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Silly Reasons For Team HayaNagi

In the years leading up to the finale of Hayate, I spent nearly every week brainstorming legitimate, or at least logical reasons why Nagi and Hayate should end up together. Now that the battle has been won (of course, with no help from me or any other shippers. It was always all in Hata's hands, but it's nice to pretend you had some kind of impact), It's time to take a step back... actually, several steps back. Today, Hayate Reflections examines several silly reasons why Hayate x Nagi should be a thing. They Look Cute Together! While not exactly a silly reason by itself, when you use this as the main basis of your argument -- even in the face of all the real arguments advanced by the other shippers using actual events and implications in the manga, then it becomes silly. As a side note, yes, they do look cute together. Of course, as a serious argument towards them developing a relationship, this is just totally off. Their Hair Colors Mesh! Right... coz yellow and blue mesh,

Hayate Reflections: Lewdness... where do I draw the line?

Recently, I drew a rather lewd picture of Nagi and it's not the first time that I've done that, I've done it multiple times before. With that said, I was quite surprised when someone on twitter (who really liked Nagi and Hayate x Nagi) responded to drawing of Cat Nagi (Orca Toys white version) in a provocative position and said that Nagi is a character who should not be lewded. I was actually just really happy to find another person who appreciates Nagi's character  -- even though she did not appreciate my admittedly lewd artwork. I've done quite a bit of those, actually. Like... a friend of mine on facebook found this one lewd as well. It's just Nagi in a sexy bikini though. Personally, I can respect that viewpoint. Nagi is an amazing character -- actually, she is the best character ever for me. With that said, I really don't have a problem if people want to lewd her. The reason for this is because no matter how many lewd pictures, fanfics or oth

Hayate Reflections: A Criticism Of Hayate No Gotoku!

While I am definitely overjoyed with the fact that Hayate fell in love with Nagi in the end (Go ahead and cry if your ship sunk or if you just hate Hayate x Nagi. It's true and it's the conclusion that requires the least amount of assumptions), I am not deluded enough to claim that structurally speaking, Hayate no Gotoku is a competently written story. In fact, as a storyteller myself, I think quite the opposite. I admire Hata's innate flair for drama and his ability to tell a touching love story (I'm talking about Hayate x Nagi and not Hayate and his ex, Athena) within the complicated framework of pseudo romantic relationships that he has invariably tied Hayate to throughout the run of the manga, but in my eyes, there are many glaring weaknesses to the entirety of the story and how it was handled. For today's Hayate reflections, I will discuss some of these perceived weaknesses as best as I can remember them. Don't expect me to cross-reference specific chapters

Hayate Reflections: Don't Cry Nagi

These are some song lyrics for a very old song called "Don't Cry Joni." I made my own version as follows: Nagi was not your girl next door I met her about one year before Nagi set me free of my duties one day And this is what she had to say Hayate, go and please be free I'll grow up someday you'll see, Becoming independent because of you I can be a woman too Nagi milady please don't cry Don't forget me by and by You're just fourteen I'm too old for you Nagi I can still wait for you Soon I left our little home town Got me a job and tried to settle down But her words kept haunting my memory The words that Nagi said to me Hayate, go and please be free I'll grow up someday you'll see, Becoming independent because of you I can be a woman too I packed my clothes and I caught a train I had to see milady, I had to explain How my heart was filled with her memory And ask my Nagi

Hayate Reflections: My Motivations

Instead of once again tackling the dead-beaten horse of a topic of how Hayate loves Nagi despite all protests from the western fanbase (or those with western sensibilities) to the contrary, let's talk about something a little bit different today. Today, let's talk about how I love Nagi... which in itself is also a dead-beaten topic -- BUT, that won't prevent me from talking about it anyway. But before that, let's take a few steps backwards -- back to a time before I discovered that I actually love Nagi. I have always been a creative individual. This is an objective assessment and I'm not indulging in self-praise here. Basically, I am always fueled by a desire to create something. This is why I often drift in and out of my two primary pastimes -- writing and visual arts. Personally, I believe that I am more naturally inclined towards literature. I can imagine any number of scenarios for a fiction story and I can basically write about anything that piques my interest