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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 542: Boy Meets Girl -- Review and Synopsis

Still think Wataru x Nagi is a thing?
Synopsis: Nagi: I... want to make a movie!

Hayate: ......

Hayate: What's the punch line? Why do you wanna shoot a movie?

Nagi: Eeeeh?

Nagi: Haven't you seen The new Godzilla movie? (I think) Are you some kinda shut-in?

Hayate: Corz not, but current events is a litte...

Any chapter with tons of Nagi is a good chapter!

Nagi: Nevermind... awesome, ain't it? New Godzilla? Definitely awesome. There are several things I'd like to mention but...I see, you haven't seen it yet.

Nagi: Or... do ya mind spoilers?

Nagi: The preview doesn't really show you anything about the story... I'd like to tell yu but... AAAAAH! HOWEVER....!

Nagi: Arghh! I don't have any patience. I really want to tell!

Hayate: Eh... wait... ojou-sama!?

We shift to Wataru x Saki

Wataru: New Gozhira is selling. We stockz up on it!

Wataru: Blah blah blah business talk

Saki: This is a real powerful movie ain't it?

Wataru: Of course! This is a rare chance!

Saki: I see... it's interesting ain't it? This movie.

Wataru: Eh?

Wataru: It couldn't be... you haven't seen it?

Saki: Well of course.

Saki: Coz Godzilla is a children's movie, right?

Wataru: >(

Saki: People in a dire situation, an ugly giant monster breathing fire? It's a childrens movie like Mothra and Gamera, right?

Wataru: Chitsu.... chi....


Nagi: It's simultaneously screened with (whatever)! The new Godzilla is nothing like that!

Nagi: Seriously, show some respect for the creator... kids these days

Hayate: S-sorry about this outburst.

Wataru: Nope, I understand.

Saki: !?

Wataru: The biggest problem with this city... has been presented to us in the form of a movie!

Nagi: You understand, Wataru!

Wataru: I understand! I definitely understand!

Nagi: Well then, do you have the figure from the first to the third reproduction?

These reactions from Nagi are so cute!

Wataru: Of course, 3 dimensional undertanding is important!

Hayate: Haha... those two are real buddies aren't they?

Saki: (sulks)

Saki: Hayate-sama... I'm gonna see Godzilla for a bit, ok?

Hayate: Eh? Wait a sec! Whose gonna mind the store while Wataru is givin a movie lecture?

Saki: I'll leave that to you, Hayate-sama!

Hayate: Eh? I'm busy... Saki-saaaan!

Saki: Honestly... waka is such a handful.

Saki: Hmph! I'mma watch this move and then I'll be able to appreciate it and have fun talking with him too! (show em how it's done, Saki-chan! I support thee!)

Saki: Well, it's not a children's movie, but what does waka see in this? I'll find out myself.

Saki: (dumbfounded)

Saki: Mataku... I didn't get it.

Saki: I understand that there were many amazing things but... the dialogue was so fast I couldn't understand what they were saying. I also couldn't read the effin subs. Why were they so scared of Godzilla? Isn't he an ally of humans? I couldn't get it at all!

Saki: Eh? Really? Did those two really get it?

Saki: (mentions some censored copyrighted stuff) these three are the point... I get it, I get it!

Nagi: In other words, that person's identity was...

Wataru: What? What?

Saki: Why is it these two understand that difficult movie so much?

Hayate: Ah, welcome back. How was teh movie?

Wataru: Ah, Saki! You've seen the movie.

Nagi: How waz it? How waz it?

Saki: Eh?

Was it interesting/ Was it intersting?

Saki: Eh... well.....

Saki: Yes, it was very intersting.

Nagi: Wasn't it? It's the best as expected!

Nagi: Yosh! Now that Saki has seen it too. Shall we go to the Tomogawa defense line?

Wataru: Ooooh! That's definitely necessary!

