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Real Life: Karma Can Be A B*TCH --- A Nice One

Take Nagi's advice next time, ok? I find that stories of instant karma are always quite gratifying. This is why it was a pleasant surprise when I happened to experience one myself. I was picking up a few things inside a busy supermarket today. Being the straight arrow that I am, I lined up at the express counter with a sign that clearly stated "1-6 items only." I was buying just 3 items. There was a lady in front of me with a shopping cart full of groceries. Thinking nothing of it, I just lined up behind her. Suddenly, she turned to me and said, "excuse me, could you hold my line? I need to pick up a few items (in our language, of course)." I acknowledged her request with a nod and she promptly sped away to grab her forgotten item. Here's where it gets a bit morally ambiguous. Just a few moments after she left, it was her turn on the line. I had to make a decision there because there were people behind me. Thus, I informed the person behind me that ther

The Moment of Victory: A Scene Reflection In Chapter 568 Of Hayate No Gotoku!

16 year-old Nagi fanart with a little friendly shoutout to... (you know who you are~) Today, I'd like to talk a bit more in-depth about a particular scene in the final chapter of Hayate no Gotoku! Of course, here's a little disclaimer before we continue because it seems misunderstandings among the fanbase are just as common as the misunderstandings within the actual series. Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion article from a very biased Nagi shipper. While I try to find a factual or logical basis for my opinions, at the end of the day, they are just that -- my opinions. Ok, with that aside, let's move on to the actual scene... and instead of talking about it, I'll just show it you. This is from page 16 of chapter 568. The rough scanlations are provided by me. Don't worry, unlike some of the other pages, I'm fairly confident in the accuracy of my translations for this particular page. She grew up... so cute and beautiful~ Ok, so this particular

HayaNagi AMVs based on the Finale

While many will always disagree with the ending (which can't be helped considering the ambiguous nature of Hata's writing. It'll always be a love-it or hate-it affair)  There are some of us who truly loved it. In fact, it inspired quite a few awesome AMVs. I'll share some of the ones I've found here so far: "What If" by Erica Creator Comments: Ahh time flies by, it's been 10 years since I was introduced to these two and I still care for them so much. Last week was the last chapter of the manga and I just had to edit this as a sendoff. It's been a while since my "You're F*cking Perfect" MMV back in 2011 and I edited some MEP parts for these two, but this is basically my first AMV for them... although it's also partially an MMV for the manga spoilers.... I tried using voices to go with the manga panels to help create the mood and stuff.  I'm so glad the manga ended the way it did. They deserved this happy ending aft

The Night I First Saw You - A Hayate x Nagi Poem By Roop Banerjee

As promised, this blog isn't losing momentum just because the manga is over. For today, we have a lovely little poem by guest, Roop Banerjee. You might remember that she wrote the review for chapter 567. This is a poem from Hayate's point of view. There is a video included with the poem recited by Roop and some fanart by me of 16 year old Nagi and 19 year old Hayate. With that said, on to the poem!  The Night I First Saw You By Roop Banerjee On Christmas Eve I first saw you, It was a night​ full of thrill; You dazzled me with your eyes, For me, time stood still. Your childlike and naive self Tore my defenses apart, Your voice had a warmth in it That melted my frozen heart. I tried to seize you, To survive for another day, But that night your entire being Stole my consciousness away. For when peril arrived for real, I could no longer wish to die, At that moment I heard nothing Apart from your piercing cry. You mean the world to m

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 568 FINAL - There Is Something I Want To Tell You Under This Endless Starry Sky - Review

Cover of Countdown-Playback for this week just to make sure you get the message. There's really no need for a synopsis this time. You can find the full chapter scanlated (by me) in the comments section of the penultimate chapter review . I wish you happiness in the future which I can never be a part of, Nagi, my one true love It's a little bit different this time since it's really the last chapter. Therefore, I'll be interspersing some fan-made stuff including music videos and pics from some fans of the series that I'm good friends with throughout this write-up. With that said, enjoy and be prepared for some long ramblings... I will warn you right now, this will be far from an objective review. There are many things to complain about in this final chapter -- I choose to ignore them, so walk away and close this page right now if you find that this is unacceptable. Hina’s Confession It’s nice that Hata took the time to have HIna make a final confe

Hayate The Combat Butler Penultimate Chapter: When You Wish Upon A Star -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis:   Nagi is dismayed and thinks that she'll never meet Hayate again. Mikado and his monitors confirm that the Royal Garden is gone. Hayate might not have escaped. Nagi screams Hayate's name and he falls down next to her after the third call. Mikoto Tachibana comes in to explain that it was because of the strongest bond between them and Nagi calling out his name allowing him to cross over the past and the future like a gust of wind -- as told to her by someone who once made a wish. After a brief hug between Hayate and Nagi and Athena declaring it's a happy ending, Hisui attacks from out of nowhere. Nagi says she has something to do with Hayate, so she gives Hisui the loto key. Hisui is satisfied with this and invites Nagi to eat some cake together sometime. Athena and company also disperse leaving Hayate and Nagi to talk. Nagi declares that she no longer needs her wealth, power and anything else given to her by someone else. She's decided to be her own perso