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Hayate The Combat Butler: An Accidental Kiss (A short scenario with matching fanart by me)

Author's Ramblings: Well... Hayate is on a two-week break until 6/8, so I've got some stuff scheduled for this blog to fill the gap. One is an article on why I love Nagi Sanzenin so much (as if you needed more of that) and the other is this short scenario I wrote with matching fanart. I call this a scenario because there's really not enough in here to justify me calling it an actual story. Anyway, not much thought was put into this, but I did try to make it entertaining and as true enough to the series as I can while still being a bit whimsical about it. Shoutout to someone who wants to be called "Nagi Sanzenin" for giving me the idea for this scenario as well as requesting the fanart that comes with this write-up. Hayate The Combat Butler: An Accidental Kiss Nagi: Hayate! Hayate! Where are you? This was the third time that the young blonde had called out for her butler. Although Nagi Sanzenin was now quite far from the impatient little girl that

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 530: Dreams Come In Various Forms -- Review and Synopsis

This is the face of "filler." When you see it, you'll know it. Synopsis: Fumi and Sharna are still going on about that making money through rap thing. Sharna says that it was mistake to try and make money through rap anyway. Fumi wonders what she else she can do. Anywayz, Fumi reminds us that her family will starve if she remains in the poorhouse. Sharna suggests finding a part-time job. But Fumi throws a tantrum. She wants FUN AND MONEY! Why don't'ya understand, Sharna-chan!? Suddenly, Shii-chan appears even though Fumi left her at home. She says she agrees with Fumi! Shii-chan suggests thinking about how to receive a government grant without tax or something like that. Fumi likes this idea. Sharna goes all: WAIT A MINUTE! Sharna says something about overflowing hopes and dreams and not using dirty methods to attain money. Fumi blanks out and asks Shii-chan for suggestions. Shii-chan says there's a lot of dreams in insurance scams, right? Sharna asks wh

To The Anonymous Commenter On "Starry Night"

Thank you for bringing the link to the original fanfic, "A Beautiful Night" to my attention. I have since talked to the author who has admitted to copying several lines from said fic without permission -- which is why I've taken the fanfic, "Starry Night" down from my blog. The author of Starry Night is presumably of tender age and did not realize what she was doing. In any case, to the anonymous commenter who brought this to my attention: again, thanks a lot.

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 529: POP STAR -- Review and Synopsis

OMFG! LITTLE NAGI IS SO EFFING CUUUUTE!!!!! Synopsis: Nagi tells a story about herself and Hisui when they were little. Nagi was crying during a party and she went outside all alone when Hisui asked her what she was crying about from atop a tree. Nagi calls her "Hi-chan" Nagi: Wait, what are you doing all the way up there? Hisui: Well... the view here is nice. Nagi: But you'll die if you fall. It's dangerous. Aren't these Conan's lackeys from Detective Conan? Hisui: BUt it really is pretty -- the view. Hisui: So... why are you crying? Nagi: No one wanted to read my manga and I ended up looking silly. Random Bully Kids: Oi, Nagi! Show us your stupid manga. Nagi: N-No! Random Bully Kids: It's ok! (forcefully takes the manga) Random Bully Kids: Wahaha! What the heck is this? It's so disjointed! Nagi: He-hey! That's enough, isn't it! Give it back! Don't cry, little Nagi. I'll read your manga for you~ Random Bully Kids: Shu

Ayasaki Deconstruction: A Character Analysis of Hayate Ayasaki

Not too fond of this guy, but I don't hate him, at least. I’ve done quite a few character-centric essays on this blog (mostly Nagi), but I just recently realized that I’ve never talked at length about the titular main character of this manga, Hayate Ayasaki himself. I have to thank Roop Banerjee from the comments for bringing this to my attention. Now if you know me, you probably realize that I am not that fond of Hayate as a character, but that does not preclude me from doing this character analysis anyway. So to get started on my disorganized ramblings, let’s start with my basic impression of him based on the manga. Not As Saintly As He Seems If you only knew Hayate from the anime, you would probably feel very sorry for him – and so do I. In fact, you might feel even more sorry for him if you read what happened to him during the End of the World Arc. With that aside, you should also realize that Hayate is not as saintly as he appears to be in the ani