Nagi: Uwaaaa! This is the Tomogawa absolute defense line!

Nagi: Awright, now let's go to intercept the tank batallion, Hayate!

Wataru: Sugeee... it's real exciting seeing it in real life.


Saki: I think understanding Wataru and Nagi ojou-sama is difficult for me.

Saki: As expected, those two are really well-matched. They get along well with each other.

Saki: For waka's future... really, meeting a girl like Nagi ojou-sama is the best.

Wataru: Ha?

Wataru: You... didn't understand the movie, did you?

Ah, Nagi~tan! Why is even your silhouette so cute?

Wataru: To be honest, I don't really understand this place either.

Saki: Eh?

Wataru: This place was shown three times in the picture and yet... the character's starting position is still unknown. The last part I didn't understand either.

Wataru: However... even if I don't know... I still love it...

Wataru: It's love... therefore, I think... love is being by someone's side. Love is wanting to know more about someone.

Wataru: What do you think?

Wataru: If you give me love... I would be very happy but... (blushes)

Saki: Suki desu yo...

Saki: Understanding might take a lifetime but... come what may, to wherever and even in death.

Nagi: Oi Wataru! Come take a look. This is the bridge that was broken.

Wataru: Oh!

Review: Quite a timely chapter we have here today. Godzilla is premiering in Philippine theaters right now. I'll probably get to watch it this friday.

Anywayz, I absolutely loved this chapter. It starts with Nagi being her random, whimsical self. Naturally, Hata uses her to channel his love for Godzilla. As it happens, Wataru happens to be a big fan of the movie as well and they get pretty chummy with each other. This visibly upsets Saki who wants to have a fun time chatting with him as well. I really love what she does next.

She makes an active effort to watch the movie and to try to understand what Wataru (and Nagi) see in it. Of course, since she's not really all that genre-savvy, she fails to get the point... BUT, she hides this fact because she really wants to be in on what Wataru likes.

It's this active effort from Saki that I really like. I believe this chapter shows us a lot about Hata-sensei's views on love. He's not the "one true love" type of guy. In fact, what we see here is that Saki admits that Nagi is probably a lot more compatible with Wataru than she is when she notices how Nagi and Wataru are having fun with each other.

However, Wataru is not to be underestimated and he sees through Saki's initial bluff. What he says about love is basically a confession on his part -- something that Saki has actually been waiting for from him for quite a while... age gap be damned.

In fact, Hayate could stand to learn a lot from Saki in this chapter. He clearly wants to find someone to love, but he can't even sort out his feelings and goes out of his way for all the wrong reasons. Here, Saki's efforts were not in vain because Wataru noticed and indirectly refuted her assumption that just because he and Nagi seemed compatible that they'd be better for each other.

Here, Hata is clearly challenging the readers' conventions on what love is all about. It's not about initial compatibility. It's about how each party feels about the other and making an active effort to actually understand the other person. So yeah, maybe we should stop thinking about whether x is better with x because of their personalities. Wataru and Saki have proven in this chapter that personalities don't matter as much as wanting to be by that person's side. Understanding another person takes a lifetime of commitment.

Anywayz, I've always felt that Wataru x Saki represented a cleaner, less complicated version of the relationship between Hayate and Nagi, so I'm glad that their ship has finally sailed undetterred in this chapter. Also... I'm glad that despite the initial shipteasing, the Wataru x Nagi ship has been sunk for good. TAKE THAT!

Finally, to top things off. It seems Hata has been systematically giving various side characters their "happy endings" quite recently. We have the first couple in this chapter in Wataru and Saki, but we've already seen some satisfying conclusions for Ruka, Yukiji, and most recently, Izumi's own personal stories. I believe that instead of treating these as fillers, we should think of these as preparatory chapters for the harder-hitting plot-related ones in the near future. Anywayz, this was an enjoyable chapter over-all. I have no complaints.

