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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 536: Mischievous Maria But I Like Her -- Synopsis and Review

I kinda want to draw Nagi in this pose with just her beautiful face all over the canvas... I think I will. Also, yes. I realize that this is a reference to dat one Chuunibyou animuh.
Synopsis: Hayate: I remember the day we met even now

Hayate: That day, my life was being targeted by the Yakuza because my parents betrayed me.

Hayate: It's really painful to remember... it was sad.

Hayate: That's why that muffler felt doubly warm. I felt truly saved.


Nagi: I can't draw anymore if there's no delicious chocolate.

Mai waifu is all chibi in this chapter and she looks super-cute!
Hayate: -_- What are you saying now?

Nagi: The manga! The manga! I can't draw it without chocolate!

Hayate: Are you channeling Osamu-san? Didn't he draw his manga for himself?

Nagi: That's right! Exactly!

Nagi: Without chocolate, I can't think! I have no motivation!

Nagi: In order to draw an awesome manga... in order to draw a historical masterpiece.

Nagi: Right now... I need delicious chocolate!

Hayate: Hands her some chocolate

Nagi: DON't YOU MESS WITH ME! At least gimme some choco mint!
Only the highest quality chocolates for ojou-sama, you!
Nagi: Since this is also delicious, I'll eat it just this once.

Nagi: This chocolate is necessary but it's the lowest. Gimme some higher quality ones later!

Maria: The ultimate chocolate?

Hayate: Yearh, ojou-tama needs it for her manga!

Maria: I have no idea wtf yer talkin about, son.

Hayate: Well, let me start from the top...

Maria: Hmm... I see... Well then shall the two of us look for this chocolate together?

At that moment, Ayasaki Hayate was thinking.

Hayate: I can only open the door to the Royal Garden if there is love!

If someone were madly in love and had a stone... it would be earth-shattering.

That way, there would be an explosion of negative emotions that would open the gate to the Castle!

Then I can get the loto key and secure ojou-tama's inheritance!

After that, the relationship doesn't matter! It's all for ojou-sama's sake, that's why!

FOr this reason, Maria-san is the best target! Maria-san should understand that it was all for ojou-sama's sake.

However... Maria-san falling for me... I can't even imagine it.

Maria: WTF is wrong with ya, son?

Hayate: No-nothing!

Maria: But it has been a long time since the two of us went shopping together, right?

Hayate: Sou desu ne

Hayate: I'd like to get the ultimate chocolate... but where do we begin?

Maria: Right... usually I'd buy at Aoyama district but...

Hayate: That would be fun but...

Maria: Ah...

Maria: Hayate-kun, how about this?


Cheap sweets huh...

Maria: Oh there are lots of cute chocolates here, aren't there?

Maria: Oh, and these are cute too, aren't they?


Hayate: Anywayz, it's not my imagination. This is a dokidoki situation. Taimu to confession to Maria-san wo!

Hayate: For this reason, I must do this...

Maria: Hayate-kun! Hayate-kun!

Hayate: Hai?

Maria: This character looks like Doraemon, right?

Hayate: Uwaaaaa!

Hayate: WTF are ya sayin, Maria-san! It doesn't look similar at all! Not in the least?

Maria: Eh... rly?

Maria: But this shape is definitely...

Hayate: NOOO! Absolutely not! It's a coincidence!

Maria: Eh... Eh... but...

Hayate: This is bad. My heart is throbbing but this throbbing is totally wrong.

Hayate: Was this choco expedition a failure... no, it's too soon to give up.

Hayate: Maria-san has never even had cup noodles so it's understandable that she wouldn't know anything about cheap chocolates...

Hayate: Yes, of course!

Hayate: Maria-san Maria-san!

Hayate: Ta-dah! (shows her a candy ring)

Maria: Wow! What is that!

Hayate: This was once a hugely popular piece of candy with women. The jewel ring!

Maria: Jewel Ring... huh?

Hayate: What do you think, Maria-san? Women loved this sparkle. You shouldn't be an exception.

Hayate: Wid da powah of this jewel ring! Maria shall fall for me!

Hayate imagination: Maria: Hayate-kun! It's beyootifel!

Maria: Candy ring... huh?

Hayate: ..... eh?

Maria: It's a jewel ring but it's not made of precious metal, is it?

Maria: So if it's a meat bun on top, it's a meat bun ring, huh?

Maria: In that case, where would the meat bun element go?

Hayate: Did she just nearly refute 30 years of candy ring sales?

Hayate: That's not important! What is important is its potential as candy!

Maria: (licks candy) I see...

Maria: It's definitely a delicious candy, isn't it?

Narration: His heart would not stop beating.

Yah... well, remember what I said about a certain ship getting sunk in the previous chapter? You may now narrow down your guesses... but anyway, that's just me!

Funny stuff from Nagi here. I like the way she's rage-eating that chocolate bar.
So... not much to say about this chapter. Once again, it advances the plot -- with gags. Classic Hata style. Anyway, Hayate has now chosen his "target" and he has finally revealed his Evil-ebil plan. Yup, it's exactly what I said it was. He plans to make Maria fall for him and then break up with her causing the necessary explosion of negative emotions.

Still won't believe that Hayate's an evil bastard?
It's wrong in so many levels and we all know it's not going to work out as planned -- we just dunno exactly how it will backfire. Of course, there's a strong inclination towards Nagi being on the receiving end of some of the backlash -- which I don't like, but it's a necessary thing and I hope Hayate gets his just desserts at the end of all this.

Also, let me take this time to address people who are going to complain about Nagi reverting to her brattish ways in this chapter -- get it through your skulls, people. Nagi IS a brat. That's who she is -- take it or leave it. It's done for comedic purposes in this chapter and it works It DOES NOT do away with her character developments so far and if you say otherwise, Hata will just prove you wrong sooner or later anyway. Gawd, why did I even bother to write this?

Ok, so that aside... I guess that's it for this review. See ya next week coz no break!

Fanart Corner: Traditional media time again. I've also got one work-in-progress that I won't bother to post here until it's done, so see ya next week when it's done.

She was a skater girl, he said "you're a little girl." She wasn't good enough for him. HE had a pretty face, but his head was up in space, he needed to come back down to earth~

A loli with her lolly... so META!

(Hata gave me a "thank you" for this one) Their special place~. Pic inspired by the BG for 40mP's Sampo Michi/Avenue
Not an actual fanart except for the chibi Nagi at the bottom. This is from my 365 Nagi photo project. VN style because I used to be an EVN dev... back when I was young and foolish. Now I'm young and jaded.


  1. I don't understand the last part. Why wouldn't hayate's heart stop beating? What is he thinking about? Or is it just the beating heart of a person about to commit a crime?

    1. I think it means he found Maria's candy-sucking gesture extremely arousing.

    2. Okay. I just get really pissed off when hayate shows such response to girls other than nagi, I just can't get accustomed to it. It's high time that hayate started showing such response to nagi, while being in close proximity to her.

    3. Couldn't agree more. I mean, personally it's pretty obvious for me that Nagi IS the right girl for him at this point, but Hata's just so reluctant to have him show any kind of physical attraction for her at all.


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