Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 517: Saki-San's Tavern Visit Journal -- Review and Synopsis

She kinda looks like Ayumu's brother.

Synopsis: The doujin shop is doing well.

Wataru is grateful gives Saki a bonus and tells her to take a break and spend the money for herself.

She does so, but has no idea what to do with the money. Her bonus amounts to five hundred thousand yen. She saves 300 thousand. She goes to Ginza and is tempted to buy all sorts of items but doesn't. She feels like a real princess with so much money to spend.

She enters a sushi shop and decides to spend some money here like a real Japanese working woman.

She's all conscious about acting like a real adult woman and is doing fine until she mentions something that makes things all awkward while ordering.

Anyway, her Sake arrives and she decides to drown her embarrassment in Sake. She really likes it. Her order also arrives and it's really good.

She feels like a real adult woman now... but then she doesn't know how much everything costs. There's no menu or price tag. Anyway, she decides that it's all good since it's covered by her bonus.

Back with Wataru. It's closing time at the shop. Saki says that she has become an adult... end of chapter.

Review: Hmm... no Nagi no Likey as usual. Anyway, it's a Saki chapter... so let's see... what can I say?

Well, if you were curious about how the doujin shop was doing, it's doing very well. With that aside, it looks like Wataru and Saki have really settled into an almost, but not quite romantic relationship. Wataru cares for Saki while she definitely has feelings for him. It's slightly one-sided and I guess it's a bit of a parallel to Hayate x Nagi... ya know, just like how Wataru confessing to Isumi with "I loved you" is also a parallel to something *hints* :3

Ok... that's all I can say. On to the fanart.

Fanart Corner: Finished coloring this one. I plan to add a background and received several suggestions via social media. Do you have any?
Suggestions so far:

  • Inside a mansion with a hall of mirrors
  • Dance studio
  • Las Vegas
  • Pier where Ikusa was found
Dat lovely loli body~

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hayate The Combat Butler 516: Nishizawa Ayumu's Daily Life - Synopsis and Review

I've always wondered what's up with Japanese and their kotatsu.
Synopsis: No long synopsis this time. Not necessary. No Nagi no like! Now then, as the chapter title implies, we see Ayumu going through the normal motions of a High School girl's normal life. Anywayz, she wakes up, sees her father reading the newspaper at breakfast, goes to school. She thinks about how everyone is trying their best and stuff.

After school, she chats with Souya for a bit (It's that guy from Hata's lifeguard manga, I think) and realizes that he's aiming for the olympics. She takes a look at everyone else having club activities and doing their best.

Anywayz, back at home, she gets all excited over a LINE message from Hayate-kun... She's so happy that he didn't forget her even though he's so far away. Anyway, Hayate just asks her if she prefers sand or toilet paper as a souvenir from the Hakuo orientation.

She chooses the toilet paper.

Review: Well, this filler chapter to start off the New Year was pretty much expected. Pretty tame stuff. The gag at the last part was kinda funny though. So uh... not much I can say about this chapter. At the very least, we're once again reminded how Hata makes use of every single event that happens within this manga. Remember that Nagi and Hayate were going souvenir shopping just a few chapters ago before the Grand Canyon phase and Hayate did say that he'd go with sand or toilet paper -- he actually went through with it based on this chapter.

Hmm... well, we get to see a little bit more about Ayumu's character and how she's a really good-natured girl who is easily satisfied -- and perhaps that is her biggest weakness in the harem wars. She's far too nice and easy to please -- then again, you never really know which way this manga will swing, so don't count the hamster out just yet.

Anywayz, I'm just glad to see a new chapter out for this series. Can't let it just suddenly die off.

Fanart Corner: Got quite a few to show you guys. Some of them are older but rehashed and some are new. Check them out. The first one is still unfinished.

Had this printed out as a tarp and I'm using it as my window curtains right now.

Nakoruru: The Gift She Gave Me (Dreamcast): A VIsual Novel Review by Mid-Tier Guard

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