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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 554: What a Wonderful World (6) Paradisus - Paradoxum -- Review and Synopsis

What an extremely fitting chapter cover to end the year~ so beautiful mai waifu!

Synopsis: Chiharu: Mi-Misundestanding? Wtf?

Hayate: I became a butler... truly... I became a butler...

The end of these two's misunderstanding

What a Wonderful World (6) Paradisus - Paradoxum

Chiharu totally gives Hayate what he's been asking for the whole series a huge effin slap on the face

Chiharu: Wha-what is this?

Chiharu: That girl... really loves you, Ayasaki!

Chiharu: It's true love. She's already dreaming about marriage.

Chiharu: In spite of this... in spite of this!

Chiharu: You have no feelings for her!!

Hayate: .....

Chiharu: .....

I-is there nothing?

Hayate: definitely... I was thinking about that kindness

Hayate: On that day, ojou-sama saved me

Hayate: Our relationship didn't matter... it was kindness.

Chiharu: Maybe you misunderstood each other... I don't know.

Hayate: Chiharu san...

Hayate: Please don't tell ojou-sama about this.

Chiharu: Be silent? To keep fooling her?

Chiharu: The truth will come out...

Hayate: Because of Hisui-san!

Hayate: If I can take the Sanzenin Inheritance... after that, I'll tell the truth about everything....

Hayate: I'll quit being a butler...

Chiharu:... (walks away)

Hayate: Chiharu san!

Chiharu: I'm going home alone but... Ayasaki-kun. I'm not sure if you're making the right choice...


Maria: Yes, Ah... Hayate-kun

Hayate: Can we talk for a bit?

Maria: 0_0 .....

Maria: Well? What did you wanna talk about?

Hayate: It's a bit hard to say but... could you not quit being a maid?

Maria: WHy?

Hayate: W-well... it's going to be really lonely isn't it? For ojou-sama too---

Maria: Hayate-kun, when I'm gone, you won't be alone, right?

Maria: On that night of Christmas, Nagi misunderstood that you confessed to her. I know.

Hayate: Maria-san... you knew?

Maria: Of course, there's no way that I would not have noticed the two of you at this point.

Maria: "I can't respond to Nagi's feelings, but also, I can't leave her alone."

Maria: "That's why I will defeat Hisui."

Maria: "I will win the Sanzenin Inheritance for her and then leave."

Maria: "But then ojou-sama will be all alone. That's why I want Maria to stay by her side."

Maria: That's what you're thinking, right?

Hayate: But Maria-san... I...

Nagi: What's going on here?

Hayate: OJOU-SAMA!

Nagi: W-what? What's with that loud voice.

Hayate: S-sorry...

Maria: ...

Nagi: Oh hai guyz. wazzup?

Nagi: Well? What were you talking about?

Hayate: Eh? Well, it's not really anything important.

Hayate: Just talking about tomorrow's meal plans.

Maria: That's not what we were talking about.

Hayate: Eh? Iya... sore...

Hayate: Nah, it's not really anything important.

Maria: Nope, it's really something very important.

Maria: You know, Nagi?

Nagi: Yes

Hayate: Wait, Maria-san!

Maria: I've been thinking about quitting being a maid.

Nagi: Eh.....?

Maria: I've been talking about it with Hayate. You no longer need a substitute mother.

Maria: That's why near your 14th birthday. I'm thinking about quitting.

Good job, Maria!

Chiharu: Well... I can understand Ayasaki-kun's feelings but...


Chiharu: Yes? Who is it for?

Guy: Well, I'm from a neighborhood redevelopment company. I just have a few questions.

Chiharu: Yes?

Guy: This apartment was planned for demolition at any time, wasn't it?

Chiharu: Ha?

Next part goes out 1/11

Review: Awesome chapter, this was! Both Maria and Chiharu really shined. I'm still a bit frustrated that all Hayate could do was show that sad pathetic face of his for the entire chapter... but still, he now has plenty of room for character development.
Also, that slap from Chiharu was brilliant -- he's had it coming for a long time. Yeah, yeah, we all know the misunderstanding is because he's dense, but that is not an excuse to allow things to escalate to this level. He should have known better and reflected on his actions earlier. Nagi gave him all the signs after all -- but nah, he chose to ignore said signs -- even her manga and pretend that all was well and good.

Nagi has delicate ears. Don't you shout at her like that, butler!

In short, Ayasaki was being a coward and now he's being made to face the full consequences of his actions. I like how it was both Chiharu and Maria who did it. Maria wouldn't allow him to take the coward's, convenient way out.

Anyway, the bomb is still looming over the horizon, but more importantly, it's about time for Hayate to seriously start thinking about Nagi now that he really knows for sure about her feelings. That slap from Chiharu was a good wake-up call for him.

