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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 540: GIFT -- Review and Synopsis

Somethin's wrong with the anatomy here. Hata's gotta use a posable figure sometimes.

Synopsis:  Date is 9/26 so this be a flashback

So like we're in Las Vegas with Yukiji and all... or somethin like that and she has lots of money now... meh

Yukiji: Got lotsa money though I didn't win so it's all good huzzah cheers

So sistah is drinking with that terrorist and it's all good. She makes a comment about Yukiji's spending habits whatevs

Waifu and her husbando in sync.

Hina: Chotto onee-san!WTF U doin? We goin home tomorrow, hoe!

Yukiji: Meh. Money is fleeting!


Hina: You went to so much trouble to get dat money and now you're wasting it away!

Yukiji: MATAKU, wakate nai you ne hinagiku

Yukiji: Money was meant to be used. Idle money becomes spoiled like food.

Yukiji: oi waitah!

Yukiji: Wazzat car?

Waiter/Terrorist: It's a maclaren p1, S' around 100 million yen desu!

Yukiji: fu~n izzat so? Cheap ain't it? I'll buy it!

Hina: HA?


In sync!

Waiter: Oh cool, here's the key de gozaimasu!

Yukiji: Yosh! Now lez buy some souvenirs everyone!

Everyone: Does zat mean u buyin foh us?

Yukiji: Of course, I'm buying for everyone here!

Hina: Iya iya... chotto oneechan!

Yukiji: Fuahahaha! Lez go souvenir shopping!

Nagi: A storm is coming ain't it?

Totally in sync!

Hayate: Yup, a storm is coming.

Hina: a storm?

Either Hayate or Nagi: It's a story from long ago ain't it?

Hayate: some poor guy came upon an unprecedented amount of cash and then used it all up. This is how sensei will end up (lol totally abbreviated this)

Hina: ......

Hina: This a problem ain't it? Gotta stop her!

Hayate: Yes, it is a problem.

Random pplz: Ooh these are all branded! Expensive!

Random girl: Can we really buy anything?

Yukiji: Buy everything you like!

Yukiji: I gotz teh money! Buy anything and everything ya like!

Hayate: omachi kudasai!

Yukiji: WTF is ur problem, Ayasaki!?

In sync I tell ya... cute Nagi!
Hayate: Could you stop for a moment, pleaz?

Hayate: Oh wait, can I buy some stuff too?

Hina: (I hitz you!)

Hayate: If you keep doing this all your cash will be spent before ya know it.

Yukiji: Fuu~n silliness. 24 billion won't disappear so easily.

Random pplz: Sensei, we're finished shopping! 2.70 billion yen desu~

Hayate: Well? Peoples desires are insatiable, right?

Nagi: These students don't hesitate do they?

Yukiji: Na-naruhodo, you have a point.

Yukiji: But it's alright! I shall increase it!

Yukiji: Everyone to the Casino!

Nagi: Eeeh? Just a little while ago you were having problems with gambling!

Hayate: What a gambler teacher

Yukiji: Fuahaha! This time will be different. That's why I will be victorious!

Hina: Settle down, oneechan!

Hina: You suck at gambling dakara! You lost so badly before. Now go get some sleep!

Yukiji: I'll win...

Yukiji: Who doesn't have talent in gambling? I won 24 Billion yen, didn't I?


Yukiji: But at the end of the day, I won lots of money!

Hina: You won that bai chance! You might fail!

Hina: In da first place, that way of life is why we had to go through such hardships during childhood!

Yukiji: Yearh... I'll give you dat.

Yukiji: Play a game o pokah with me. If I lose, I'll admit defeat and get some sleep.

Hina: :( ii wa yo! I'mma indulge ya

Hina: But if I win, from now on, I get to decide how to use the leftover money!

Hina gets a royal straight flush

Hina: Dou? YOu got a problem?

Yukiji: Screw this! Should've known.

Yukiji: This is mai money! I'll use it any way I want!

Hina: Wait... you said you'd listen to me if you lost!

Yukiji: Meh, I ain't listening. I heard nothing.

Yukiji: Lez parteh! Everyone drink and sing till morning!

Hayate: This ain't stopping, right?

