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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 568 FINAL - There Is Something I Want To Tell You Under This Endless Starry Sky - Review

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There's really no need for a synopsis this time. You can find the full chapter scanlated (by me) in the comments section of the penultimate chapter review.
I wish you happiness in the future which I can never be a part of, Nagi, my one true love

It's a little bit different this time since it's really the last chapter. Therefore, I'll be interspersing some fan-made stuff including music videos and pics from some fans of the series that I'm good friends with throughout this write-up. With that said, enjoy and be prepared for some long ramblings...

I will warn you right now, this will be far from an objective review. There are many things to complain about in this final chapter -- I choose to ignore them, so walk away and close this page right now if you find that this is unacceptable.

Hina’s Confession

It’s nice that Hata took the time to have HIna make a final confession to Hayate. Whatever the outcome of that confession might have been, it provides closure to her feelings as well. At least her character’s run in this manga is ended with dignity.

Nagi  At 16

Nagi’s character development really came full circle in chapter 567 when she removed the final obstacle to their relationship – while also seemingly simultaneously destroying her one chance to have Hayate stay with her.
This is not a translation. This is an allusion to Fate/Stay Night
While declaring that she would like to take her life into her own hands and that she doesn’t want anything that’s been handed down to her anymore such as her wealth and power, she fires Hayate as her butler. She fires him not because she does not love him, but rather, because of two main reasons in my opinion:

1. Her desire to manage her life on her own without depending on others.
2. Her desire for Hayate to find happiness on his own – even if this happiness does not involve her.

She knew that if she had allowed Hayate to stay with her, then she would still be dependent on him for a whole lot of things – and this really goes against her firm resolve to become her own person.

Therefore, it should really come as no surprise that 2 years later, Nagi really did become the strong, independent girl that she wanted to be – and that she was always foreshadowed to be throughout the manga’s 567 chapter run.

Yes, it was a predictable turn of events like a whole lot of things that happened in this finale, but predictability is not always a negative. Really, whether you like it or not is subjective, but when all plot developments lead to the  logical conclusion, I’d call that good foreshadowing rather  than “Hata trolling.”

So we see Nagi, triumphant after two years. She knows how to cook now – in fact, she cooks for the residents of the Violet Mansion now. She’s working part-time jobs while schooling and even took up sports. According to her, she actually became pretty good at sports (she’s shown playing Lacrosse.) I have to admit that I was in tears as the manga heralded her simple triumphs such as cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry by herself and all while managing her living expenses.

She’s The Same Girl We Know And Love

Yet, she’s not some complete stranger that we don’t know. On the physical aspect, she’s grown a little taller. She’s also become quite a beauty with some actual curves now, but her face is definitely that of Nagi. Furthermore, personality-wise, she never lost that snarky, bossy attitude and that familiar haughtiness that has really become one of her most endearing traits. We can see this attitude in her interactions with Chiharu. While it’s Nagi who is now doing the scolding which is a bit of a role reversal, when Nagi snarks her for thinking so highly of herself, we can immediately recognize that YES, this is definitely vintage Nagi.

As for her haughtiness, she didn’t lose it at all, either. The first chance she gets, she starts bragging to Hayate about how much she has accomplished by herself and how she can do anything by herself now. The way she poses, the way she brags – definitely still the same cute girl from 2 years ago.

The Beauty of Her Growth

The beauty of Nagi’s growth lies in the simplicity of her personal triumphs. 560+ chapters ago, she was a girl who had everything at her disposal. Super-rich, pampered to a fault and filled with groundless confidence in her abilities. Furthermore, whenever she was in trouble, she had a wealth of trump cards at her disposal. Nagi has genius level intellect (which most people tend to forget) combined with extreme good luck that rivals Hayate’s bad luck. Furthermore, whenever she’s in trouble, either Hayate, Maria, Hinagiku, or someone else always comes along to bail her out of trouble.

At the end of the story, we see a 16 year old Nagi capable of doing a lot of things that other people her age are capable of – something that her pampered spoiled brat self from the past would never have even dreamed of. She doesn’t become as good at sports as Hinagiku, as much of a genius at Athena, nor is it even shown if she won the manga competition that she entered near the finale of the story.  Nagi’s triumph is a more personal one. It’s about a pampered young girl learning a lot of new things for the first time in her life and dealing with them admirably. This… my friends, is life. This is maturity. This really the best that most of us can ever hope for. We don’t become Trillion Selling Mangakas just because we work hard.  Yet, the dream is always there because as long as you haven’t given up on it – perhaps someday, it can be achieved. Now this pipe dream of Nagi’s wasn’t even mentioned in this finale, but with a girl with as much potential as her, it’s never an impossibility – yet, I’m glad this wasn’t the focus of her character growth.

And so, when she meets Hayate again, she still has that spunk, that confidence in her abilities – boldly declaring that she can do anything by herself. Yet, this confidence is no longer groundless now – she has proven her worth within these last 2 years that we did not get to fully witness. If I were Hayate looking at her at that very moment – at the formerly helpless girl that I used to take care of and whom I had chosen to give up my life for,  if I weren’t already in love at that moment, I would fall in love over and over again… and I am glad that this was the case.
I believe that this is more romantic than any kissing scene between them could have ever done.

For those of you who have reached a certain period of life wherein the call to be responsible for your own life suddenly hits you, then you would certainly be able to relate with Nagi’s story and the beauty of her character growth.

More Than One Way To See It

Most people who hate Nagi will say that her development in the finale was abrupt. I beg to disagree. There is more than one way of looking at it. In my opinion, her more capable, more independent, more athletic, and infinitely more responsible self is simply a confirmation of her potential as a character and her resolve to better herself – as she has already admirably demonstrated throughout the series. Given the two year timeskip, we should definitely see such changes in her.

On Hayate’s Choice

Hayate’s choice was the obvious one and one that was definitely not lacking in foreshadowing. Look through the famous and sometimes infamous Golden Week arc from chapter 252 and onwards and you would see the subtle hints laid out by Hata in the plot… but you know what? The way Hayate made his final choice was even better than I could have expected.

Hata could have used any number of foreshadowing events that he’d laid out before, form that panel in 266 of Hayate looking at Nagi while thinking if he could ever tell someone  that he was truly in love with them again, to Nagi buying Hayate a wristwatch for his birthday. Heck, Hata could have just used Athena’s ring box as a way to top things off and confirm Hayate’s final choice…but he didn’t.

In the end, the way Hayate chose Nagi and the way their romance finally began was so simple, so natural, and so satisfyingly written. Hayate simply chose to meet her again on the same park where they first met on Christmas Eve and while allowing Nagi to brag about her newfound independence, he stops her at the last moment before she could declare that she no longer needs him.

This time, the story has come full circle  (which happens a lot in this manga if you paid attention to the meat of the plot and not the King’s Jewels mumbo jumbo) and it is Hayate figuratively chasing after Nagi. His confession was so timid and so Hayate-like… still slightly ambiguous but this time, also unmistakably definite. He declares that he wants to stay with her because his feelings of wanting to protect her future have never changed even after 2 year -- really, a most beautiful, heartfelt, and very Hayate Ayaski-esque confession.

