Thursday, April 27, 2017

Real Life: Karma Can Be A B*TCH --- A Nice One

Take Nagi's advice next time, ok?
I find that stories of instant karma are always quite gratifying. This is why it was a pleasant surprise when I happened to experience one myself.

I was picking up a few things inside a busy supermarket today. Being the straight arrow that I am, I lined up at the express counter with a sign that clearly stated "1-6 items only." I was buying just 3 items. There was a lady in front of me with a shopping cart full of groceries. Thinking nothing of it, I just lined up behind her.

Suddenly, she turned to me and said, "excuse me, could you hold my line? I need to pick up a few items (in our language, of course)." I acknowledged her request with a nod and she promptly sped away to grab her forgotten item.

Here's where it gets a bit morally ambiguous. Just a few moments after she left, it was her turn on the line. I had to make a decision there because there were people behind me. Thus, I informed the person behind me that there was one other person in front of me but that I had to go forward so as not to delay everyone else.

So just as I placed my items on the counter, the lady who was supposed to be queued in front of me finally returned. With a passive-aggressive tone, she excused herself from the person behind me saying, "Excuse me, I was actually first. This guy just overtook me."

Now at this point, I got a bit irritated and wanted to say something in return --- fortunately, I didn't have to lift a finger. The person behind the cash register noticed that this lady had a shopping cart in an express counter, so she was told to go line up in one of the shopping cart counters -- problem solved: VENGEANCE ACHIEVED!

Nagi: Whoops... you mad, miss? Pfft...! Problem? You salty?
Lovely way to start the day~

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