Photo Corner: Today is 8/31 in the Philippines and Japan. It is the birthday of my favorite singer in the world, the one and only Hatsune Miku! To commemorate this ocassion, Nagi doll has donned a Miku-inspired outfit partially sewn by me. Anywayz, see you in... 9/14. If you liked thse pics of Nagi doll, do check out my 365 photo project blog at where you'll see a new pic of Nagi doll every day for 365 days.

Miku: That's it, Nagi-chan! Step to the right like this~
Nagi: Happy Birthday, Miku! Thank you for almost a decade of amazing music!
Conquer the world... with shining hair via Lux Shampoo.

Extra: Here's my translation of the song for that Lux Miku commercial btw:
(come now) Living straightforwardly
(heartfully) Look at me! Walk out with confidence!
(From here)Yearning will transform into the real stage
(Dazzling) Wrapped in the light
(Starting) My story
(Let's go forth) Conquer with shining hair!

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 541: A Story of Blooming In The Shadows -- Review and Synopsis

Mai waifu is not in this chapter, but it turned out to be pretty sweet.
Synopsis: Date is 10/20
Lessee now... Izumi has some kinda school paper in hand. Something about her future career or somethin... yeah, that's it... probably.

Izumi: I dun give a fudge about the future... I've thought about goin ta university kedo...but that kind of future is kinda unlikely

Izumi: Yo, idiots! Ya ever thought of yer future career?

The Two Other Idiots: Future career?

Izumi: Yeah yearh, anythin?

Miki: Yearh, I have thought about it.

Izumi: eh? Nani? Nani?

Miki: I wanna be a politician... like no one ever was!

Izumi: WTF face

Miki: My family are all politicians so I'll be one as well

Risa: You're gonna become an idiot, eh?

Miki: You're bein rude!

Miki: I'mma narrate my life as a future politician (which I dun feel like translating)

Risa: You serious?

Miki: Yearh (blah blah blah!)

Risa: Anywayz, I'mma continue the legacy and take care of the shrine at home meself.

Izumi: Ah, souka

Miki: I seez. Somehow, our parents have a big influence.

Someone: Izumi, you gonna inherit your company, right?

Izumi: Nah, Kotetsu will succeed it. I ain't interested in electronics biz dakara...

Miki: I see, you gonna be a NEET in the future.

Izumi: :o

Izumi: EH? My future is to be a NEET? NEET?

Miki: yeah, right?

Miki: You're an incompetent idiot so you won't be able to get a job, right?

Izumi: You're one to talk!

Miki follows it up some more

Izumi: Just because you said that... I'mma find mah dream!

Risa: yume?

Izumi: Dunno what it is for now, but I'll definitely find my dream for the future... in order to avoid my future as a NEET!

So she consults with Aika... who has Hayate with her for some reason

Aika: dream for the future? Ain't that a bit too late right now?

Izumi: It is?

Hayate: So desu. You mada 2nd grader now

Aika: What's your dream, Ayasaki-kun?

Hayate: 3LDK (that apartment flat thing he's been dreaming about since he was a little idiot)

Aika: But anywayz, your life usually gives you a hint about your dream, amirite?

Izumi: Eh?

Aika: Like fer example, what do ya spend yer money and time on the most? You can get the answer from taking note of those.

Izumi: Naruhodo...

Aika: btw, Ayasaki-kun. Go monitor Izumi for 24 hours until she finds her dream.

Hayate: WTF I'm busy bitch!

Izumi: Sorry for making ya tag along with me, Hayata-kun

Hayate: s'awright, dreams are important.

Hayate: Demo, whaddaya do in your free time, Segawa-san?

Izumi: Well... lesseee....ah, sou da. Recently, I've been going to this place when I'm alone

Izumi: This be me dad's. Coz no one's using it, I've been raising some weeds here.

Hayate: What's with this giant playground? Anywayz, why the fudge you raisin weeds here? Usually, you'd grow beautiful flawahz

Izumi: Strange ain't it? How moss and grass grow in building and road gaps.