He had it coming... even my fanart says so.

Chiharu's character was portrayed really nicely here. Frankly, I never liked her and her high-handed attitude in the mangaka saga, but now she's shown that she's a true friend to Nagi. She knew just how much Nagi loves Hayate so she was actually trembling with anger over what Hayate said about the misunderstanding.

I also loved how Maria kept contradicting Hayate. He needed that -- a lot. Let's see how it goes from here~ see ya soon!

Let's keep in mind that A-tan, the girl who once loved him, noticed something about him while he was talking about Nagi and while he was happily smiling with Nagi. (go read the Golden Week arc again if you doubt me)

Fanart Corner: The amusing thing is that my fanart is pretty similar to Chiharu's slap. New year's fanart still to come. Watch out for it~


  1. God its getting good!!
    I am really dyeing for next chapter, cant wait for nagi's reaction i bet that's how the gate to the secret garden will open , i want nagi to take those Royal power and kick ass of hisui on her own, without any help from hayate or Himegami (Who i am presuming is secretly o her side too). MY waifu is best!!!!!!!

    1. Hoho! Now you're speaking my language. It's never occurred to me until now, but we may have been understimating Nagi. The plot makes it look like she's going to be a damsel in distress again, but she has grown a lot and may just surprise us. also, I agree that himegami may be on her side.

    2. May Himegami be on her side, but only after breaking the curse.

  2. I appreciate the slap! Hayate never loved anyone or think about it seriously after Athena maybe because of his lack of money. He has alwas been supported by others yet he had a tendency of fleeing. So he refused to let Ruka know him as a boy earlier. Maybe he thinks if he retires, everything will be normal as it was a year ago. That means he really is underestimating her growth. He alwas had mental support from everyone except his parents, that is why he thinks it will be okay as well as she has the inheritance. When he will realize it is not enough for her happiness, he may be serious.

    1. Yeah... I'm pretty pissed off myself at Hayate at how he doesn't value Nagi's feelings. He seems to think that winning her the inheritance will solve everything -- oh wait, let's just add Maria in and it's all good. At least Maria resolved that one rather quickly.

    2. He may has inherited the fleeing attitude!!
      Looking at the title of the chapter, he may not mean what he said. He may remember about his vow later.

  3. I want nagi to not be depressed of rejections but actually get more mature form it
    Her feeling for hayate should be her strengths not weakness ,case we all know the way she loved hayate she never loved anyone else and might never will it's something she should cherish not be sad about
    I what her to show him how strong and deep her love for him is , cause she is no ordinary manga lead

    1. Yeah, that would be really great. It would also be logical and a great nod to her character development so far (which haters don't want to acknowledge.)

      I have to agree about Nagi's strong love for Hayate. It would also be a great turn of events for Nagi to once again prove just how epic she is as the main heroine of this series.

  4. What does he think Hisui do if she knows about Nagi's heartbreak? Is it the explosion of negative emotions?
    I guess lotto's key is in the way of returning back the royal power.Yukarikosan hid it when she was trying to let Nadza free. Hayate may help then as Wataru's mom said in America.

  5. Even I have a strong feeling that nagi will be the one open the gate
    And rest of the group will follow behind trying to get her back /save her

  6. wow! the slap was just wow. i never expected chiharu to go that far. hayate is disappointing me more and more as the series is progressing maria was great. i agree. hayate is pretending to be the sacrificial hero, but he is only making it worse. i wonder who will be harbinger of the bad news to nagi but hayate's bad luck is going to be at its worse and he will deserve every part of it this time.

    and on a different note i really wanted to see hayate's bro though the chances are low as they parted promising to meet next summer. and there is also nagi's dad. maybe he'll train hayate for the final face-off.

    1. I think that the bad news has to come from Hayate himself -- or Nagi might discover it herself, but then she might decide that her love for him is stronger than any misunderstanding -- coz she's awesome that way.

      I think Ikusa might still stage a comeback... Ikusa x A-tan ship has been hinted at throughout this final arc -- and it's been a subtle ongoing thing since Ikusa first met her anyway.

