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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 535: Even piled on and on, it won't become the truth -- Review and Synopsis

A Maria cover is fine every once in a while
Synopsis: If the Sanzenin inheritance is lost, Ojou-sama will become poor

If it's lost. Ojou-sama will die.

I need the loto key to win her dat inheritance. Which by the way, Yukariko has hidden inside the RG and blah blah... (look... I'm just gonna skim this part coz he's just explaining the royal garden stuff)

Oh and 12 King's Jewels confirmed.

Ok... now let's skip to him meeting Ayumu.

Hayate: (let's use Dkthias' version) Should I fall in love with someone for ojou-sama's sake?

Ayumu:Ah, Hayate-kun! (sweet smile)

Hayate: Nishizawa san

Ayumu: Why so serious, bro?


Hayate: Yo, Ayumu... you in love with someone?

Wall slams!

Ayumu: Ya know, Hayate-kun! I keep telling you that I'm in love with you!

Hayate: 0_0 Ah...

Ayumu: My feelings for you have never changed and I want to date you, got it!?

Hayate: (Somehow... wasn't that an amazing thing to say?)

Athena: -_- Wtf is up wid dis melodrama in mah house?

Hayate: Uwaaaa!

Ayumu: It's not like that!

Hayate: Sorry bout asking something strange like that, Nishizawa san.

Ayumu: S'fine... now s'cuse meh!

Athena: So wtf was up with that crude question?

Hayate: S-sorry!

Hayate:(b-but... I see. Nishizawa san loves me.)

Hayate: If so, I can use this... for the path...

Ayumu x Hayate montage

Even this chibi Nagi has a sexy butt... I'm going too far, aren't I? Well, just look up there and marvel at her beautiful smile... yeah.
Hayate: No... that's difficult. Such true love cannot be shaken by misunderstanding. There's no way that can be cruel enough.

Hayate: But, without opening the road, I can't get ojou-sama's inheritance.

Also, right now, I'm not sure about the key's wherabouts.

Hayate reflection: (bottom line is, I can't let Hisui get the inheritance)

Maria: Yo, welcome back Hayate kyun! How wuz teh violet mansion?

The last line made Hayate reach a conclusion

Somehow, even if it's a cruel outcome, I will be forgiven if it's for ojou-sama's sake.


Maria: ?

Hayate: However... how can I enter a relationship with this person?

Hayate: Does she have a boyfriend or a lover? No, of course not, right?
However, living together under one roof for 10 months isn't enough, is it?

Hayate: In the first place, is Maria attracted to the opposite sex at all?

Maria: Wazzup? Why do you have such a weird face on?

Hayate: I was born this way.

Maria: Ara ara... that's not true. When I first met you, you were so cool.

Hayate: R-really? Izzat so?

Hayate: Could it be? Is this a sign?

(gonna skip stuff)

Hayate: For ojou-sama's sake, Maria-san... I will make advances on Maria san! (evil face)

Maria: ...

Maria: Sorry but... forget I said that.

Maria: Hayate-kun has a strange face after all.

Review: First of all, thank you very much for confirming what I've been saying all along, Mr. Ayasaki! NOW... you have truly sunk to a new low!

Well, naysayers!? What say you now? You thought he was thinking of doing it to himself? Hah! What do you think about that?

Now then... let me also just take this time to say that I believe this chapter just sunk a dormant ship. Which one? Well, I'll leave that up to your imaginations. Just take note of the conversations here and Hayate's own reactions (even after it's been properly translated) and you'll see. I'm just gonna be as vague as Hayate here and not say it directly.

Ok so... first half of this chapter is just Hayate summarizing the Royal Garden business so far. He also said some things halfway through related to Hisui that I did not read properly, but it's OK! Believe in the veteran translators! They'll clarify things for you... or I will as soon as I sit down to give it a second reading... maybe.

So yeah, Hayate has now become the "piece of ass" that we've all thought he was trying to be in the previous chapter. Time for his reality check soon-ish

Also, ya know what this looks like? This looks like the spiritual adaptation of the final two episodes of Cuties! Hayate's going around trying to find the right girl to fall in love with in all the wrong places. Anywayz, we all know how that ended, but the implications of his "falling in love" are quite different here. The stakes are much higher with the misunderstanding bomb looming just beyond the horizon. Gotta thank Bill again for reminding me of this. I was actually thinking about it all last week and then forgot about it.

Also, hasn't Hayate learned his lesson from observing Nagi? She won't end up in that poorhouse scenario in his head. Heck, if she needed money, she could just use her luck to become a millionaire through gambling... or just use her financial genius to make a killing in the stock market. Remember, she has luck as her superpower and she is at least mature enough to use it effectively nowadays.

Anyway, interesting stuff and no break next week, so see ya then!

Fanart Corner: Traditional media is awesome! Here are a few more stuff I've completed. Also, Hayate is totally looking at dat ass... I know I would.

Dayuuum Nagi! Drop this silly butler and choose me instead! New ship! Me x Nagi! I will serve and love you foreeeever!

Colored pencils on canvas. People warned me not to do it because it would look blurry... I don't listen to people! This one is pretty big, actually.


  1. Well......Hayate is surrounded by misunderstandings this time......
    Can I call him as The Misunderstanding Butler ?

  2. Well, that's who he has always been since day 1.


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