Izumi: I wanna know why moss grows in the shade without nutrition

Hayate: eh... sorewa... as expected...It survives in a harsh environment becoz it's strong.

Izumi: Boo! That's what YOU think!

Izumi: In a fertile land with plenty of nutrition, a moss will lose to healthier plants and wont' be able to live.

Izumi: that's why it doesn't grow in a fertile environment with strong plants. It evolved to thrive in harsh conditions with little nutrition. It's weak therefore it lives for a hard life.

Izumi: Weeds are also the same.

Izumi: It has grown up without any love. It doesn't have anything special, so who would even care about raising it?

Izumi: Grass grows on not so nutritious ground at first, but when it withers, it leaves its nutrients for other grass to sprout up.

Izumi: It's a bit like life if you think about it.

Hayate: Segawa-san, you're a really sunny individual.

Hayate: You spread fun wherever you go. For example, no matter how sad something is, you manage to slowly engulf it in your world of brightness.

Izumi: That's a nice thing for me, isn't it?

Hayate: hai

Hayate:That's why you can live in happiness.

Hayate: Someday, could you teach me how to be happy?

Izumi: Hayata kun?

Aika: WTF is up with this proposal?

Hayate: Uwaa? Wai are you here?

Aika: I got a bit worried and wondered what kind of dream ya found and here you were flirting.

Hayate: I wasn't flirting. Segawa-san really is a sunny person and I felt bright and sunny from listenng to her story!

Aika: that aside, did ya help her find a profession?

Hayate: Well, that's a bit difficult.

Izumi's mind: It's definitely hard with just that... but I'm happy that Hayata kun looked my way.

Izumi: This place...I love this place.

Izumi: Ah...I've found my dream.

Hayate: Eh?

Aika: What izzit?

Izumi: That even if we get separated someday, I want to keep watching over everyone.

Izumi: Like the sun, when you look up, I'll be there. That's the career I want.

(writes down Galactic Pilot as her career choice)

Izumi: I don't know what I want to be in the future just yet. I don't really know what I can do right now. That's why let's go and dream big, ok?

Well, this doesn't move the plot forward in any way except maybe giving Hayate some food for thought about his own actions.

At least she's happy about it, right?

In any case, this turned out to be a really nice read. Especially the last part when Hayate realizes that Izumi is a really nice, kind person. Also, Izumi's narrations were really good. Hayate underestimates her often and he was quite taken by surprise at her profound and honest words.

Nice chapter about blooming in the shadows too. I think what was said about Izumi in this chapter also applies to Ayumu since they are very similar "nice girls."

Anywayz, who knows? Maybe this will get Hayate to think about someone else who is nice and kind and always there for him... right? right?

Not much more to say about this chapter. See ya on Miku's birthday.

Fanart Corner:
Yeah, got some digital art fer ya today. I needed the practice.

Been watching New Game lately. Expression and pose stolen from there. Btw, Aoba looks a lot like Nagi.

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 540: GIFT -- Review and Synopsis

Somethin's wrong with the anatomy here. Hata's gotta use a posable figure sometimes.

Synopsis:  Date is 9/26 so this be a flashback

So like we're in Las Vegas with Yukiji and all... or somethin like that and she has lots of money now... meh

Yukiji: Got lotsa money though I didn't win so it's all good huzzah cheers

So sistah is drinking with that terrorist and it's all good. She makes a comment about Yukiji's spending habits whatevs

Waifu and her husbando in sync.

Hina: Chotto onee-san!WTF U doin? We goin home tomorrow, hoe!

Yukiji: Meh. Money is fleeting!


Hina: You went to so much trouble to get dat money and now you're wasting it away!

Yukiji: MATAKU, wakate nai you ne hinagiku

Yukiji: Money was meant to be used. Idle money becomes spoiled like food.

