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Nakoruru: The Gift She Gave Me (Dreamcast): A VIsual Novel Review by Mid-Tier Guard

To Derek Pascarella, Marshal Wong, Duralumin, Lewis Cox, Piggy, Nico, Danthrax4, Lacquerware, EsperKnight, SnowyAria, VincentNL, cyo, and HaydenKow, Thank you for the work you put in to translating this treasure of a visual novel, truly a classic. If you haven’t already, I implore anyone reading this to read through the link in this stream’s description and to thank the translation team directly here: I also wish to thank Ceruleon, for bringing this translation project to Elle-C X’s attention, and to Elle himself for streaming the game. You’re both sukebes. A couple things: 1. I will be critical of several aspects of this visual novel. My complaints lie with the story/game itself, and not with the translation team. I have nothing but admiration for them and I do not intend to diminish their work in any way.  2. I have never played the Samurai Showdown games, and I would describe my knowledge of th