that I never confessed?" Hoh, that would also be awesome.

Personally, I have no preferences as to what should happen -- I'm fully confident it goes favorably for my ship either way.

However things go from here, it's gonna be a rocky, tearful and absolutely thrilling ride - so don't take your eyes off of ths manga for a second!

Ok, for the boring stuff... yeah, we got that hint about Himegami from Isumi's grandmother which I dun really care about.

Also, hurray for you, King's Jewel's fanatics -- another one of your old theories proven right. Hakuo is indeed connected to the Royal Garden... and stuff.

Anywayz, this is exciting but we have a one week break, see ya next week (for my Nagi Christmas post that is) and dun forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Fanart Corner: This is for my new year's piece. I plan to make a digital version with more interesting effects. Incidentally, Kimi No Na Wa is being aired in Philippine Theaters today. Go watch it!

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 552: What A Wonderful World 4: Fleeting Yet Permanent Sadness -- Review and Synopsis

The panels speak for themselves here~
Synopsis: Well, I guess this is going to be my new setup now isn't it? Go here for the long version.

Athena has a little chat with the girls from the Violet mansion -- specifically the ones in love with Hayate. In the end, she chats with Ayumu who declares that she loves Hayate the most. Athena does not disagree with her and simply says that she hopes everyone can meet up again when they're adults as good old friends and that Hayate will be there with them so they can have a fun chat about an interesting love story.

... the end.

Review: I had planned a longer more biting discussion, but after a brief chat with Doughnut Gunso via twitter, I've changed my mind. So thanks for that little reminder, sarge.

Ok, so basically, the setup of this chapter is Athena saying an ambiguous farewell. While the implications seem very clear to me, I shall respect anyone's protests that it's not what it looks like. At this point, I have to wonder if Hata is up to his ears in death threats yet.

Anyway, I liked this chapter a lot. The development came from out of nowhere, but it was done with the grace befitting of Athena. It also shows us a little bit of a selfish side to Ayumu (if I read that correctly, that is) in declaring that her love for Hayate is the strongest... although on that point, I must protest because that honor obviously belongs to mai waifu. Still, you cannot fault Hamster for her devotion -- if anything else.
There was a real air of nostalgia in Athena all throughout this chapter.
As for Hina, Athena gave her a little bit of an extra push with her teasing. She also heard Ayumu's declaration, so let's see what she does with it.

Mai waifu was not present here, but it's fine. I believe Hata has other plans for her and if my speculations are correct, she is being set up to be the candidate to open the path to the RG anyway.

And for the least important stuff, yeah you're right you King's Jewels addicts. Everything starts with Hakuo. The path to open the RG is probably there or something like that. Huzzah for ya who care about that.

Ok, so no break... apparently. Next chapter comes out 12/14. See ya then... now excuse me while I play "The Last Post" on my harmonica~

Fanart Corner:
Hehehe... this is going to be my new year's fanart. It's just a draft for now. I plan to sketch in the Royal Garden or somethin similar in the background. I shall call it Kimi no Ojousama lol!

Go watch the movie I'm alluding to. It's simply amazing!

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 552 (transcript) (review to come... well ya know)

I see skies of blue~ and clouds of white~

Here's the chapter... judge for yourself. Now excuse me while I play a melancholic tune on my harmonica with a smile on my face~

Also, take note that I might have failed on one or two conversations, but I made sure that I translated the "important" portions accurately... :)

What Alice chan went home to her home country?

A-tan: Yes she was in a hurry and couldn't say goodbye to everyone. She was really sorry.

A-tan: I've heard many stories from that kid about your friendship.

A-tan: She told me to tellz ya that she had fun living here with ya all.

What A Wonderful World 4: Fleeting Yet Permanent Sadness

A-tan: Anywayz, she was sleeping in a place like this for months, huh?

Hina: It couldn't be helped, but it wasn't really a problem

A-tan: Plops down and sleeps on Alice's bed.

Hina: It's not that comfortable.

Hina: You really fell asleep...

Hina: Ah, but wait a minute. Alice isn't around anymore. Do I still need to be in this apartment?