Yukiji: oi waitah!

Yukiji: Wazzat car?

Waiter/Terrorist: It's a maclaren p1, S' around 100 million yen desu!

Yukiji: fu~n izzat so? Cheap ain't it? I'll buy it!

Hina: HA?


In sync!

Waiter: Oh cool, here's the key de gozaimasu!

Yukiji: Yosh! Now lez buy some souvenirs everyone!

Everyone: Does zat mean u buyin foh us?

Yukiji: Of course, I'm buying for everyone here!

Hina: Iya iya... chotto oneechan!

Yukiji: Fuahahaha! Lez go souvenir shopping!

Nagi: A storm is coming ain't it?

Totally in sync!

Hayate: Yup, a storm is coming.

Hina: a storm?

Either Hayate or Nagi: It's a story from long ago ain't it?

Hayate: some poor guy came upon an unprecedented amount of cash and then used it all up. This is how sensei will end up (lol totally abbreviated this)

Hina: ......

Hina: This a problem ain't it? Gotta stop her!

Hayate: Yes, it is a problem.

Random pplz: Ooh these are all branded! Expensive!

Random girl: Can we really buy anything?

Yukiji: Buy everything you like!

Yukiji: I gotz teh money! Buy anything and everything ya like!

Hayate: omachi kudasai!

Yukiji: WTF is ur problem, Ayasaki!?

In sync I tell ya... cute Nagi!
Hayate: Could you stop for a moment, pleaz?

Hayate: Oh wait, can I buy some stuff too?

Hina: (I hitz you!)

Hayate: If you keep doing this all your cash will be spent before ya know it.

Yukiji: Fuu~n silliness. 24 billion won't disappear so easily.

Random pplz: Sensei, we're finished shopping! 2.70 billion yen desu~

Hayate: Well? Peoples desires are insatiable, right?

Nagi: These students don't hesitate do they?

Yukiji: Na-naruhodo, you have a point.

Yukiji: But it's alright! I shall increase it!

Yukiji: Everyone to the Casino!

Nagi: Eeeh? Just a little while ago you were having problems with gambling!

Hayate: What a gambler teacher

Yukiji: Fuahaha! This time will be different. That's why I will be victorious!

Hina: Settle down, oneechan!

Hina: You suck at gambling dakara! You lost so badly before. Now go get some sleep!

Yukiji: I'll win...

Yukiji: Who doesn't have talent in gambling? I won 24 Billion yen, didn't I?


Yukiji: But at the end of the day, I won lots of money!

Hina: You won that bai chance! You might fail!

Hina: In da first place, that way of life is why we had to go through such hardships during childhood!

Yukiji: Yearh... I'll give you dat.

Yukiji: Play a game o pokah with me. If I lose, I'll admit defeat and get some sleep.

Hina: :( ii wa yo! I'mma indulge ya

Hina: But if I win, from now on, I get to decide how to use the leftover money!

Hina gets a royal straight flush

Hina: Dou? YOu got a problem?

Yukiji: Screw this! Should've known.

Yukiji: This is mai money! I'll use it any way I want!

Hina: Wait... you said you'd listen to me if you lost!

Yukiji: Meh, I ain't listening. I heard nothing.

Yukiji: Lez parteh! Everyone drink and sing till morning!

Hayate: This ain't stopping, right?

Nagi: how unsightly.

Yukiji: Ah, I drank a lot.

Hina: It's been a while hasn't it? This is rather refreshing.

Hina: But really, onee-chan! You're really something. After all that trouble you went through for that money.

Yukiji: But in the end, I just ended up spending 5 billion yen, right?

Hina: That's too much!

Hina: If you planned the use of that money properly, you could live a much easier life.

Yukiji: Well, it's ok ain't it?

Hina: yeah whatevs... I dunno anymore.

Hina: It's your money after all. You're free to use it as you please.

Yukiji: I can use it as I please?