There Was Always Love and Attraction Between Them

Now that Hayate and Nagi have finally come together as a true romantic couple, I think it is safe to conclude that there was always love between them. In fact, if you’ll look through certain chapters such as the first one, the level 5 arc and Hayate’s dream sequence in this finale after being almost beaten to death by Himegami, you would see that there was always something more than just gratefulness in Hayate towards Nagi. There were definitely many hints of sexual tension between them, but because Hata likes to use implications, even the narrations did not dare mention this. Look at Hayate’s eyes during his special moments with Nagi in the manga though.
There is definitely a lot more than just feelings of gratefulness within there  --- even during their very first meeting. Credits to Roop and Magrace for this observation: Hata had always been hiding Hayate’s feelings for Nagi from us in plain sight – you just had to look at the actual drawn panels to see instead of relying on just the explicit messages left in the text.

So therefore, “there is no love between them” in Hayate’s mind can now be safely interpreted as Hayate’s longing for there to be actual love between them – and of course, this love has now been beautifully realized in this finale.

The Delineations of Love

One source of conflict among the fanbase is the delineations of love. Always, we Nagi shippers have had to deal with this annoying supposition that Hayate only sees Nagi as family. This is because of that label in chapter 9 of the manga wherein Hayate makes it appear certain in his mind and to the readers that he sees Nagi as family. 

However, what people fail to take into  account would be Hayate’s actual actions towards Nagi. His obsessive desire to protect her would have him labeled as a siscon if they really were siblings.

To get back on track, people have long labeled Hayate’s love for Nagi as “platonic,” and because they ran with this label in their minds long after chapter 9, every time that an implicit event would seem to prove that Hayate does in fact have some degree of romantic feelings for Nagi, people would always go back to the “it’s platonic” argument, as if there were some invisible impregnable wall that prevents romantic love from ever developing out of platonic feelings.
Thank you, mikey!

This is the deal, Hayate is the one who labeled his feelings for Nagi as platonic at the start, this is how he’d always wanted to view her – but his actual actions, his actual feelings eventually rise to the surface. In fact, from very early on, it’s established that when Hayate’s guard is down and he doesn’t actively think about it, he can be taken in by Nagi’s charms. For example, he finds it relaxing to look at her lazing around. He talks about her lazy, haughty ways to Athena with a smiling face that makes even his ex-GF jealous

Again, Hayate wants to see Nagi in a platonic light, but his real feelings tell him otherwise – and they have risen to the surface on multiple occasions in this manga . The most obvious example would be again, Hayate’s dream world where he gives Nagi a playful kiss on the cheek to wake her up. His embarrassment when Maria catches him in the act is undeniable – this too is sexual tension.

You see, what people find unacceptable is that Hayate’s labeled platonic feelings could ever evolve into romantic love – but Hayate himself has been disproving his own label for so long in the story while most readers looked on blindly. Again, Hata’s penchant for hiding things in plain sight at work. Some people call this trolling, I call this tasteful, elegant writing – or simply put, classy.

Removing The Final Obstacle

The final obstacle to Hayate and Nagi’s romantic love was never Maria or some other girl. In chapter 566, Hayate had already chosen Nagi – of this we can now be positive.
Fanart by me using Pixiv Sketch. At the time I drew this, I didn't realize she'd suddenly
get a growth spurt.

Still, if he had continued working as her butler, then things would have become awkward had they continued living together while harboring romantic feelings for each other. Therefore, the one to remove the final obstacle and seemingly destroy her only chance to be with Hayate was Nagi herself. By severing the final ties of obligation between them, she gave herself a chance to grow and gave Hayate’s love for her a chance – a chance which Hayate did not pass up.

What Was Hayate Doing For The Last 2 Years?

It pains my heart a little to know that Nagi had to deal with many lonely nights by herself without the man she loves – and yet, it was also necessary for her beautiful growth that we see in this finale.

So this begs the question: what was Hayate doing?

Well, let’s not forget that Hayate himself was not really fully mature nor even really in a good position to start a romantic relationship with someone at the point wherein Nagi fired him.

She's really become an amazing girl.

Therefore, my theory is that Hayate was spending the last 2 years coming to terms with what it is that he really feels for Nagi. He could not put the word love to his obsessive feelings for her before when she was 13-14. Now that Nagi had distanced herself from him and he chose to respect her decision, he finally came to understand that he did not want to live away from her and that his  feelings for her would not change even if she’s no longer there with him. And this is how Hayate finally redeems himself for his rather lopsided character growth next to Nagi throughout this manga – by making that final decision and finally coming to understand that it is love, it was always love, and it will always be love between them.

One might also argue that perhaps he was looking for Maria to fulfill his promise to her – which really ties in with my point. Giving Maria her birthday present is a promise between the two of them, one of the final loose ends that Hayate had to overcome before finally becoming a man worthy of Nagi. In fact, when they meet again, Hayate is now a more confident individual, secure in the fact that he no longer has any financial troubles when he approaches her… and confident in giving his final confession to her.

On Their Meeting

Again, “full circle” is a really strong underlying theme of this manga. When Hayate and Nagi meet again, it is also on a Christmas Eve 2 years later in Loser Park. Just like before, Nagi is approached by two hoodlums with obviously lewd intentions towards her. This time however, she needs no saving. She is capable enough to defend herself with her Lacross Stick and even manages to scare both thugs away without actually getting physical about it.

To add to this, she quickly calls out Hayate soon after who was hiding behind some bushes, obviously waiting to assist her if she needed it – but she never needed it. This is where things come full circle. The helpless brat from before is no longer helpless and no longer a brat.

Yet, when they talk again, the chat is very much the same familiar Hayate x Nagi conversation they’ve always had – even though they hadn’t seen each other for 2 years (well, Hayate might have been secretly stalking her these last two years given how taken in he is with her in this final chapter). In any case, we quickly see the actual chemistry between the two – not anything sexual, but the fact that they are really so comfortable with each other that they can still talk so naturally even with a two year gap since their last meeting.

Of course, by this time, Hayate had finally made his decision and even though Nagi categorically states that he’s no longer needed to protect her, Hayate uses this moment to express his own desire to stay together with Nagi  -- because his own feelings of wanting to protect her – one side of the strongest bond between them, had never changed even after two years.

The Long Road Towards Love

As pointed out by one of our insightful anonymous commenters on this blog, it's rather baffling how so many people are obsessed with pairing Hayate with another girl when it's quite obvious that there were no other females in his life that he actively tried to make a romantic connection with after Athena. Nagi is and always was his number one priority. Whatever and wherever this "care" that he had for her stemmed from, it's quite obvious in this finale that these unchanging feelings have blossomed into romantic love. As for how this came to be -- again, it was heavily foreshadowed throughout the series through implicit, psychological hints such as the subtle changes in Hayate's personality and the few moments wherein he let his psychological wall down and initiated some pseudo romantic moments with Nagi.