A-tan: Certainly, there's no problem with leaving, but...

A-tan: Is that ok?

Hina: Eh?+

A-tan: For example, if you were alone at night and caught a cold.

A-tan: If Hayate was taking care of you, I wouldn't enter.

Hina: W-wait! WTF ARE YA SAYIN?

A-tan: Sez something that teases Hina more (too lazy to look up the kanji)


A-tan: If that is fine, then this matter is settled.

A-tan: We'll I believe that just by living together here.

A-tan: Hayate will never notice your love for him.

Hina: Wait, I ... such a thing is.

A-tan: Of course, I have heard about it.

A-tan: My former boyfriend is rather mindless, isn't he?

A-tan: ......

HIna: ......

Hayate: A-tan have you finished preparing?

A-tan: Yearh, daijobu

A-tan: Sorry, I'm rather blunt with words.

A-tan: However, I really envy the lot of you.

A-tan: When you lose something, there are things that you cannot regain.

Hamster: Ah, HIna... who is this Tennousu san?

Hina: Hayate's past lover.

Hamster: EH!?

Hina: It seems that they used to go out when they were kids but...

Hina: They cherished each other for sure.

Ayumu: Hayate-kun's girlfriend...?

A-tan stares sentimentally at the violet mansion.

Hayate: Wazzup?

A-tan: Nothing.

A-tan: It was my first time so... the personality was incompatible (just translating it literally. Take it as you will)

Hamster: Ano...

A-tan: Ayumu san...

A-tan: Hayate you go on ahead to Hakuo

A-tan: Well? What did you want from me?

Ayumu: I heard from Hina that you were Hayate's lover.

A-tan: Ee, sou ne -_-

Ayumu: Could it be that there was an incompatibility?

A-tan: Yup, there was.

A-tan: I wanted it to go on forever, those blissful days.

A-tan: If I could do it over again, I'd like to redo that encounter.

A-tan: Was our meeting really so wrong?

Hamster: If you believe that much, then why are you saying goodbye?

A-tan: When I looked into those eyes, I understood.

A-tan: In those eyes of sorrow, I saw many reflections of myself.

A-tan: I understood what it was to love.

A-tan: You really love Hayate, don't you?

Hamster: Of course!

Hamster: Since the day we met, definitely, definitely, I've been thinking of Hayate!

more than Nagi-chan, more than, Hina, even longer... than you.

A-tan: I know... I've been watching.

Hamster: Alice told me.

A-tan: Someday, when we're all adults. I want to be friends with you all.

A-tan: When that time comes, would you like Hayate to be here as well?

A-tan: I'm sure, the love story will be quite exciting.

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Happy Birthday Nagi Sanzen'in! (December 3)

It's Nagi's special day today, so don't forget to send her your greetings! You can tweet Hata-sensei (the mangaka) @hatakenjiro. Let him know that Nagi will never be forgotten! She will live on in our hearts long after the manga has concluded!

Here are a few birthday images I made together with several previously unpublished fanart.

Happy Birthday my kawaii waifu! It was a joy watching your slow transformation -- especially the growth of your pure love for Hayate. You are beautiful inside and out -- even if not all of us can appreciate your beauty.

Still waiting for Orca Toys to release Cat Nagi this coming January -- hopefully!
Try a slice of this cake, Nagi-chan! I baked it myself!

I proudly proclaim my love for my waifu to the world!

Caption after 12/03: You look more like an adult today, ojou-sama!

Japanese: 12/03 Nagi's birthday

Come, let's go as far as we can! Hopes and worries are just two sides of the same coin. The tears and sadness of today will surely become tomorrow's hidden strength. It's your very own heroine's metronome! (Paraphrased from DECO*27's "Rooter's Song" feat. Hatsune Miku as translated by Descentsubs

Nakoruru: The Gift She Gave Me (Dreamcast): A VIsual Novel Review by Mid-Tier Guard

To Derek Pascarella, Marshal Wong, Duralumin, Lewis Cox, Piggy, Nico, Danthrax4, Lacquerware, EsperKnight, SnowyAria, VincentNL, cyo, and Ha...