Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 539: One Word, Two Thoughts -- Review and Synopsis

We've got a Maria cover again this time, but who cares when there's little Nagi on panel?

Synopsis: Child Nagi: Hey, Mom... how come you and dad got married?

Yukariko: Well... it's because I'm rich.

Child Nagi: I-impossible!

Yukario: Of course. Your dad approached me for my money.

Child Nagi: That's the worst, isn't it?

Yukariko: Eh, not exactly.

Yukariko: After that, he was attracted to my nice body~

Child Nagi: That is absolutely the worst thing to say!

Child Nagi: What about love? You fell in love, didn't you?

Yukariko: hahaha! You don't get it do you, Nagi-chan?

Yukariko: of course, there was maximum love.
Marriage is primarily for making children and for meeting one's expecations for a life time. Of course there was love.

Yukariko: That's why... if there is money even a deadbeat, useless man like papa can attain happiness!

Child Nagi: My father... was useless human being.

Nagi: As I thought, that was a sad thing to hear. I won't listen to it.

Nagi: Hayate... is certainly not a deadbeat. He's not a useless human being... I think.

(looks at Chiharu next to her and remembers the money lecture)

Nagi: But, earnestly thinking about our future together, certainly, money is important.

Nagi: Therefore... should I try to take it? For a happily married life with Hayate, should I go for the Sanzenin inheritance?

Hayate's walking alone on the street pondering on Maria's words.

Hayate: Once Maria-san is gone, one of the people that Ojou-sama relies on will be gone.

Hayate: But with what Maria said, now I'm really determined.

Hayate: Looks at the King's jewels like an idiot

Hayate: No matter what happens, I must get the Sanzenin Inheritance!

Hayate: So that even with Maria-san gone, ojou-sama can live in happiness.

Hayate: No matter what I have to use to get it, no matter what enemies I have to face (thinks of Housen and Hisui)

Hayate: I'm home!

Nagi: Hayate, welcome home!

Chiharu: Welcome back

Hayate: Ah, hello Chiharu-san, you were here huh?

Hayate: Sorry, ojou-sama. I couldn't find you choco.

Nagi: Hmm? Oh, s'fine.

Nagi: You went home separately from Maria-san. Wazzup?

Hayate: Ah, that...

Hayate: (starts thinking with a sad face about Maria again)

Hayate: It's nothing. We just divided the work between us when we searched.

Nagi: I see.

Hayate: By the way, ojou-sama... do you think it's ok if I go out for a bit?

Ever notice how much more feminine Nagi's movements are lately?

Nagi: Eh? In the middle of the night?

Chiharu: Is it something urgent, Ayasaki-kun?

Hayate: Yes. It has something to do with the Sanzenin inheritance and requires immediate attention.

Nagi: The inheritance?

She's so pretty here~

Hayate: Yup

Hayate: However, I'll be home by morning, don't worry.

Hayate: Well then...

Nagi: Wait, wait Hayate!

Nagi: Why are you suddenly...placing so much importance on the inheritance?

Hayate: Why? Well... it's important.

Don't you dare blame her for this!
Nagi: Important?

Hayate For (ojou-sama's) the future, it's important.

Nagi's version: For (our future) it's important!

Nagi: Eh, could it be... you... for that reason?

Hayate: Yup, exactly.

Nagi's thoughts: Money isn't important. As long you're in my heart, I will be happy.

Hayate: For my own sake, money isn't that important, but for ojou-sama's happiness, money is definitely important.

Hayate: (because a Maria-san will be gone in the future) If there is money, ojou-sama can be happy!

Nagi: For my (married life) happiness?

Chiharu: (lovestruck)

Nagi: I see you... (for our happily married life) for that

Hayate: Of course

Hayate: I (for ojou-sama) am thinking of a happy future

Chiharu: (Ayasaki-kun... all this for Nagi's sake)

Nagi: I see, I understand! Do your best, Hayate!

Hayate: Yes, I will! I'm goin!

Narration: The pit of misunderstanding is bottomless.

Isumi: I see... (burning something)

Isumi: This is a big deal isn't it? (with Athena)

Ok... so Hayate has caused yet another misunderstanding with his careless words. Ya know what? Here's my take on this development in a nutshell...

I mean, seriously, Ayasaki? You haven't learned a thing after all this time? Also, can we really blame Nagi (again) for this misunderstanding? There was all that foreshadowing with her thinking about both Yukariko and Chiharu's words before this and don't forget that Hayate just basically erased all of her doubts as to his feelings for her when he chose to continue being her butler despite not being indebted to her anymore. The girl desparately wants to believe that Hayate loves her and he's giving her every reason to. No, you! You cannot blame Nagi for this one as well. She is NOT partially at fault. ZETTAI NI ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Ok, you want more proof that we shouldn't blame Nagi? Look, even Chiharu thought he was being all lovey dovey with his proclamations -- and Chiharu is a pragmatic girl. Well? Well?

Lookit this poor sap

Anywayz, I absolutely loathe this development, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. First of all, haven't we had enough of the misundersanding thing? It was funny the first few times, but now this joke is just trite.

So for the light at the end of the tunnel, with how deeply Hayate has dug himself into this grave of misunderstanding, there's just no getting out cleanly that involves shipping him with someone else, I'd say.

Still, he really needs to redeem himself soon. He's got almost nothing going for him as a character at this point.

So with that said, we've got Isumi and Athena looming in the cliffhanger plotting something that only they can understand again. Meh. Let's just wait and see what happens in the next chapter.

Fanart Corner: Ok, got two pieces of fanart today. Enjoy! (One of them still isn't complete)

Nagi as Illyasviel Von Einzbern

Been playing Skullgirls. You'll know who my favorite character is based on this costume.


  1. Well, well. When a grave is so carefully and deeply diggen one might get suspicious that the burial itself will be some kind of trick... IMHO the author is overdoing this, and we know he has a tendency to mildly troll the readers.

    For me the only real development is that from now on I can take Nagi's feeling as 'love' - previously it felt more of a kind of determination or dependence instead.
    At least, she started blushing and now she acting more like a girl than just a child.

    I won't take Hayate's part so seriously this time. At least in this chapter he has only a passive role - he has been set to receive the changes thrown at him and act as he thinks will be best.
    Yeah, he's still not aware of the changes.

    BTW the end scene is about Isumi finding the broken mask of Housen (you should check the end of the previous chapter for clue).

    1. Oh, so that's what it was all about (Isumi, I mean).

      Also, I agree that there must be some kind of twist to all this when the misunderstanding thing this time is too obvious. I'm just mad that after that talk with Maria, all he got out of that was (probably) crossing off Maria as a possible target but still sticking with his (wrong) image of Nagi and his (very wrong) plan.


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