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Hayate Reflections: Stop Scientifically Analzying Fiction!

So, one problem that I’ve noticed – and not just in Hayate The Combat Butler, but in almost any work of fiction, especially in the broad spectrum of the otaku fandom, is that people have this tendency to apply “realistic” expectations upon works of fiction.   Yup, you heard that right. I said “realistic” and not “unrealistic.” Allow me to explain:   I’ve found that this is a common phenomenon all across the anime community at large. People have this tendency to apply real world standards in anime/manga – and this almost always ends up in bitter disappointment. So the point is this: stop applying your scientific theories and Occam’s Razor or whatever to works of fiction –you’re just setting yourself up for a fall. For example, one youtube video I’ve seen recently talks about how Goku and even Krilyn from DBS/DBZ can definitely beat up Saitama from One Punch Man. The content maker did some legitimate research even quoting several mathematical equations in relation to the feats o

Hayate Reflections: I Need To Get This Off My Chest (Also, first VLOG!)

You know, I have a bone to pick with some of you shippers -- especially the lot of you who seemed to have just disappeared (or pfft... do we call that "moved on?") since the release of the final chapter of Hayate -- and after finding out that volume 52 did not sink the HayaNagi ship but in fact, solidified it even further. Anyway, it seems to me that some of you were quite dishonest and disingenuous about your dishonesty. What I mean is that some of you were backing a ship that was sunk long before the final two chapters and therefore, I believe that you decided to jump from one ship to another all in the vengeful spirit of hoping that the Hayate x Nagi ship would be sunk. In fact, I can remember some of you in particular commenting on various imageboards and blogs about how you proudly spent years making fun of the Hayate x Nagi ship and how you were so sure that it wouldn't happen -- and then you became super salty because it did happen. For example, I've s

Hayate Reflections: On This Day One Year Ago... Hayate x Nagi became CANON!

Ladies and gentlemen... today is a very special day -- April 12. Exactly over a year ago from this day, I was frantically scanning the internet everywhere for any news of the finale of Hayate. Those were dark times. After all, the HayaNagi fanbase is quite miniscule and worst of all, not very vocal compared to other shippers -- especially Athena's. Also, to complicate things further, I would say that HayaNagi is probably the fanbase with the most amount of haters -- because as the finale approached, many former shippers who had their own ships sunk immediately jumped ship to any other ship other than Nagi while spouting all kinds of ridiculous claims against my ship. Of course, at the end of the day, shipping wouldn't really do a thing. At this point, Hata had already drawn the final pages of Hayate and sent it to his publishers. There was literally nothing anyone could do whether or not they supported Hayate x Nagi in order to change the ending. Still, while being fully awar

On Art And Perceptions of Art

Using light, subtle shades of reddish-blue to depict the contrast between the subject matter and the blurriness of the ocean, the artist captures the fleeting moment when a sand crab is caught for a harmless inspection in gorgeous hues of Gansai Tambi watercolors. The specks of wet sand are visibly apparent on both the handler and the crab itself. The sea creature's claws are relatively unrestrained, yet the handler's gentle fingertips expertly avoid being pinched. It speaks of years of experience in handling similar problems in life -- an existence etched out of clinging to the edge of a blade; always wary of the danger of being cut, yet constantly hungry for all the thrills that life has to offer... Credits to Mr. Noel G. De Leon for the reference pic used for this painting. Ok, nope... I wasn't thinking that at all when I painted this. The truth is, I just came across this picture of some guy holding a crab on my timeline and I thought it was aesthetically pleasin

Hayate Reflections: Why Hayate Did Not End Up With Maria

Because she's his sister!  YOU'RE WELCOME! Kidding aside, I have an art-related post coming up this week plus the possible release of an original fiction short story that I finished writing about a week ago... thus, I thought I'd choose a super-easy topic for today. Anyway... Fanart Corner I have lots of new fanart this week to compensate for this troll-ish topic. Needed this sign for some idiots who keep peeing on our walls... seriously This Toga is for real. Senior High School 2018 Graduates: University of San Agustin Iloilo City Based on a Miku picture. I plan to turn this into a car window decal.