  7. Yep I have hopes for a come back of all the characters for a final battle

    P.S Also on which site translated version is available ,for me it's coming like ,not available in your country .I am form India

    1. Check out DKthias scanlations. The translated version will be uploaded there once available. It's still not up, but it should be soon. http://dkthias.com/

    2. Wow which part,
      Wow I didn't knew many otakus in India

    3. I am from Madhya Pradesh but currently in Chennai

    4. Amazing. Thank God I'm not the only Indian obsessed with manga.

    5. I feel left out. I'm the only Filipino here? Hahaha! Just kidding~

    6. I know the feeling , Whenever I am I college reading a Manga everyone passion by me are like
      "Oh look Anoushka is reading that comic again"
      And I am shouting"It's Manga"

    7. Exactly. And whenever I'm reading manga, everyone thinks that I've regressed to being a five year old.

    8. It's hard being an otaku��
      And nearly impossible to go to a comiccon
      But great to meet fellow otakus��

    9. I'm from Howrah , West Bengal. I don't have any otaku friend either.

    10. Luckily my roommate happens to an otaku so it's not "weird" when I stick my favourite pages from the Manga ( the time when nagi broke the jewl and hayate hugged her and when she dreams of hayate saying I love you to her) on my wall or cry whilr watching anime

    11. meandanime, you're from howrah? Wow. So basically you're my neighbour.

    12. Yeah you can say that.
      But Kolkata has few more otakus than Howrah!

  8. I really don't understand why hayate is acting like a complete loser. Instead of to make things right, he's making it even more complicated. He's not doing nagi's feelings justice at all. One thing which struck me was, even though it seems like hayate doesn't want nagi to get hurt, it's more like he is safeguarding his own interests, he doesn't want to stand out as the bad guy.
    And I also think he's very confused about his own feelings. He does love Nagi, about that, I'm totally certain but he's in complete denial.

    1. Yeah, and it's frustrating to watch him this way. We all know he's just one step away from just coming out and admitting it -- unless Hata plans to twist his feelings another girl's way -- which would be totally wrong, but who knows?

      From what we're being shown, I believe it's because he just doesn't understand or somehow can't accept that he does have very strong feelings for Nagi. Probably because of his "too young" mental barrier.

    2. There is one thing I want to ask. I reread the manga but I still have one thing unanswered. When I just saved athena 10 years ago, did he actually strike the right pillar or did he force king midas to show him the path?

    3. I meant ikusa...sorry for the mistake.

    4. I have no idea... it seems he just forced his way out with Shonen Manga hero power

    5. For hayate nagi is the ojosama who saved his life and in return he decided to spend his life protecting her
      Now when he came to know the truth, for him the entire relationship has changed, so denial is expected

      What is really pissing me off is the fact that he thinks getting nagi the inherence will solve all problems and she won't need his help any more
      But she already clearly told him that she values him more then the money.
      So why is he still focused on the inheritance that she doesn't care about
      Instead he should be sorting his feelings first

      He got a well deserved slap on the face !!

    6. I'm glad we all agree that Hayate really deserved that slap.

      In any case, I think Maria screwed him over even more when she kept contradicting him.

    7. Agreed Maria's behaviour is really surprising ,still can't understand what she is up to...

    8. I wonder why Atan is helping them . She is not that friendly to Nagi, neither is being forced by Mikado.
      If Hayate is somehow been separated from her, maybe he will realize his feelings.

    9. about why atan is helping-she doesn't want the royal power to get into wrong hands.

      'did he actually strike the right pillar or did he force king midas to show him the path?'-yep he has. incredible isn't it. it was said that the pillar can be strike down by someone who has strong sense of justice and that is what ikusa is all about a hero. so he was able to do it in first chance.

    10. I things there is a huge back story here , Athena , Maria , the old geezer everyone is up to something

    11. But I really don't understand how. I wanted to see exactly how he was able to escape with Athena. Did his strong sense of justice let him see the right pillar? Maybe if Nagi gets stuck in the Royal garden, she'll use her wit to escape and I'll get a better understanding of how ikusa escaped.

    12. Seeing Hayate how frequently he violates rules or mess up what to say, he may not be able to do that without her wit.
      Nadja may help them too as nagi the daughter of someone nadza really admired.

    13. Yeah. And Nagi might be the one to return the Royal power to nadja.

    14. Regarding Maria's behavior, I think her intentions are pure. She's doing everything to support Nagi. She has bonded the most with Nagi after all and vice versa being her surrogate mother for several years. Also, she doesn't want Hayate to try and escape from the misunderstanding that he caused. She doesn't want him to take the easy way out. Whatever happens, he as to face the full consequences of what he has done.

    15. Remember king Midas had a daughter
      Is there a chance that nagi is a descendant of him .....

      I just really want nagi to have super power !!

    16. In season 1, it was revealed that she has been trained in various fields like singing....in a karaoke competition with ayumu.
      She can also shine being the only normal girl(except ayumu) and solve some intense situation by humanity. She may not stand in the same platform like others.

    17. I agree with meandanime. Nagi doesn't really need any kind of superpower to stand out. She's smart, quite mature for her age (as of now) and her love for Hayate is pure and true. If she needs a superpower of some sort, then she's already got her incredible luck -- the antithesis to Hayate's bad luck.