Brag as much as you want, Nagi baby! This time, you've really earned it.

Therefore, the path towards Hayate's romantic love for Nagi was always being set up in the background -- even if it was not explicitly stated. The barriers towards their relationship were being removed one by one even before we went into the final arc. Nagi rapidly maturing in character, Maria acknowledging her growth, Hayate actively in denial of said growth, clearing the debt, Hayate opting to stay as her butler regardless and finally, Nagi firing him and removing the last of the obstacles to the both of them starting a new romantic relationship -- and this is exactly what happens two years later.

I believe the two year time lapse was necessary for both of them. For Hayate to confirm his feelings for Nagi (off-screen) and for Nagi to affirm her decision and become a girl truly worthy of being loved (on-screen). The beautiful contrast between their characters is present even in the final chapter.

Confirmation From Hata

This is paraphrased for better readability from Hata's Backstage

On Nagi's growth. She still looks pretty much the same. A little bit curvier, a little bit taller, and her hair is even longer, but physically still Nagi. On the inside however, she has really grown. This is how he'd always imagined she would be. After a few years time, she would stop being so incompetent.

Regarding the thing that Hata noticed when he was drawing chapter 567. Until that point, he hadn't decided yet on whether Hayate would see Nagi differently or not. Whether she was still a little lady who needed protection or an irreplaceable precious woman. He definitely wanted Nagi to become a love interest, but didn't know just when or how. 

At that point, when he drew Hayate looking at Nagi from behind while talking, he realized when he saw Hayate's face that surely, something had changed a lot in him. This was the moment. Before he drew this, he wasn't sure himself.

The boy's final wish towards the girl was like the royal power but without relying on miracles. To always be together for now and into the future.

The connection of their hands is a confirmation that there is no misunderstanding this time. Two people who voluntarily joined hands, walking slowly while talking. No longer mistress and butler, just an ordinary boy and girl.

Whether they will be happy or not in the future, not even Hata can say. However, the story of two people meeting each other as man and woman is a very common story of everyday life -- one that is special only for the two of them.

This is the true end of this manga -- as Hata imagines it.
There is nothing more to draw beyond this.

Personal: How She Saved Me

Now then, since this is the final chapter, I’m going to bare it all. You may have noticed how often I declare in this blog that “I love Nagi.” Well, I am not exaggerating when I say this. I really mean it 100%.

This is why these last two weeks prior to knowing the actual outcome of the manga have been absolute hell for me. It was the worst feeling ever. The level of anxiety was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. Never have I cared for anything in my life as much as I cared for Nagi’s happiness at the end of this story.

In fact, I lost 2 kilos from worrying. Everything I ate was tasteless and I had no appetite in the first place. The sound of people talking around me felt like such horrible, horrible noise – distractions that would prevent me from finding out first what really happens to Nagi at the end of the story – and most of all, if her love is fulfilled.

It was a horrible feeling because the logical part of my brain was telling me that really, there’s no way that this can end up badly for Nagi. However, anxiety kept talking to me. Even in my sleep, I couldn’t stop speculating and lucid dreaming all kinds of what-if scenarios as to how the series ends. As soon as I woke up, I checked all the relevant sources for the latest spoilers… relief really didn’t come until Friday last week, when the spoilers for the finale came out – very staggered in the Chinese forums.

Now just like anyone else, I have been through my fair share of worries, anxieties and tragedies in real life. However, as irrational as it might sound, none of these real-world worries felt more intense than the stress that I experienced leading up to the reveal of the finale. This is how invested I was in the series – no, to be more precise, in Nagi’s well-being. It may be delusional, it may be silly and overdramatic to some, but I couldn’t help feeling the way I did. I had no control over my emotions at all, and let me tell you, I am usually always in control of myself.

You see, this was one time wherein I really gave my all to something – to wishing for Nagi’s happiness together with the man she truly loves. If things did not turn out the way they did, I really don’t know what I would have done.

5 years ago, I was just a living corpse. Someone existing for the sake of existing – pretending to be cynical, happy-go-lucky, and really having it all together – but of course, this was a lie. People IRL would often say that they envy me for being so satisfied with my lot in life when nothing could be further from the truth. It’s only natural that someone with no strong desire for anything in particular would seem completely satisfied with life. And then one day, I decided to take up the Hayate manga and that was when I found her, Nagi Sanzen’in. Her story inspired me – made me want to see it through till the end. Her struggles and the unfairness of her situation when it comes to her love for Hayate made me want to root for her more and more – especially as Hata made her continuing growth more apparent. She taught me how to live -- and the end of her story (the start of her true romantic relationship with Hayate) reinstated my faith in humanity and the world. I understood at the moment of Nagi's victory that some dreams are worth believing in.

I was a realist about things for a while. Saying that “Nagi is mai waifu” was just me declaring that I liked her character while knowing fully well that this is just a fictional story with fictional characters drawn by some middle-aged man living in Japan. However, at some point, these fake feelings of mine had transformed into something more tangible – more real than I had expected them to be. I felt Nagi’s pain whenever Hata put her into a tough situation in the story. I felt it physically in my chest – this tight, numbing sensation. I don’t know at what point it happened, but I knew then that I truly loved this fictional girl. Fictional or whatever, it didn’t matter, the feelings I had were/is real.

But finally, at long last, the longest week is over. The ordeal can finally be put to rest. Now as far as Hayate-related posts on this blog go, this will definitely not be the last one. There are still many things that I want to say about the manga now that it’s finally over and Hayate and Nagi’s love for each other has been firmly cemented into history. There are also many projects that I still want to undertake for this series from special articles to photo shoots of my Nagi dolls and figures.

So for now, I’ll end my disorganized ramblings here and leave you with this special fanart drawn specifically for this finale. It’s been some time since I started blogging this manga and I’ve made many new friends and lost some on the way. Over-all, just as Hayate would say, “I have no regrets.”

Thank you very much for reading my blog posts so far and I hope that we see each other again in future posts and discussions to come. This blog will not become dormant just because the weekly chapters are now over -- so don't worry. As long as I draw breath, I shall love Nagi and this little piece of the world wide web shall always be proof of that.

The last two volumes will be sold on 6/17 along with something special (probably freebies for the limited editions). Please keep supporting this manga until the end and buy them if you can.

I'd like to thank mikey, lucas, roop, magrace, shannon and everyone who was there for me when I needed a friend

For now, this is lordcloudx out. 


  1. It is true that the royal garden is no more included in their bonding but I want to echo the message in the poster of ctmeoy, those hands surely hold a miracle.
    The specialty of their interaction for me is, their natural spontaniousness. Including this latest meeting, when they met after bidding farewell to ruka,when she broke the stone and each time, it felt so predestined to me. In some instantances from nagi's perspectives, it was romantic, when he hugged her. But from the reader's perspective it was actually quite normal where hayate tries to convey her the message of safety. During the revealation of misunderstanding, they were upset about how to talk to each other, but it was temporary and they revived from that state by trusting their bond.
    When many readers said that they were more like a family, I still wondered what was wrong with the two falling in love. Not all family members are necessarily siblings right? They never felt awkward or uneasy which happened in various moments while hayate interacted any other girl, that also differentiates their bonding from others.