Hina: It's fine... I'll stop pestering you.

Yukiji: Sou ka.

Yukiji: Then, I'll give it to you (hands her the card)

Hina: Eh?

Yukiji: I've used a lot but there's still 10 billion yen left. With this much money, you probably won't have much trouble with life.

Yukiji: Well, you probably won't need this, but at least I won't trouble you anymore.

Hina: Wait, wait, watcha sayin? I told you to use it as you please.

Yukiji: That's why I am using it as I please.

Yukiji: I need to get rid of it anyway, so who else would I give it to?

Well, I guess we were both thrown away by our parents anyhow.

Yukiji: Whatever happens, I've played my part.

Hina: Onee-chan...

Yukiji: Hina.. life is... probably... life is great.

Yukiji: You were weak so I was worried, but the ten year void has made things awkward so... take care, ok?

Narration: That was my sister's last gift.

Review: Well, this was a rather touching chapter over-all. It starts out as  funny with Yukiji being Yukiji but then ends up with her showing just a bit of maturity after that boisterous display. Unfortunately, a lot of it might be lost in translation since I am not quite confident in my translations today coz mai waifu only has a bit role in this chapter.

Not much I can say about this. I didn enjoy watching Hayate and Nagi in sync, btw. They're really quite natural with each other when they're not actively thinking about things like romance and King's Jewels.

So, not much in this chapter except that Hina is rich on her own now. I dunno how that will factor in in the future, but it's Hata after all -- he's probably got something planned. Hina's reaction faces were funny and cute btw.

So, we got a week's break. See ya 8/24.

Fanart Corner: Didn't quite get the chance to finish the digital version, so here's Nagi as Squigly from Skullgirls in colored pencils.

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 539: One Word, Two Thoughts -- Review and Synopsis

We've got a Maria cover again this time, but who cares when there's little Nagi on panel?

Synopsis: Child Nagi: Hey, Mom... how come you and dad got married?

Yukariko: Well... it's because I'm rich.

Child Nagi: I-impossible!

Yukario: Of course. Your dad approached me for my money.

Child Nagi: That's the worst, isn't it?

Yukariko: Eh, not exactly.

Yukariko: After that, he was attracted to my nice body~

Child Nagi: That is absolutely the worst thing to say!

Child Nagi: What about love? You fell in love, didn't you?

Yukariko: hahaha! You don't get it do you, Nagi-chan?

Yukariko: of course, there was maximum love.
Marriage is primarily for making children and for meeting one's expecations for a life time. Of course there was love.

Yukariko: That's why... if there is money even a deadbeat, useless man like papa can attain happiness!

Child Nagi: My father... was useless human being.

Nagi: As I thought, that was a sad thing to hear. I won't listen to it.

Nagi: Hayate... is certainly not a deadbeat. He's not a useless human being... I think.

(looks at Chiharu next to her and remembers the money lecture)

Nagi: But, earnestly thinking about our future together, certainly, money is important.

Nagi: Therefore... should I try to take it? For a happily married life with Hayate, should I go for the Sanzenin inheritance?

Hayate's walking alone on the street pondering on Maria's words.

Hayate: Once Maria-san is gone, one of the people that Ojou-sama relies on will be gone.

Hayate: But with what Maria said, now I'm really determined.

Hayate: Looks at the King's jewels like an idiot

Hayate: No matter what happens, I must get the Sanzenin Inheritance!

Hayate: So that even with Maria-san gone, ojou-sama can live in happiness.

Hayate: No matter what I have to use to get it, no matter what enemies I have to face (thinks of Housen and Hisui)

Hayate: I'm home!

Nagi: Hayate, welcome home!

Chiharu: Welcome back

Hayate: Ah, hello Chiharu-san, you were here huh?

Hayate: Sorry, ojou-sama. I couldn't find you choco.

Nagi: Hmm? Oh, s'fine.

Nagi: You went home separately from Maria-san. Wazzup?

