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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 509: The Chapter Title Is A Mouthful -- Review and Synopsis

Dat chapter title though... Synopsis: Awright... real quickly, Hayate unleashes his trump card -- as correctly predicted by some smart person on the internet who is not me. He channels his bad luck to gain an advantage in the game of Reverse Old Maid. Everyone else follow suit, but eventually, it all boils down to Hayate vs Hina. Hina's final claim at "bad luck" is that the guy she likes won't ever notice her feelings, but eventually, it seems Hayate has won.. or so it seems. Cliffhata time! Don't think she's actually lost just yet. This could have gone the other way based on ths cliffhanger... and Hata's track record. Review: Hmm... interesting chapter, but still no sign of mai waifu... so meh! This looks like it might be the penultimate chapter to end the Level 5 arc -- as it's known in the manga. Still, there are quite a few things unresolved such as Ruri Tsugumi's involvement, as well as what's going on with Nagi? I don'

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 508: Even Tonegawa Would Hesitate -- Review and Synopsis

Maria-san, Maria-san! Cleaning stop! Synopsis: Hayate blackmails Kananiwa into letting him decide what the final orientation would be since he has a recording of her collaborating with those wannabe terrorists. Also, she's just 28. Wait... I'm older than her? Umm... nevermind... moving on. So Hayate calls up everyone except Nagi (who is still fast asleep) and has everyone play cards in order to decide the winner -- since it's Las Vegas and all. Anyway, Izumi has an awesome poker face and Hina's good at everything... including cards. She declares that she CAN NOT LOSE! Anywayz... end of chapter.  Am I the only one who likes Kananiwa? I think I'll do some Kananiwa fanart next time. Btw, this scene is totally doujin bait. Review: After last week's excitement, things are moving slower in this chapter. I guess that "there is a bomb between them" thing was just a setup for something that'll become important later... or buried in obscuri

Iloilo City: How Far Have We Really Gone?

So while having the car serviced at the Jaro Nissan Service Center, I took a little (long) stroll from Gaisano City to SM City cutting through the Iloilo Sports Complex Road. Started at 9:37 and arrived around 10:08. Anyway, as I took the overpass towards the entrance to SM, I noticed that there was an old beggar lady at the bottom of the overpass on the side of the Injap skyscraper.  Not the least bit winded from the trip (because I have teh awesome cardio), the contrast of visual information struck me as a little bit sad; the Injap skyscraper, 7-11, Apec 2015 signs, a relatively brand new overpass and a pitiful looking beggar woman at the bottom of the overpass. I thought about donating some of my loose cash to her, but I didn't. At the end of the day, I wouldn't be helping her -- I wouldn't be saving her from doing the same thing again. Giving alms at that moment would just be plain hypocrisy. I'd just be making myself feel better-- staving off