    1. Exactly. Nagi was always the most special to Hayate, so for him to finally acknowledge that he loves her seems like the most natural development in the world. It would have been nice to see some introspection from him as to how he arrived at his choice though. In the end, we never got that -- but it's Hata's decision and I think it's fine that way as well. This way, it stays consistent with Hayate's character being more ambiguous than Nagi's whose thoughts are always open to us.

    2. I don't think so. At least in the first few hundred chapters, we did not get any thorough introspection from nagi, specially when she gave up on the inheritance. When chiharu cheers her up as she ruined some pages of her dounjinshi, she said the competition was for her growth as a manga from the start, not related to ruka or hayate. Maybe she broke the stone and started working in cafe donguri to have more oppurtunity to grow too. But she was not ready to bear all the responsibilities alone. So she was upset as maria left her and the misunderstanding was revealed. Maybe maria's letter assured her that though they are not together, maria and hayate always support her and it is time for her to become truly independant and responsible, as she wanted from the very beginning.
      All she lacked were the knowledge of her true condition and the will to continue trying till the end. And proper oppertunities to do something on her own. She came across the reality when moving to the violet mansion and in the competition with ruka, and her friends like chiharu, kayura and everyone else supported her so that she can try again and again any work. In these past two years, she got the chance to be what she wanted to be forever.
      Maria mostly pampered her and she could not grow much in that four years but in last three years she really became someone truly worthy to be enviable.

    3. Well, what I'm saying is that even without introspection, Nagi's inner thoughts were never hidden from us -- unlike Hayate.

  2. I am sitting in the middle of my class crying....
    I am so happy that nagi and hayate finally​ got together
    And so sad that the Manga ended here

    1. We're all a little bit sad that the series has ended, I think... but to know that Nagi and Hayate finally began a true romantic relationship (the one thing Nagi had always wanted) -- well, that completes my life.

  3. It's rather odd to see hayate's dad abandoning her mom. I thought whatever they do to others, they are not going to seperate themselves. So that was not true.
    Why nagi went to a middle school in the first place? To enjoy the school life! Isn't it too awkward to go to a middle school for a high school second year girl? And while she broke the stone and moved to the violet mansion, I think mikado already paid off her tution fee of hakuo. Looks like this decesion of nagi is for not having any help from the sanzenin's.
    The giant hands that hisui is using have skin on it now. Maybe this refers that hisui's greedy nature has been a bit polite.
    Then the violet mansion got demolished and a apertment complex was built, as yukariko's wish. Surely now they have too many residents that it is risky to have tama there. But it's hard to see tama and shiranui in the mansion alone. Thus nagi won't ever have a chance to have a ride in her amusement park. Though there are plenty of such parks in japan. But it would be too good if she become rich enough to buy that mansion again in the future. It's good to see her so realistic that she warns chiharu that a single success can't make anyone famous and can't stop struggle.

    1. In the end, there were many questions left unanswered. It's far from a satisfactory ending as far as tying up all loose plot threads go. Of course, viewing it as only Nagi x Hayate's story with everything else just added on, it's a wonderful ending for me... especially since our ship has had to endure so much scorn for so many years.

  4. So... I guess it's safe to say that Hayate was stalking Nagi in Loser Park for the last 2 years, so he never missed her. It's a joke, but it could be true~ remember, Fumi said that the deepest form of love begins with STALKING!

  5. I wonder what became of Hina now and Maria. Where did Maria have to go to when she left?

    1. Well, Maria is a girl with unlimited potential, so she could anywhere -- living an extraordinary life. As for Hina, no idea there. There are many paths she could have taken, but that's all up for speculation at this point now that the story has ended. Perhaps in some extended stories in vol. 52.

    2. I sorta envision maybe Maria living life and met a man and them holding hands and maybe Hina finding a new guy to love. Maybe a wealthy guy who is her age and is kindhearted and gentle. Maybe I could make a fic out of it.

    3. Now that the story has ended, whatever happens afterwards is pretty open to fan-canon. So yeah, if you want to write a fic about it, then go for it. I'd love to feature your fic on my blog too once it's completed. I don't care which ship you root for.

  6. Though I have some nickpick, it was a 8/10 ending. I can tell that HATA sensei WANTED TO PUT MORE IN BUT SINCE IT A WEEKLY MANGA, there so much you can put in 20pages. hopefully we get some gaiden chapter cause like the comment above say, we wish to see what happen to maria, hina, & OMG ayumu. I was surprise we didnt see her at all! Like it would of been great to see ayumu moving on with her life, getting over her feelings with Hayate & enjoying life, but like i said 20pg limit. We have to wait in the future to see. But yeah thanks "Violent cloud" for making this blog, i only found it 2 weeks ago & had a fun time in the comments.

    & thanks for clearing the translation, cause it still bother me that hayate didnt having feeling for nahi when his mom ask him that question A FEW CHAPTER AGO. But if it was a 2 year timeskip, then maybe i can see him turning around.

    PS: Still, i have to believe he had some feeling for ayumu since he literally let her kiss him, right?. I know there were time he was caught off guard with some other girls, but he was literally next to her when it happen, so at least I can say that with some confidence. Until you answer my question or I ask another question :), take care

    1. I think Hayate made it clear that he actually fell in love with Ayumu in that dream world where it was she was saved him instead of Nagi.

  7. I followed this blog only because I wanted previews before the exit.I didn't care if that character paired with someone rather than someone else. So maybe my opinion will not be welcomed.But I think the last chapters are disappointing. It seem Hata wanted to get over it quickly:most of characters great awaited moments are sleazy,like Nishizawa or Hinagiku confession.There are too many questions unanswered: where is Maria? What will happen to Hisui,Mikado,Hinegami? Wht about other character development?
    I don't care who paired with who,but Hata should have given all of them closure,as example,as Rumiko Takahashi did in Maison Ikkoku,even if I like more open ending.
    This isn't a well built ending,it doesn't feels earned,it feels rushed and I didn't like it.Pity,it could have been a great ending for a great manga...pity.

    1. Well, that's your opinion and you're welcome to it, of course. Why you choose to follow my blog is also your choice. no need to tell me why.

    2. I did to explain better my opinion.
      However,it's not I didn't like anything of it,it could have been better,but the manga quality decreased chapters before,probably Hata run out of ideas,what do you think?

    3. I believe that Hata rushed the ending and over-all pacing of the manga leaves much to be desired. With that said, the finale was pulled off satisfyingly as far as the core of the story -- Hayate and Nagi (this is their story as pointed out several times throughout the manga).

      There were many unresolved plot threads left behind in the end, but since I've accepted long ago that this is and always as "their story," I find these unresolved plot threads only of minor relevance.

      Now as far as the story of Hayate and Nagi goes, this was a beautiful ending. The way their romantic relationship was initiated was so powerfully unique with that slight bit of ambiguity that the series has always been known for. It was unconventional. Neither a kiss or a very definite confession of love, but an intertwining of hands in a way that only couples in love would do -- in Hata's words, to show that there is no misunderstanding.