Nagi: how unsightly.

Yukiji: Ah, I drank a lot.

Hina: It's been a while hasn't it? This is rather refreshing.

Hina: But really, onee-chan! You're really something. After all that trouble you went through for that money.

Yukiji: But in the end, I just ended up spending 5 billion yen, right?

Hina: That's too much!

Hina: If you planned the use of that money properly, you could live a much easier life.

Yukiji: Well, it's ok ain't it?

Hina: yeah whatevs... I dunno anymore.

Hina: It's your money after all. You're free to use it as you please.

Yukiji: I can use it as I please?

Hina: It's fine... I'll stop pestering you.

Yukiji: Sou ka.

Yukiji: Then, I'll give it to you (hands her the card)

Hina: Eh?

Yukiji: I've used a lot but there's still 10 billion yen left. With this much money, you probably won't have much trouble with life.

Yukiji: Well, you probably won't need this, but at least I won't trouble you anymore.

Hina: Wait, wait, watcha sayin? I told you to use it as you please.

Yukiji: That's why I am using it as I please.

Yukiji: I need to get rid of it anyway, so who else would I give it to?

Well, I guess we were both thrown away by our parents anyhow.

Yukiji: Whatever happens, I've played my part.

Hina: Onee-chan...

Yukiji: Hina.. life is... probably... life is great.

Yukiji: You were weak so I was worried, but the ten year void has made things awkward so... take care, ok?

Narration: That was my sister's last gift.

Review: Well, this was a rather touching chapter over-all. It starts out as  funny with Yukiji being Yukiji but then ends up with her showing just a bit of maturity after that boisterous display. Unfortunately, a lot of it might be lost in translation since I am not quite confident in my translations today coz mai waifu only has a bit role in this chapter.

Not much I can say about this. I didn enjoy watching Hayate and Nagi in sync, btw. They're really quite natural with each other when they're not actively thinking about things like romance and King's Jewels.

So, not much in this chapter except that Hina is rich on her own now. I dunno how that will factor in in the future, but it's Hata after all -- he's probably got something planned. Hina's reaction faces were funny and cute btw.

So, we got a week's break. See ya 8/24.

Fanart Corner: Didn't quite get the chance to finish the digital version, so here's Nagi as Squigly from Skullgirls in colored pencils.


  1. Interesting chapter, but I don't really get it. Dunno if it's about cutting the loose ends or setting up Hina for something. Maybe both.

    BTW, there was another chapter with such sync between characters, V32/C8 (#346) "And The Butler Made Them"

    1. Yeah, since they translated Yukiji's words as "it's okay to fail sometimes," some say it might be a setup for Hina's confession. Giving her a little push in the right direction.

    2. Right direction? Dunno.
      With Hayate in that mood, and Hina confessing...
      I see heads rollin'

    3. Yes, which ship do you think I'm on? I meant exactly what I said.

    4. I more or less know your preferences for the outcome, but please consider this: the level of betrayal required on that 'right direction' would make Hayate (and any heritage 'bought' at that price) absolutely unacceptable for Nagi - knowingly or unknowingly as well.

    5. I'm fine with that as well. If Hayate can't snap himself out of making such a betrayal, then he doesn't deserve Nagi at all~

    6. We'll see... My only preference about the outcome is to stay on the 'comedy' side.

  2. I like the way Hayate and Nagi are synchronized in this chapter

  3. I'd love it if hinagiku confesses to hayate. She's a great character and she doesn't deserve this torture of an anticipation regarding whether or not hayate would return her feelings. She's a go-getter and not trying at all doesn't suit her. Of course I want her to get rejected but that'll mark a new development within her, she'll realise that sometimes it's fine if she doesn't get everything she wants,perfectionist as she is; it's fine to lose sometimes. It would be good if hinagiku encourages hayate to pursue the one he loves. Most remarkable would be if nagi's image comes to hayate's mind instead of Athena's ( or any of the other girls)and he gets baffled by his own thoughts.

    1. Didn't see this comment earlier. Yup, that would defnitely be a great scenario having Nagi come into Hayate's mind as soon as he's confessed to. That would consolidate the previous version with Ayumu's confession causing him to think of Nagi's sad face.


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