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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 552: What A Wonderful World 4: Fleeting Yet Permanent Sadness -- Review and Synopsis

The panels speak for themselves here~
Synopsis: Well, I guess this is going to be my new setup now isn't it? Go here for the long version.

Athena has a little chat with the girls from the Violet mansion -- specifically the ones in love with Hayate. In the end, she chats with Ayumu who declares that she loves Hayate the most. Athena does not disagree with her and simply says that she hopes everyone can meet up again when they're adults as good old friends and that Hayate will be there with them so they can have a fun chat about an interesting love story.

... the end.

Review: I had planned a longer more biting discussion, but after a brief chat with Doughnut Gunso via twitter, I've changed my mind. So thanks for that little reminder, sarge.

Ok, so basically, the setup of this chapter is Athena saying an ambiguous farewell. While the implications seem very clear to me, I shall respect anyone's protests that it's not what it looks like. At this point, I have to wonder if Hata is up to his ears in death threats yet.

Anyway, I liked this chapter a lot. The development came from out of nowhere, but it was done with the grace befitting of Athena. It also shows us a little bit of a selfish side to Ayumu (if I read that correctly, that is) in declaring that her love for Hayate is the strongest... although on that point, I must protest because that honor obviously belongs to mai waifu. Still, you cannot fault Hamster for her devotion -- if anything else.
There was a real air of nostalgia in Athena all throughout this chapter.
As for Hina, Athena gave her a little bit of an extra push with her teasing. She also heard Ayumu's declaration, so let's see what she does with it.

Mai waifu was not present here, but it's fine. I believe Hata has other plans for her and if my speculations are correct, she is being set up to be the candidate to open the path to the RG anyway.

And for the least important stuff, yeah you're right you King's Jewels addicts. Everything starts with Hakuo. The path to open the RG is probably there or something like that. Huzzah for ya who care about that.

Ok, so no break... apparently. Next chapter comes out 12/14. See ya then... now excuse me while I play "The Last Post" on my harmonica~

Fanart Corner:
Hehehe... this is going to be my new year's fanart. It's just a draft for now. I plan to sketch in the Royal Garden or somethin similar in the background. I shall call it Kimi no Ojousama lol!

Go watch the movie I'm alluding to. It's simply amazing!


  1. Maybe Nagi won't be involved in any silly misunderstanding about Athena. She already met her and may recognize her as the chairman. She may meet her where there will be any actual competition like in Ruka arc.

    1. That is true. I think Athena didn't really create a whole lot of misunderstandings anyway. There was some foreshadowing of that in the previous chapter, but it's been handwaved away in this one.

      Also, the English scanlations are out. I failed on quite a few conversations in context as expected.... LOL sorry about that.

    2. That's not a big deal actually. I look forward for your translation to know the synopsis as soon as possible.
      In this chapter, seems like Athena has almost lost her chance and Ayumu was shining. Actually I like Ayumu for her insight and devotion.
      I want to see how much Nagi has progressed with her manga. What's her plan about Hayate's birthday? It was good to see her waking up early by worrying about his health.

  2. Just been through various parts of the internet. The denial is strong. Also find it irritating that they have to attack Nagi just because Hata sunk their ship.


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