      This finale itself was really geared towards steamrolling towards the Hayate x Nagi ending and the closure given to the other characters was definitely of secondary importance to the author. We can see it in the way each episode was structured towards making Hayate slowly but surely realize his feelings towards Nagi. Also, just like I predicted, Nagi had her shining moment of awesome just before the final chapter when she declares her independence while simultaneously releasing Hayate from all obligations towards her. As pointed out by Hata, the way Hayate was looking at her from behind, this was the time when the author himself noticed that something had changed a lot inside of Hayate. By implication, Nagi had become a precious, irreplaceable woman in his eyes, and not just a little girl to be protected.

      I'd say this ending is a lot like fine wine. Not all people are willing to savor it and appreciate the taste, but once you allow it to sink in, there is a lot to like about it -- just don't come in with preconceived expectations of "what should be," and take it for "what it is."

  8. I think overall this was a pretty good manga. It was an unconventional love story between two different people. Hayate has always been obsessed with Nagi and while we never got a chapter based on his introspection, that's what he really is at the end of the day. Not very open about his feelings. Nagi is someone who has always enthralled hayate by her weird ways and no matter how silly they looked for a girl of her age, there is no doubt that hayate was captivated by her. Also, it was fun. With Nagi, hayate could be his real self and the best came out of him. Hayate and Nagi experienced a lot together, struggled through many challenges, specially in school trip level 5 which actually brought them closer. They were forced into close proximity in a cabin where I couldn't help but notice that hayate always tried avoiding to look at her. And when people go through a lot of challenges and overcome it together they grow closer. It's been proven and I'm not talking about fiction. I'm talking about actual research evidence. While many may say not to mix fiction with facts, I may also say the same thing because after all hayate no Gotoku is a wonderful work of fiction which has often broken the 4th wall. The author is himself aware of the absurdity but this is what makes it amazing. Character developments and the ending, no matter how unrealistic they look for someone, it is how the author imagined it and it has been delightful for me.

  9. If I think about it, to me the 4 anime seasons are complete in their own way.
    In the first season, they meet each other and their bond grows stronger gradually, especially in the radical dreamers episode and in the last one. In the second season her mother hands over Nagi's responsibilities to hayate. In 'Can't take my eyes off you', Nagi proves her love and her father approved them. And in the 'Cuties', her mom-dad passively test hayate's feelings and he choose Nagi over every girl to kiss. Though it may not be any straight indication, but being spirits, her parents could have noticed something more in Hayate's heart and were relieved about their daughter's future.
    The movie shows the depth of their bonding and the ova shows that their normal life goes on with a scene of their imaginary marriage at the end.
    Though I wish to see another season resolving the plot holes and discussing the future of all the characters, till date the animes have been satisfactorily completed in a different way. Also, possibly this is only me thinking about this way, it may not be the actual case, but it feels good to take it that way.

    1. Yup, the anime seasons can stand on their own, but now it's even better that the canon manga also confirms their relationship. In fact, I'd say the manga is the most definite about their relationship since it was still up to debate what Hayate really felt for her in the anime endings. Season 3 seems to be the most definite about it, but people still argue that Hayate was indirectly rejecting her when she confessed. What's great about the manga is that it was Hayate who came to see her in the ending and not vice versa.

      In any case, we've won on all fronts both anime and manga. I couldn't ask for more.

  10. Haven't got my ass dragged up to keep with the series despite having known it for about 10 years now, but I had read a bit more of it since last year. The news on how it would end quite had caught me off-guard some weeks back, so I wondered where it would end up exactly on ones who read it on about.

    Still, quite happy to see the conclusion (at least in partial ways - what I feel personally about it might have to build on as the series goes on about). Really happy to hear you very much got to be overjoyed about it after such a long time of dedication to your pairing along with the series. Quite sad to see this lovable crew go their separate ways, but I'll never forget them in my heart - and that's enough for me.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Nice to know a little bit about how someone without as much of an emotional investment in the series views it.

      So far, it seems that some of the people who were explicitly stating: "ANYONE BUT NAGI!" Have suddenly transformed into agents of neutrality -- objective, unbiased literary critics who are possess the refine tastes required to see that this ending is "objectively terrible."

      Really, this is my proposal to all the haters out there: We like this ending, you don't like this ending. We don't judge you for hating it, don't judge us for liking it. It's called a compromise. Anyone who purports to be neutral and objective should be able to do this much -- thanks~

    2. No problem~

      From what I could get without spoiling too much, it seems like the bookends for the other important characters in the series weren't given enough satisfying closure, on top of the pairing controversy (I mean yeah, Hata leaned in to the romantic undertones as much as your average comedy manga from what I could remember. I can only hope Hata touches on them later as to not weave the series bit on an abrupt ending to other fans.

      On my end, I personally was more into the bonding and heartwarming moments in this series (because Hayate is a big precious baby that needs to be protected too). They were more meaningful to me in the long run than the romance, which wasn't really that big focus in this series despite the teases.
      Hence why the ending here IMO speaks a lot more than even "Nagi x Hayate wins lololol" - it's a very sweet and heartwarming closure for two persons with pretty dysfunctional life before, and how they want to keep going together even when gone on separate ways - and it has me see them support each other for lifetime even after this ending due having grown such a strong bond. That is very reassuring for characters I've to come really love despite not reading the series ATM.

      Also Nagi fueling in her fighting spirit through Fate-series was strangely poetic to her character along with grown development.)

    3. Actually, that pic isn't a translation. I edited it in. What she actually said was "Come any closer and your clothes will be dyed as blood-red as Santa's on this Christmas Eve."

  11. Aww man - I kinda like that edit a bit more than the canon thing then. But again - Nagi's become amazing!

    1. What I like about Nagi's change in the finale is that she earned the right to become who she is. Her character was developed throughout the manga and in chapter 567, we see that she really does have the potential to be like that -- especially given the 2 year timeskip.

      What is even better is that her triumphs don't suddenly make her a "perfect girl." She's just shown going through her daily life. Doing club activities, selling cakes as a Santa as a part-time job, doing the laundry, cooking and cleaning for the apartment house she manages -- all very ordinary things, which while amazing for someone her age, doesn't put her on the same level as other characters in the manga who were introduced as already having "perfect" traits. Her achievements are really special only to her.

      Actually "only to them" is something that I've noticed a lot in the manga.

      The starlit night - special only to them
      Loser Park on Christmas Eve - special only to them
      Holding hands under while talking - Pretty tame for an actual couple, but special to them considering the circumstances which finally brought them together.

      I think there's a certain, sublime beauty in this kind of ending, and you have to open your mind a bit and accept that the flaws aren't going away from this piece anytime soon in order to at least find some measure of personal satisfaction in it.

    2. It reminds me the last panels of chapter 432, where the narration says that there are different kinds of happiness,none is better or worse than another.

  12. Here a Question Violent Cloud san:

    If you were hana sensei and didnt have the barrier of only doing 20pgs & could do more.

