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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 542: Boy Meets Girl -- Review and Synopsis

Still think Wataru x Nagi is a thing? Synopsis: Nagi: I... want to make a movie! Hayate: ...... Hayate: What's the punch line? Why do you wanna shoot a movie? Nagi: Eeeeh? Nagi: Haven't you seen The new Godzilla movie? (I think) Are you some kinda shut-in? Hayate: Corz not, but current events is a litte... Any chapter with tons of Nagi is a good chapter! Nagi: Nevermind... awesome, ain't it? New Godzilla? Definitely awesome. There are several things I'd like to mention but...I see, you haven't seen it yet. Nagi: Or... do ya mind spoilers? Nagi: The preview doesn't really show you anything about the story... I'd like to tell yu but... AAAAAH! HOWEVER....! Nagi: Arghh! I don't have any patience. I really want to tell! Hayate: Eh... wait... ojou-sama!? We shift to Wataru x Saki Wataru: New Gozhira is selling. We stockz up on it! Wataru: Blah blah blah business talk Saki: This is a real powerful movie ain't it? Wataru: Of course! This is a rar

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 541: A Story of Blooming In The Shadows -- Review and Synopsis

Mai waifu is not in this chapter, but it turned out to be pretty sweet. Synopsis: Date is 10/20 Lessee now... Izumi has some kinda school paper in hand. Something about her future career or somethin... yeah, that's it... probably. Izumi: I dun give a fudge about the future... I've thought about goin ta university kedo...but that kind of future is kinda unlikely Izumi: Yo, idiots! Ya ever thought of yer future career? The Two Other Idiots: Future career? Izumi: Yeah yearh, anythin? Miki: Yearh, I have thought about it. Izumi: eh? Nani? Nani? Miki: I wanna be a politician... like no one ever was! Izumi: WTF face Miki: My family are all politicians so I'll be one as well Risa: You're gonna become an idiot, eh? Miki: You're bein rude! Miki: I'mma narrate my life as a future politician (which I dun feel like translating) Risa: You serious? Miki: Yearh (blah blah blah!) Risa: Anywayz, I'mma continue the legacy and take care of the shrine at home meself. Izumi

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 540: GIFT -- Review and Synopsis

Somethin's wrong with the anatomy here. Hata's gotta use a posable figure sometimes. Synopsis:  Date is 9/26 so this be a flashback So like we're in Las Vegas with Yukiji and all... or somethin like that and she has lots of money now... meh Yukiji: Got lotsa money though I didn't win so it's all good huzzah cheers So sistah is drinking with that terrorist and it's all good. She makes a comment about Yukiji's spending habits whatevs Waifu and her husbando in sync. Hina: Chotto onee-san!WTF U doin? We goin home tomorrow, hoe! Yukiji: Meh. Money is fleeting! Hina: WTF U SAYIN, BIYATCH? Hina: You went to so much trouble to get dat money and now you're wasting it away! Yukiji: MATAKU, wakate nai you ne hinagiku Yukiji: Money was meant to be used. Idle money becomes spoiled like food. Yukiji: oi waitah! Yukiji: Wazzat car? Waiter/Terrorist: It's a maclaren p1, S' around 100 million yen desu! Yukiji: fu~n izzat so? Cheap ain't it? I

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 539: One Word, Two Thoughts -- Review and Synopsis

We've got a Maria cover again this time, but who cares when there's little Nagi on panel? Synopsis : Child Nagi: Hey, Mom... how come you and dad got married? Yukariko: Well... it's because I'm rich. Child Nagi: I-impossible! Yukario: Of course. Your dad approached me for my money. Child Nagi: That's the worst, isn't it? Yukariko: Eh, not exactly. Yukariko: After that, he was attracted to my nice body~ Child Nagi: That is absolutely the worst thing to say! Child Nagi: What about love? You fell in love, didn't you? Yukariko: hahaha! You don't get it do you, Nagi-chan? Yukariko: of course, there was maximum love. Marriage is primarily for making children and for meeting one's expecations for a life time. Of course there was love. Yukariko: That's why... if there is money even a deadbeat, useless man like papa can attain happiness! Child Nagi: My father... was useless human being. Nagi: As I thought, that was a sad thing to hear. I won't