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The Sir Jigger I Knew

By Cymark Ferdinand Mirasol Former Feature Editor, USA Publications There is always much more to a person than “meets the eye” – and it’s not just because I grew up with Transformers. The fact of the matter is that no man would exemplify this phrase more than Mr. Jigger Latoza.   Although I was a member of the USA Publications Staff for a good 4 years in college, the truth is that I did not really feel the influence of the man known as Jigger Latoza or simply “Sir Jigger” during my tenure. Perhaps it is because I was too early or a little bit too late, because I can honestly attest to the fact that Sir Jigger was a lot more active after my time in the USA Publications. Nevertheless, while I never had the chance to familiarize myself with the man as one of the “pubpipol,” I was already well-acquainted with him well before I ever decided to apply for a place in the USA Pub. Sir Sid And Sir Jigger – My Mother’s Male Best Friends This is because I knew Sir Jigger as a good f

They said I could be anything I want... so I became an anime girl!


I Am Invincible - Watercolor Painting

  Just a little weekend watercolor session.