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Hayate No Gotoku! Heaven Is A Place On Earth Synopsis and Review

Synopsis If you want a more detailed synopsis/review of this movie, take a look at the one on Doughnut Gunso’s blog . Hayate, Nagi and company go on a trip to Ayumu’s home in the countryside to refresh themselves during the last few days of summer vacation, but Nagi’s high expectations are crushed when she discovers that she can’t buy Haagen Daaz’s, there’s no Starbucks and it’s incredibly hot with no air-conditioning nor cellphone signal anywhere within the vicinity (not to mention that Hayate made her leave her PSP and NDS at home… you evil butler, you!).   Hayate catches a glimpse of a beautiful blue-haired woman in a kimono in the distance who mouths the words, “I will save you.” Since apparently, no one else saw this woman, he thinks nothing of it and goes on with his butler duties AKA being a full-time babysitter for his childish, demanding mistress… who is being more childish and demanding than usual because the countryside is simply boring and hot with no interne