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Hayate The Combat Butler 550 Transcription (review/synopsis to come later tonight)

Haay guyz! Lordcloudx here. I just thought you might appreciate a quick transcription of ch. 550 coz it's filled with awesome. I'm still mulling over the review. I'll have it up in another post later tonight... perhaps sans this long transcription. As always, keep in  mind that I am a totally unreliable translator.

Chapter Cover "On that day, it all began. Now, on to the final chapter of their story."
What a lovely chapter cover~

Himegami: S'up Ayasaki Hayate? This be our first meetin face to face right?

Hayate: Kono hita wa... Princess God-san

Himegami: Good job on bein Nagi's butler for nearly a year. I've been watchin ya (coz I'm a stalker)

Hayate: This person in front of me was Nagi ojou-tama's previous butler...

Himegami: I was anxious about you being my replacement.

Isumi: Who u?

Isumi: You have Himegami's voice and appearance but again... who the fudge are you?

Himegami: I'm Himegami Aoi, Isumi-san

Himegami: Although you may not believe me.

A-tan: With that said, you'll hand over the stone, amirite?

A-tan: Coz if ya don't, I'mma usin mah powerz!

Himegami: We~ll, this is a problem, ain't it? The odds are bad if it's three against one.

Hayate: W-why? You were ojou-tama's butler, so why are you on Hisui's side?

Hayate: If that stone is taken, ojou-tama will lose everything! (you so effin wrong, Hayate... all she needs is your loove~ and enough money for anime, manga and video games -- which she can supply by herself with a combination of genius, financial skills and luck)

Hisui: Coz I'm more fit to be the Sanzenin heir.

Hisui: Ain't that right, Himegami?

Himegami: Yeah, I suppose that's right.


Isumi: Sowwy, Hisui, can't let ya have dat.

Hayate: I dun understand this situation but right now...

Himegami: Dayyum, young people these days are so hyper.

Himegami: Can't be helped then (puts on TEH MASK ... of illuminati!)

Himegami: First of all, I guess I'll start with the weakest link. (LOL)

A-tan: Hayate!

Isumi: Hayate-sama!

Hayate: Why? Wtf is goin here?

Hayate: Gefu~!

Himegami: Hey, you can't be done with just that. You've served as Nagi's butler, right?

Himegami: Hisui, the stone is right there. Pick it up will ya?

Hisui: WHut?

A-tan: I won't let you (with my UBW)

Himegami: I dodges it

Isumi: I attacks joo!

Himegami: Haha... well, this is tough, isn't it.

Hayate: Uuu... A-tan, Isumi-san...

Hisui: I kickz joo in the face and picks up your stone.

Hisui: This is the 2nd one ain't it? I'll be takin it now, effin butler.

Hayate: Gu...

Hisui: Anywayz, Himegami, if you're having trouble, need a little help?

Himegami: Nani?

Hisui: I mean Yozora's power is here.

Isumi: Eh?

A-tan: Chikara?

Hisui: So don't hold back on me, K?

A-tan: NA

Hayate: NII?

Himegami: Whoops, this is bad eh?

Hisui: Now all of ya try yer best to avoid it, k?

KYAAAA (you remember this scene last chapter, right?)

Himegami: Mataku, you're pretty unreasonable, ain't ya, Hisui?

HIsui: Haha! You're one to talk... but I can't live here anymore can I?

Hisui: Anywayz, I got these (King's Jewels two of em)

Hisui: Now with an explosion of negative emotions, the path will open right?

Himegami: Yeah, but it's gonna be difficult. Mikado failed for ten years.

Hisui: S'fine, the King's return cannot be stopped.

Hisui: Well then, gentlemen... rejoice!

Hisui: Lez go, Himegami...

Himegami: K...

Hayate: Holds on to Himegami's pants

Hayate: WAIT... I ain't done...

Himegami: Too bad, Ayasaki Hayate. This is the result of yo weakness. You are weak, so Nagi loses.

Hayate: (eyes widen)

Himegami: Be glad that you were my replacement for a year.

Hayate: Uwaaa (is all mad and is about to punch Himegami)

Himegami: Good night, Hayate


  1. Hayate preventing Hisui have that much money and power seems legit reason.
    So far Nagi is the only one worthy of that power

    1. Yes she is so much caring. She just lack knowledge about the surroundings but really is helpful.

    2. Well, maybe... on the other hand, that much money and power isn't really good for Nagi as a person. She's more of a free spirit and shouldn't be burdened with the royal power nor the intricacies of being the Sanzen'in heir.

      Nagi can do well enough on her own with her particular set of skills and abilities. She doesn't need the extra responsibilities and headaches of being the sole heiress of the Sanzen'in fortune and the successor of the Royal Power.

    3. But I think she is gradually being capable of having responsibilities. I did not really think of her to be adjusted with the lifestyle of violate mansion without any difficulty. That hikkikomori girl even set out for a journey for the sake of her passion and love depending only on fate in Ruka arc.

    4. Yes, she is capable. The problem here is that she doesn't necessarily want said responsibilities as far as I can tell. The only reason she's interested in the inheritance is for herself and Hayate's future.

  2. anime version was so different from manga. himegami and hisui: are totally badass. i am looking forward to how it ends.

    1. Speaking of anime, it's worth noting that there's a Hatsushiba convenience store in somewhere in Can't Take My Eyes Off You or Cuties... pretty sure I saw it.


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