    18. It's not that I think nagi needs it, I just simply want her to have some so I can see her like that...

    19. She has yukarikos gene after all , she also can be the selected one to handle the power.
      She also can have some of butler's ability too from his father.

    20. I see. Personally, I don't want her to be the "chosen one" in terms of the royal power or have any kind of special attributes like that. She doesn't need those kinds of complications in her life. Those kinds of thing are best left to characters like Athena or Isumi. Heck, why not have Hina be the successor to the royal power?

    21. Nagi has all she needs in her already
      But there is a good chance that she is the one who will end up with royal powers , she could be the inheritor of those powers for her mother

      And just to be clear royal power are to have wealth and prosperity thorough out ones life right? If that is the case then i think she already has them

    22. Though I don't think it will be. If she chooses to set nadza free,, royal power will loose its existence. Some like Mikado don't want that as they are somehow eager to use it for their own purposes which is out of character for Nagi.

  9. Ya know, it's kinda amusing how some people think that Nagi is not as well-developed as characters like Athena, Maria, and Hinagiku... I have to wonder, which fanfic have these people been reading recently? It's surely not Hata's manga.

    1. I think Nagi had the most development throughout. Definitely she still has many flaws, but she has shown marked improvement. In comparison, hayate as well the other female characters have not really shown that much character development. And I can't relate with characters who are perfectionists. Nagi being imperfect, is totally relatable.

    2. I feel the same. As far as character development goes, Hayate has been totally left behind by his female co-main character. I think some good well-developed characters in the series include mostly side characters like Chiharu and Izumi. There's also Ruka, but her arc and relevance is over now.

    3. Oh well... I suppose it's easy to delude yourself into thinking that Hayate can NEVER love Nagi as a woman if you only take Hayate's declarations into account (I like older women) and don't pay attention/totally ignore Nagi's character development -- and you still think Nagi will be 13 years old forever.

    4. Hayate's declarations don't matter - he's as confused as ever. Sometimes I do wish he would be separated from nagi for quite a long time; maybe that would finally make him realise. It can even result in an explosion of negative emotions and make him open the path

    5. Good to talk to people who get it here. I do believe that Hayate really needs to experience the real danger of losing Nagi for real before he can realize just how much she really means to him. As of now, he doesn't value her enough even with all his declarations of "forever."

      Anyway, saw some spoilers for chapter 555. Yukariko appears (in front of Nagi, it seems) and Nagi's holding the King's Jewel while being depressed about Maria leaving. I think Hayate will be the final trigger. It's her biggest fear that someday both Hayate and Maria would leave her. Excellent foreshadowing from Hata.

  10. Serious brainstorm alert... so from the chapter 555 spoilers, Nagi sees Yukariko... what if Maria has always been Yukariko all along? Too young? A touch from a King's Jewel can solve that.

    1. I don't think so. Maria is 17 but yukariko died 13 years ago.
      Maria is tremendously witty, concerned, mature...opposite to her...and lacks divinity. Even then all the plots with the presence of her spirit will be meaningless.
      I think as Maria has been covering the vacancy for her mother in her heart, she feels remorseful for her mother's death as she is leaving.

    2. I think I have mentioned that I always felt there is a connection between Maria and yukariko. But I don't really want Maria to BE yukariko because hayate feels a little shy around Maria the same way he feels around hinagiku, ayumu, etc. So that would be a little unsettling.

    3. Good points from both of you.

      I'm still just overly curious as to what the purpose of Yukariko's appearance will be at the end of the next chapter. I hope it's just to have one last reunion and perhaps give Nagi some motherly advice.

      Also, I wonder when Athena's ring box (in Nagi's possession) will come into play?

    4. Also can't help being frustrated at how lightly Hayate's taking Nagi's feelings for him. As proven in this chapter, he thinks that having Maria stay with her and then winning her inheritance will solve everything.

      He doesn't understand just how much she really loves him even though all she's done is prove just that throughout the story.

    5. One of the reasons I reread the manga is because I wanted to understand why many people don't like nagi a lot. In the initial chapters it's understandable, but gradually the depth of character she has shown, I cannot help but like her. And hayate's lack of attraction towards nagi makes me love her more.

    6. I think a lot of fans started out with the S1 and S2 anime wherein Nagi was just a work in progress as a character. She really came into her own after the arcs covered by those two seasons -- but not many people stuck around or read the manga at all.

      Hayate himself only knows pre-character-development Nagi, just like her haters/naysayers -- which is why I really, really hope that Hata and Nagi prove them all wrong.

    7. Oh and those who do read the manga right now and still hate Nagi... well, I really don't know. I suppose it's a little bit of them projecting themselves and their own tastes onto Hayate and Nagi just not being their type.


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