    What would you add to the ending to make it better then the 8/10 it gets :)? serious question, not joking write as much as you want (unless you answewr this question already, please tell me who so i can Ctrl+f him thanks

    saying "then adding more corner panel in the page of showing what our characters are doing now" doesn't count Cause I know we have more character in Hayate then the one that were shown in the ending & still sad we didn't get to see Ayumu but that a obvious answer that even i would have, so that automatically added in)

    1. If I were Hata, I wouldn't have gone with a time skip. As it happens, I actually have two fanfics with that in mind. I think the way Hata ended it is fine IMO. Personally, I have the same philosophy as him in writing. I only write to get to a particular scene without really caring about any side/support characters that get killed off or otherwise used as plot devices along the way.

      Anyway, here's one way I'd do it: http://www.jaded-perspectives.com/2013/08/hayate-combat-butler-final-chapter.html

      Here's another way... although this is meant to foreshadow the other one: http://www.jaded-perspectives.com/2015/03/sore-ga-ai-deshou-hayate-combat-butler.html but it also works as an ending for me.

      And here... you can see I actually predicted a lot of things that happened in the finale -- at least in spirit: http://www.jaded-perspectives.com/2016/06/what-if-hayate-no-gotoku-alternate_25.html

      As you can see, you'd probably be disappointed in my endings as well. The only difference from Hata is that I added more introspection from Hayate's side.

  13. Amazingly, people are still claiming (on certain wiki-esque pages) that this is an open ending even with all the confirmation from Hata's blog.

    Seriously, if you think it requires some interpretation to appreciate this ending, it really requires layers upon layers of interpretation (especially with all the confirmation from the official art and Hata's blog) to think that this is not a Hayate x Nagi romantic ending.

  14. Cymark, please take back the block on me. Since I don't read Hata's web site, only the manga, I had no way of knowing about God's word on the topic. I was just about to type that when you blocked me mid-typing. If I had made you upset, I am sincerely sorry but, I do not to wish to lose the oportunity of further discussion over a slight missunderstanding like this.
    In hope of fast reconciliation
    György Kovalcsik

  15. What would Hata think of the idea of someone making ocs to ship Hinagiku and Maria with. My fics may take place during the period between the main final part of the story and epilogue.

    1. Hmm... to be honest, I'm not sure Hata would even mind unless you make doujin -- which he doesn't seem to like. He loves to see fanart though. Also, I'm not sure if his English is at a level where he can sustain reading a long fanfic.

  16. I think it's ironic that Hayate was raised by Athena to be his lover, then Hayate raised Nagi into his lover.

    1. I would disagree with both Athena raising Hayate and Hayate raising Nagi though. Both did have some influence on the other person's growth, but they didn't actually "raise" them in the time it took them to mature. Hayate basically didn't show himself for two years and Athena only gave Hayate emotional support when he needed it the most. Hayate took 10 years to grow up and was still rather immature at 16 compared to Nagi at the same age... heck, even compared to Nagi at 14.

  17. Woah, I missed out on your blog for so long. And now that this awesome manga ended it feels like such a loss. I loved the ending by the way and totally forgive Hayate.

    I have read somewhere we will get another chapter by june. I hope we see Maria in that.

    I hope you will keep blogging. Please don't stop. I love to your articles,fanart and other stuff. Lately I have been very busy but I come to your blog whenever I find time.

    1. Nice to hear from you again, liz. I missed your posts, actually. I'm glad you were ok with the ending even if you admit to being an Athena shipper before.

      Actually, it's in the final page. Nagi mentions that there may be some special pages in the final volume... nothing said about an extra chapter though. There will be an event on 6/17 along with the dual launching of vol. 51 and 52 though.

      As for blogging about Hayate (mostly Nagi). Don't worry. I don't plan to stop while I draw breath. I've already written a new fanfic (which can also be read as an original fiction) inspired by this ending... and of course, I don't think I'll ever be able to stop drawing Nagi.

      Personally, I really want to see a lot more of 16 year old Nagi in the extra content. Maybe a full color, full body version.

    2. You got it wrong, I have always been a Nagi shipper. I think I confused you in my comment while talking about when Hayate and Atan separated at end of athena arc. I was touched by how well Hata sensei did that part, though I never supported that pairing.

      I first saw Hayate the combat butler on animax and loved the Hayate x Nagi so much that I even started reading the manga, I usually don't like reading manga. And I always knew they will be end pairing. The title itself gave it away. So yeah when when actually I saw it happen I was on cloud nine.

      And I am so proud of the 16 year old Nagi. I would love to see you draw more of her.

      Glad to know I will still find you here.

    3. Whut the... and all these years I thought you were... HAHAHA! Well, nevermind. That's great news then. And of course, I will never stop blogging about Hayate (mostly Nagi) here. I think the source material has enough content to write about that I can keep doing this for a good, long time. Maybe even revisit some of the chapters that I never blogged before. I know I started blogging around chapter 418 or 413.

  18. What do you think happened to Kayura?

    1. I'm not the person you're asking but it seemed she had been assisting Nagi and Chiharu with their manga and light novel. I can't think of any other reason why she lived with them.

  19. This is perhaps a little late to comment on this post, but I'd like to talk with you at some point in the future. I've finally found someone who appreciates a character as a real person and not fictional, in this case, Nagi. I hope we'll meet again soon.

    1. Oh, I'm certain there are lots of us out there. Just not many who would openly admit it. In any case, it's never too late to comment in here. I can see when someone makes a comment on any part of the page anyway.

      As for talking: sure thing.

    2. I'm glad!
      From what you wrote above I find we share the same point of view. Many fans (mostly, I assume, of Hinagiku) said the ending with Hayate returning to Nagi was forced, but I never felt that way, even when I remove my preference as a Nagi/Hayate shipper. So before I found your blog I have pretty much been drown in rejection and have many a time secondthought my own logic on romance. If expressed in a more specific way, I felt like Wataru when he first opened the doujinshi shop and business ran low.
      In all sense, I'm relieved, like when Nagi won the doujin competition with Ruka. And moved, like when I found out Ruka sacrificed her win for Nagi.
      Yes, I realize I am being annoying but I've typed it anyway, it felt like a waste to erase some, you can pull Hayate's S face and shoo me away if you feel that I'm too much of a Nishizawa Kazuki.

    3. Everyone who didn't ship Hayate with Nagi would say it's forced. That's because they never gave Nagi a chance in the first place even though all the signs were there from the start.

      Also, don't worry. I don't think you typed too much and I'd love to read more of your opinion on the series.

      Well, in any case. The ending has definitely validated our opinion on the subject -- even though the english-speaking community/fans of the series will forever wallow in denial about it.

    4. My opinion? Well it actually coincides with most of yours. To be honest, I have somewhat came to admire you. Everytime I see a post about how Nagi is only seen as a sister to Hayate or that she's too young or her feelings are shallow, ect., I kept silent in fear of sparking a war, but in truth I wanted to tell them to go back and study the lines, panels and implications with concentration. I'm really happy to have found this blog, you even analyzed points that I couldn't quite put into words.

