Friday, December 2, 2016

Happy Birthday Nagi Sanzen'in! (December 3)

It's Nagi's special day today, so don't forget to send her your greetings! You can tweet Hata-sensei (the mangaka) @hatakenjiro. Let him know that Nagi will never be forgotten! She will live on in our hearts long after the manga has concluded!

Here are a few birthday images I made together with several previously unpublished fanart.

Happy Birthday my kawaii waifu! It was a joy watching your slow transformation -- especially the growth of your pure love for Hayate. You are beautiful inside and out -- even if not all of us can appreciate your beauty.

Still waiting for Orca Toys to release Cat Nagi this coming January -- hopefully!
Try a slice of this cake, Nagi-chan! I baked it myself!

I proudly proclaim my love for my waifu to the world!

Caption after 12/03: You look more like an adult today, ojou-sama!

Japanese: 12/03 Nagi's birthday

Come, let's go as far as we can! Hopes and worries are just two sides of the same coin. The tears and sadness of today will surely become tomorrow's hidden strength. It's your very own heroine's metronome! (Paraphrased from DECO*27's "Rooter's Song" feat. Hatsune Miku as translated by Descentsubs

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