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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 551 --- Review and Synopsis

So cutieful mai waifu! Nagi may only have those tiny bumps on her chest, but look at that arch on her back. That s-curve stands for sexy~ Synopsis: Hayate wakes up and Maria is there to greet him. Nagi arrives and Hayate has a traumatic flashback about Himegami saying that Nagi will lose everything because he's weak. Hayate huggles Nagi from out of nowhere because he's oh so PLATONIC and everything else you want to believe if you're a hater. Athena sure is short. Seems the height difference between her and Nagi is quite negligible. The same goes for Ruka, btw. Anywayz, Athena is at Sakuya's but she goes to the Violet Mansion and Hayate meets her by the entrance and confirms that she and Isumi are ok. Athena is all business as usual with Ayumu, Chiharu, Kayura, and Hina and is totally unaware that she's now in her big form whom most of them have never met -- until she takes a bath and notices that the faucet is too low. End of CHAPTER! Some would say th

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 551 Transcript (Review and A-tan Birthday Art later

Yo, lordcloudx here. Since I had this all translated and all on my desktop. I'mma dump it here. Review and art later~ Hayate wakes up from chapter 549. Yes, it was HIS dream. No two ways about it. Anywayz, Maria is there to greet him and he's back in Nagi's mansion. Maria: Last night, you were at Sakuya's place. Wazzup? Maria: Could it be my fault? Maria: Coz I talked about quitting being a maid. Maria: OUt of desperation, you went on a rampage in a maid cafe. Hayate: I won't go to that extent. Forget about it. Maria: Is that so? Well then, that's fine. Nagi: Oh, Hayate. Hayate: Oh, Ojou-sama Nagi: Are you okay? It seems that you had a rough time at Sakuya's house. Hayate has a flashback of what Himegami said that Nagi would lose everything. Hayate: Ojou-sama... Nagi: Huh? Hayate huggles Nagi from out of nowhere. Third time and mentally counting (Shimoda, Golden Week, Final Arc... if this does not mean something, I'll eat my nonexistent hat.) Nagi: eh,

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 550: What A Wonderful World (2) -- Review and Synopsis

Caption on cover: Their story began on that day. Now, this pair's final chapter begins! (Also... BURN HATERS! BURN!) Synopsis: For the long version, you can go here . Anywayz, due to Hata's brilliant execution of the previous chapter which people complained about (they're complaining about this one too btw), we now get to what actually happened prior to that little scenario. (LOL~) Basically, after some talking, it's Athena, Isumi and Hayate versus Himegami -- who comments on how it's going to be difficult for him. He attacks the weakest one in his opinion, Hayate. Hayate goes down, which prompts Isumi and Athena to stop their attacks temporarily. You tell me what Himegami hit him with here? An awkward angled kick? A punch? A backhand punch? Anywayz, Himegami tries to take Hayate's stone, but Athena and Isumi spring back into action. With this, Hisui decides to step in and reveal her trump card -- Yozora gave her powers to Hisui. With that, our yan

Hayate The Combat Butler 550 Transcription (review/synopsis to come later tonight)

Haay guyz! Lordcloudx here. I just thought you might appreciate a quick transcription of ch. 550 coz it's filled with awesome. I'm still mulling over the review. I'll have it up in another post later tonight... perhaps sans this long transcription. As always, keep in  mind that I am a totally unreliable translator. Chapter Cover "On that day, it all began. Now, on to the final chapter of their story." What a lovely chapter cover~ Himegami: S'up Ayasaki Hayate? This be our first meetin face to face right? Hayate: Kono hita wa... Princess God-san Himegami: Good job on bein Nagi's butler for nearly a year. I've been watchin ya (coz I'm a stalker) Hayate: This person in front of me was Nagi ojou-tama's previous butler... Himegami: I was anxious about you being my replacement. Isumi: Who u? Isumi: You have Himegami's voice and appearance but again... who the fudge are you? Himegami: I'm Himegami Aoi, Isumi-san Himegami: Although you may

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 549: Final Chapter: What A Wonderful World (1) Astrogation

Sleeping Cutie  Synopsis: We beginz the chapter with mai waifu asleep in her room. Suddenly, she awakens Hayate greets her good morning and asks her if she's awake and wazzup Nagi: No, No right now... well, ya know what? what was it again? Nagi: What was this important dream I had just now. Hayate: Dream? Hayate: Ya wouldn't have those kinds of dreams if you'd wake up earlier. It's already late ya know. Nagi: This is not something to be taken lightly. Last night... Hayate: What happened last night? Nagi: In this game... Hayate: Mou, you'll never grow up to be a fine adult this way. Nagi: STFU! Nagi: How can I wake up refreshed in the morning if you greet me with that kind of talk? Anywayz, Bring it on! Hayate: A nice morning greeting? Nagi: Yeah, it's a butler's duty to do so! Hayate: Fine, I guess it can't be helped. Hayate: Well then, here comes the world's best coffee... Nagi: (hits the effin butler with a pillow) Nagi: Screw your coffee. Y