      So after Nagi, which girl do you think have the most potential for Hayate to fall for? Personally, I think it's Ayumu. Putting aside the effort she puts into winning Hayate over, which is the reason I saw people use a lot to eliminate other girls' chance, I think Ayumu and Nagi are alike in the way they scores point with Hayate. Her interactions with him is always so natural, it's so fun to watch and neither of them feel uncomfortable despite having the confession-rejected affair. Her kindness, like Nagi, doesn't seem to come from her romantic feelings for Hayate, but it's something of nature, and it touches his heart. The thing she lacks, which makes her lose to Nagi, is probably the bond. Her love for Hayate developed before she gets to know him as more than a classmate, while Nagi's develops through the time they live with each other. I've always thought the kind of love that exists before there was a reason would be hollow compare to a love that has within it a bond tested time after time.

    5. That's great to know!

      To tell you the truth, I literally want to go out and punch someone/something whenever someone uses the old "it's just platonic argument" between Hayate and Nagi... but well, haters gonna hate, I suppose.

      As for which girl, I think everyone could be a good pair for Hayate, but as far as the plot goes, I would agree with Ayumu before her ship was sunk. When I was watching cuties, I actually expected Ayumu to be the one who earns Hayate's kiss even though I was rooting for Nagi.

      There's also Hina -- who had a legitimate chance simply because her ship never really sailed or got sunk... that is, until the very last chapter -- which was left rather ambiguous.

      I never thought Maria had a chance except as a dark horse character. She simply had a chance because there were never actually any actual developments between her and Hayate... and therefore, there was always a chance that her ship could sail at the last second.

      I completely disagree with people who think that the Nagi ending is rushed. The ending definitely had some rushed parts, but the HayaNagi ending isn't one of those parts.

    6. You're right, given the right circumstances any girl could develop a good relationship with Hayate, which is why I sometimes theorize that in another parallel world, Hayate could have fallen for someone else. Much as it test my courage to hypothetically seperate my own OTP (apologies, I'm annoyingly touchy about these stuff), it's really an interesting aspect of romance manga, you know, like a dating sim with different endings. And I find that it's actually the girls with less probability of ending up with Hayate in the canon are more likely to be with him in an alternate timeline.

      ...Or maybe it's just more fun to imagine relationships that are open for intepretation lol.

      But I've also been wondering, if the choices are varied, and it's actually legit for any girl to be with Hayate as long as the developments are suitable, why did Hata-sensei think Nagi is the girl worth writing about? Or in other words, why was the HayaNagi timeline chosen to be the story told to the world? I'd love to hear you opinion on this.

      About the ending, I agree that saying the HayaNagi part was rushed is just, well, naive. I remember when I first found the manga, I read the lines carelessly, trying to catch only the meaning of the words and in turn missing the feelings in them, then just desperately pray that Hayate would somehow fall for Nagi romantically and not just out of gratitude. Then school work got in the way and I had to take a break from reading mangas, when I came back I decided to reread the whole thing in case I forget important details. This time I really took the time to appreciate every details Hata put in, every expression the characters made, and when I closed the tab I realized along the way Hayate had fallen for Nagi.

      When Hayate said (I don't remember which chapter, but still in the last arc) "When it comes to me and lady Nagi, something is lacking...", Hata left a panel concluding "They lack 'love'", I think it's to light the fuse of the bomb that the two had been holding since beginning as the ultimate challenge for them, not to negate Hayate's feelings for Nagi, and if they survive the explosion their bond would be proven. It did, let's take a moment to triumphant over this.

      [Feeling victorious]

      Moment done. At first I was confused about it and was seriously worried, but as I read till the end and think back on it, I finally get the message Hata was trying to convey. This is, as you call it, classy writing. A love that does not need to be spelled out actually feel much more real, since love itself is something that's abstract. I tend to frown at series that declare the love between two characters too openly, the authors of such stories try too hard to go about it, too specific that it dulls the magic. That is to say, I too love the way Hayate and Nagi come together at the end.

      Oh, and a minor point. Many people said they are a little creeped out by Hayate becoming a stalker, I don't think so. Throughout the story, worrying about Nagi's well-being is something that comes natural for Hayate. I remember a moment, when Nagi went on a date with Kazuki and fell from the boat, Hayate emerged from the water (how he did that is still a mystery to me) and catch her. Surely Hayate didn't suddenly have the urge to sink himself under water to watch his lady, but it's something he always did, and always will do. So I don't think Hayate still watching over Nagi is something to be surprise about, rather, I would be surprise if he stop worrying about her just because she fired him.

      Ah, it feels good to defend him. As Maria-san said, "Hayate-kun is a chaste boy, you know."

    7. Being a visual novel developer myself, I'm definitely aware of what you're saying about dating sims. I've made several VNs myself, though I've only participated in making one that is a dating sim. I'm actually working on a new VN right now called "Samantha and the Pieces of a Heart." You can find it on Google Play.

      Anyway, it's pretty simple why Nagi was chosen -- she was always designed to be Hayate's end girl or rather, the HayaNagi ending was decided from the very start. Hata said as much in his blog and in the editorials for the final volume of the manga.

      Of course, if it doesn't seem like anyone is a threat to the eventual HayaNagi romance -- then the story has no spice to it. Which is why I believe that Hata wrote his story in a way that keeps us guessing until the very end.

      Also yes, I think it's great that Hata didn't explicitly need to spell it out for people. The implications are super strong in the ending and this series is all about implications. Unfortunately, modern readers are all about instant gratification and can't even read between the lines anymore when it's actually super obvious. I think it's rather sad that Hata's manga concluded at a time when literal, explicit storytelling is now favored over good, subtle, classic writing.

      As for Hayate stalking Nagi, remember that in the beach arc, Fumi said it: The deepest form of love begins with stalking. Many people thought that was a senseless joke, but the ending proves that it was really a foreshadowing event.

      Anyway, yeah! Nagi wins! Victory~ Victory~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5oQoNMpqi8

    8. Sorry for the late reply, things have been chaotic (and I have been lazy). About "Samantha and the pieces of a heart", I just finished reading the story on your blog. I like the soft flow of the story, and the light, colorful tone that reminds me why I like children's stories so much. Still, I feel that the characters' actions, words and thoughts could be more...precisely motivated. I'm not sure how to put it, so I'll use the example of the two sisters, Alexia and Melania. It's hard to understand what cause Alexia's change of heart. I'm aware that a children's story should be short and simple, but if it can stay true to feelings, it would be better. I think you should let you story have a little, i don't know, breathing time after you finish a chapter. When you come back and read it anew, it would allow you to refine it. Stories are bossy, you see, ahaha.

      It's true that the modern taste is so overt compare to before, it caught me off guard. I have had a hard time adapting to today's cartoons and motion pictures because, well, they lack subtlety. If we stop squinting and just look at the overall plot and idea, they're pretty good, if only the small details in the background are given enough care as well. I wish a certain ice queen's pain was shown through her deliberate thoughts rather than the director telling us that she's hurt. Yes, Frozen's producers, I'm talking about you.