Hayate: Ah, that...

Hayate: (starts thinking with a sad face about Maria again)

Hayate: It's nothing. We just divided the work between us when we searched.

Nagi: I see.

Hayate: By the way, ojou-sama... do you think it's ok if I go out for a bit?

Ever notice how much more feminine Nagi's movements are lately?

Nagi: Eh? In the middle of the night?

Chiharu: Is it something urgent, Ayasaki-kun?

Hayate: Yes. It has something to do with the Sanzenin inheritance and requires immediate attention.

Nagi: The inheritance?

She's so pretty here~

Hayate: Yup

Hayate: However, I'll be home by morning, don't worry.

Hayate: Well then...

Nagi: Wait, wait Hayate!

Nagi: Why are you suddenly...placing so much importance on the inheritance?

Hayate: Why? Well... it's important.

Don't you dare blame her for this!
Nagi: Important?

Hayate For (ojou-sama's) the future, it's important.

Nagi's version: For (our future) it's important!

Nagi: Eh, could it be... you... for that reason?

Hayate: Yup, exactly.

Nagi's thoughts: Money isn't important. As long you're in my heart, I will be happy.

Hayate: For my own sake, money isn't that important, but for ojou-sama's happiness, money is definitely important.

Hayate: (because a Maria-san will be gone in the future) If there is money, ojou-sama can be happy!

Nagi: For my (married life) happiness?

Chiharu: (lovestruck)

Nagi: I see you... (for our happily married life) for that

Hayate: Of course

Hayate: I (for ojou-sama) am thinking of a happy future

Chiharu: (Ayasaki-kun... all this for Nagi's sake)

Nagi: I see, I understand! Do your best, Hayate!

Hayate: Yes, I will! I'm goin!

Narration: The pit of misunderstanding is bottomless.

Isumi: I see... (burning something)

Isumi: This is a big deal isn't it? (with Athena)

Ok... so Hayate has caused yet another misunderstanding with his careless words. Ya know what? Here's my take on this development in a nutshell...

I mean, seriously, Ayasaki? You haven't learned a thing after all this time? Also, can we really blame Nagi (again) for this misunderstanding? There was all that foreshadowing with her thinking about both Yukariko and Chiharu's words before this and don't forget that Hayate just basically erased all of her doubts as to his feelings for her when he chose to continue being her butler despite not being indebted to her anymore. The girl desparately wants to believe that Hayate loves her and he's giving her every reason to. No, you! You cannot blame Nagi for this one as well. She is NOT partially at fault. ZETTAI NI ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Ok, you want more proof that we shouldn't blame Nagi? Look, even Chiharu thought he was being all lovey dovey with his proclamations -- and Chiharu is a pragmatic girl. Well? Well?

Lookit this poor sap

Anywayz, I absolutely loathe this development, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. First of all, haven't we had enough of the misundersanding thing? It was funny the first few times, but now this joke is just trite.

So for the light at the end of the tunnel, with how deeply Hayate has dug himself into this grave of misunderstanding, there's just no getting out cleanly that involves shipping him with someone else, I'd say.

Still, he really needs to redeem himself soon. He's got almost nothing going for him as a character at this point.

So with that said, we've got Isumi and Athena looming in the cliffhanger plotting something that only they can understand again. Meh. Let's just wait and see what happens in the next chapter.

Fanart Corner: Ok, got two pieces of fanart today. Enjoy! (One of them still isn't complete)

Nagi as Illyasviel Von Einzbern

Been playing Skullgirls. You'll know who my favorite character is based on this costume.

Nakoruru: The Gift She Gave Me (Dreamcast): A VIsual Novel Review by Mid-Tier Guard

To Derek Pascarella, Marshal Wong, Duralumin, Lewis Cox, Piggy, Nico, Danthrax4, Lacquerware, EsperKnight, SnowyAria, VincentNL, cyo, and Ha...