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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 538: Forever Dreamer -- Synopsis and Review

Synopsis: Maria: I gonna call it quitz So beautiful... although, that dress shouldn't be clinging to her butt so tightly like that unless she wasn't wearing any... (you figure out the rest) Hayate: Yameru te... ojou-sama no... nande? Nande? Doushite? Maria: You said it yourself too, didn't you, Hayate? Maria: Our roles are over. Hayate: Over... Maria: I've noticed it since the doujin showdown with Ruka. Maria: She gave it her all. During that time when her heart was broken. Maria: She would always come to me to be consoled. I thought that she would never be able to stand on her own. Flashback "However... a hero, even when on a broken knee..." Chiharu: Never gives up! (flashback to Nagi's moment of awesome in Ruka's arc!) Maria: I was shocku deshita! Maria: Her growth, I had underestimated it. Maria: She was always relying on me... Maria: She had been relying on me like a mother. Maria: Whatever I thought was bad or whenever I said no. Maria: I t

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 537: Last Regrets -- Synopsis and Review

Don't worry guys, we can expect Nagi to steal the show with some awesome lines pretty soon... she does that. Synopsis: Hayate: This isn't going too well. Hayate: At this rate, I won't be able to get Maria to confess to me. Hayate: How can I get Maria to notice me just a little... Maria: (turns and smiles) Hayate: Damn, that's cute... but anyway, it's not like this is the first time. Hayate: When we first met, it was definitely... This person is the most beautiful person in the world... Chapter 537: Last Regrets Maria: In the end, we didn't find any chocolates for Nagi, didn't we? Hayate: So, Sou desu ne? Hayate: I can't let myself fall for her. Hayate: I have to think of my next move to make Maria confess to me. Hayate: Should I try suddenly holding her hand? Ah, but taking her hand so suddenly would be strange. Also, it could be mistaken for sexual harrassment. Maria suddenly grabs Hayate's hand. Maria: By the way, Hayate, let's go to that n

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 536: Mischievous Maria But I Like Her -- Synopsis and Review

I kinda want to draw Nagi in this pose with just her beautiful face all over the canvas... I think I will. Also, yes. I realize that this is a reference to dat one Chuunibyou animuh. Synopsis: Hayate: I remember the day we met even now Hayate: That day, my life was being targeted by the Yakuza because my parents betrayed me. Hayate: It's really painful to remember... it was sad. Hayate: That's why that muffler felt doubly warm. I felt truly saved. 10/24 Nagi: I can't draw anymore if there's no delicious chocolate. Mai waifu is all chibi in this chapter and she looks super-cute! Hayate: -_- What are you saying now? Nagi: The manga! The manga! I can't draw it without chocolate! Hayate: Are you channeling Osamu-san? Didn't he draw his manga for himself? Nagi: That's right! Exactly! Nagi: Without chocolate, I can't think! I have no motivation! Nagi: In order to draw an awesome manga... in order to draw a historical masterpiece. Nagi: Right now..

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 535: Even piled on and on, it won't become the truth -- Review and Synopsis

  A Maria cover is fine every once in a while Synopsis: If the Sanzenin inheritance is lost, Ojou-sama will become poor If it's lost. Ojou-sama will die. I need the loto key to win her dat inheritance. Which by the way, Yukariko has hidden inside the RG and blah blah... (look... I'm just gonna skim this part coz he's just explaining the royal garden stuff) Oh and 12 King's Jewels confirmed. Ok... now let's skip to him meeting Ayumu. Hayate: (let's use Dkthias' version) Should I fall in love with someone for ojou-sama's sake? Ayumu:Ah, Hayate-kun! (sweet smile) Hayate: Nishizawa san Ayumu: Why so serious, bro? Hayate:...... Hayate: Yo, Ayumu... you in love with someone? Wall slams! Ayumu: Ya know, Hayate-kun! I keep telling you that I'm in love with you! Hayate: 0_0 Ah... Ayumu: My feelings for you have never changed and I want to date you, got it!? Hayate: (Somehow... wasn't that an amazing thing to say?) Athena: -_- Wtf is up wid dis melo