      I think what made Hata's story more popular than other shoujos of his time was because of such subtlety, he let the characters say their thoughts on their own, not for the sake of getting the story to go "according to plan". Sure, it gets out of hand near the end...but the natural tone is there, and it makes the characters humans.

      Still, I think we can rest assure that good stories will always gain a standing for themselves. Popularity of mangas like Onepunch Man, Death Note, etc. is proof, and they're result of great story-telling. Many other underrated, or should I say underread stories, have fewer fans only because they haven't crossed the share-barrier. I'm from Asia and there's this Chinese novel always at the reccomendation sections of online reading sites, and a majority of the people from countries around China know of it, it's called Daomu Biji (roughly translated as Grave robbers' chronicle). Great story, could have been the next Harry potter (or maybe I'm just exaggerating), but with a more matured and refined writing style than J.K Rowling. Yet it seems no one in other parts of the world have ever read it, or even heard of it. Damn you, language barrier! But readers are squinting more and more when it comes to their own entertainment, so maybe one day, all the share-barriers will be knocked down and contents that are worth our penny will be circling around. Globalization is the trend, afterall.

    9. Ah, thank you for reading my story. To be honest, it was meant to be a plot-centric children's story, so fleshing out the characters was never a part of the plan. I adjust my writing style based on what I want to convey. I believe there are two types of writers: those who write to please a particular audience and those who write to primarily to tell a particular story. You might say I fall squarely within the second category. I also realize it's possible to strike a balance between the two, but such is not my intention -- at least for Samantha and the Pieces of a Heart. Alexia and Melania's chapter was meant to be generic from the start. It was the last generic chapter before I break the mold with the next one. As such, it was meant to lull the reader into a false sense of security that things would fall into this "person that Samantha helps out for the week" type of trend. If I managed to do that much, then that is success for me.

      Anyway, I'm also not the type who will go back to "improve" a story once it's been published. It is what it is and I have more stories to write rather than dwell on this one. Your critique is valid, btw. It's just that I never cared for fleshing out the characters in the first place for this story. With that said, I'm currently writing a detective novel with more complex world-building and a slow burn approach to really give each character a share in the spotlight -- motivations and all. I write in a variety of styles btw.

      Take this Hayate alternate universe short fanfic as an example: http://www.jaded-perspectives.com/2016/06/what-if-hayate-no-gotoku-alternate.html

      I've also written several visual novels that touch upon a variety of styles over the years.

      I think there's also some merit to the beauty of the words in which the story is written -- which is what is being lost nowadays. You can tell a simple story quite beautifully depending on the diction of the narrative -- but there is not a lot of appreciation for that nowadays. Manga like Death Note have a solid, enjoyable plot, but aren't necessarily written in a way that moves me unlike something like Steins;Gate, Swan Song, or even Cross Channel for example. Anyway, that's a discussion for another time -- actually, that's a discussion that's been done to death during my OELVN days. (2005-2011)

      I do agree that Hata has a unique, subtle storytelling style -- and I think that's what hurts his story in this day and age as well. Nowadays, readers want instant gratification and can't accept that implied meanings also exist.

    10. Oh, no wonder I felt that this generic narrative is somehow deliberate. For something in the rough, I think the idea's great, and the development is fairly good.

      Yeah, I believe that a story should be presented to the audience for what it is, too. But I have trouble sticking to the original idea and get lost in details easily, or I may move too fast to the next point so I often have to come back to reread. I suppose you can say I have a sloppy mind that drops things here and there and have to come back to get them often. I may just be assuming things prematurely and have no idea what trouble you go through in writing, but from this conversation I have a vague feeling that you are the type of writer who's able to get a point down and nail it at the spot, which is something I admire and strive for. So in the future I may bother you with my sloppy manuscripts lol.

      Language is in the top shelf of Stephen King's writer set, said himself. I agree with him, and with you. Messy language usage are hard to sympathize with, and sometimes they dry our reading flow then break it in half like a kitkat. It's a shame because such flaw detracts from the beauty of the story.

      I'm with you on Death Note's case. I haven't been able to relate to any characters in there, the emotions are put forth very subjectively. But I suppose that was the author's style, or at least his intention. I haven't seen Swan Song and Cross Channel, but I love Stein;Gate, the emotional development's great.

      Yeah, it's such a shame for Hata. But like I said, good stories have a way of gaining standing for themselves. I remember seeing a movie I couldn't fully comprehend, but after my eyes left the screen I still thought about it, my subconcious wouldn't let it go and the taste of the story lingered. Stories like that will be passed down, I believe.

    11. On a side note, I'm glad you opened up the subject of writing in this topic. I've written the intro portion (first two chapters about 10k words) of my detective novel so far, but I haven't found any motivation to continue lately even though I've already laid out the plot on paper... so thanks for that~!

    12. It's nothing. If you plan to post it, I look forward to reading it one day. Even if you plan to publish it on paper, when my income rise I'll buy a copy and check it out. Good luck to you, friend!

    13. I've been thinking for a while if I want to publish it or not. For now, though... I just want to keep writing it. It's my first time trying out this genre and I'm really enjoying it so far. The world is made-up, but it's based on reality and there are no fantasy elements. The story is also quite "brutally realistic." I could show you the first two chapters if you're interested, actually. Just tell me where to send them.

    14. I love the thrill of reading mysteries, but haven't tried writing one myself. Hearing it from you makes me want to to try it out. I guess I'll give it a go someday, too.
      You can send them to this address: mondayproblem@gmail.com

  20. Thought I had commented already. Let’s see if you get this.

    I’ve spoken on my feelings for Nagi and Hayate elsewhere, so this comment may be a little off topic.

    I started watching Hayate no Gotoku in the summer of 2016, which was a pretty rough year emotionally for me. Even through the anime, I grew to love Nagi. Hayate too. There were times I’d say to myself “Hayate wouldn’t give up” to cope with mundane things that just kept piling on. For Nagi, it’s more that I relate to her, I guess. I think I explained my thoughts on her and her arc when I spoke to you about my favorite chapter and the ova that based off of it. The one about the RC car.

    Anyway, I never finished the manga, though I did read the last few chapters recently (thank you again). I remember that I happened to learn about the HnG manga ending the same week it happened. I was a few days late. I was school waiting for the doors to open so I could walk upstairs to start class. I happened to google Hayte the Combat Butler, and one of the results was about the manga ending recently.

    At that point, the site I had been using to read the manga had been taken down months prior. I had stopped around the half way point, at Ruka’s very first appearance during the comiket arc (I don’t think that’s what it’s called but you know what I mean). Still though, HnG was and still is my favorite anime. My heart felt heavy knowing that Nagi’s story had ended, but I was still happy to know that she was the one to end up with Nagi, even though I knew it was going to be her all along.

    The thought to find a HnG forum like this never crossed my mind. I wish I could’ve been here at that time. At least for once, I know there’s a couple more fans out there on this day.

    Thanks for reading.



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