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Hayate Reflections Will Be Postponed To This Weekend: For Now, Happy Birthday, Athena!

As the very long title says, this week's Hayate Reflections is postponed to this weekend to coincide with Nagi's birthday! For now, though. Here's some fanart of A-tan for her birthday... gotta protect that smile.

Hayate Reflections: My Favorite Songs From The Series

Ok, let's keep this post nice and ... neutral, I suppose. I realize I've been making a lot of shipping posts lately and I guess it's time for a break. Therefore, I promise to keep the shipping talk to a minimum in this article wherein I share and explain some of my favorite songs from the series. Here they are in no particular order. Ko No Me Kaze As a Nagi shipper, how can I not love this song? It's basically the main dynamics of Hayate no Gotoku! In a nutshell. The lyrics do a great job of describing the bond between Hayate and Nagi. It's also a sweet, sentimental tune to listen to by itself. It really triggers a lot of nostalgia whenever I heart it. Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi Ugh... the intro on the video sounds a bit broken. Anyway, speaking of nostalgia, this is one of my favorite anime opening songs of all time -- and not just in Hayate no Gotoku! It's just so upbeat and happy. While Ko No Me Kaze shows a little bit of the serious side of

Hayate Reflections: Just How Did Ikusa Strike The Right Pillar?

This week's Hayate reflections is really a reply to Roop Banerjee's comment on last week's article about the good old RG . So a bit of a recap, in chapter 263 of Hayate (which I never covered in this blog, btw), good old tiny A-tan says that in order to exit the Royal Garden, someone possessing a King's Jewel must come to rescue the person trapped inside (who opened the RG with a King's Jewel in the first place). Then they gotta go to the Abraxas Pillars and while holding hands, slash the right pillar, which is only one out of 365 pillars. So like liddle A-tan didn't want liddle Hayate to try it and she never told him about these conditions coz she just knew that Hayate would suggest they try it. Anywayz, long story short, when Ikusa comes into the garden, he just casually rescues Athena by striking the right pillar. How did he do it? Why, there's a crying girl in front of him, how could he not do it!? LOL HATA... brilliant explanation there, huh? So How D

Hayate Reflections: Time To Be Pedantic About The Royal Garden

Ok, let's talk about the Royal Garden this week. See, I've noticed a lot of fans of this series while it was still running really loved to employ double standards a lot and didn't even think twice about it. Sure I'm guilty of that myself, but I am quite self-aware that I am doing it -- so that makes all the difference. Well, it probably doesn't, but I digress. Let's get back on track -- the Royal Garden. So this week, I want to be a bit pedantic and list off some complaints/questions off the top off my head about the Royal Garden and how it functions. Does It Have Magical Electricity? Based on the what we have been shown about the Royal Garden, it is entirely possible that it does not have electricity. After all, we see here in this panel from chapter 181 of the manga that the mansion is basically powered by magic and as Athena says: So that would explain how the place gets lighting, but there is a bit of a conflict here. Take a look at these panels fr

Hayate Reflections Halloween Edition - Dead Stars

Man, my titles are so click-baity nowadays. Anyway, as much as you might be tempted to think that "Dead Stars" refers to some gothic horror theme, it really doesn't. Actually, today, I'd like to talk about a very old Philippine short story that was originally written in English called " Dead Stars " by Paz Marquez Benitez. In this story, there's this guy named Alfredo, who is in his thirties. He has a long-standing fiance named Esperanza. Now society takes it for granted that he will eventually marry this Esperanza, but he feels that he is growing out of love recently. Now, once upon a family dinner party, he happened to meet this sister-in-law of a Judge named Julia Salas. After a brief comedy of errors, he discovers that he had presumed that Julia was the sister of the judge and kept calling her by the Judge's surname of Miss del Valle. When the judge confronts him about his error, he goes up to Julia to apologize and quite amused, she relates a si