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Hayate Reflections: Painting Nagi's Smile

Kenjiro Hata has drawn many, many pictures of Nagi in his time -- which is of course only fitting since he is the author of the series in which she is the co-main heroine of. In any case, while there are many striking pin-up style and cover pictures of her. I find that her most beautiful images -- the ones that really stick out for me, are often found within some of the more nondescript panels of the manga. Those tiny moments wherein she shows an unusual expression that really highlights her character and makes her larger than life -- those are the images of her that I find most beautiful.  In fact, the one pic that I really like isn't even a full-body pic of her nor is it very detailed. I'll put it up on the screen so you can see. Yup, for me, this is the most beautiful image of her that Hata has drawn so far. Of course, this is all pretty subjective  -- and quite frankly, there are quite a few other contenders, such as those mugshots of her in chapters 567 and 568. Als

Hayate Reflections Special: Fanfic Reading of A Place of Beginnings

First of all, I want to start things off with a shoutout to Jimmie from MyArtLife and his amazingly informative art channel on youtube. Check out the channel especially if you're a Filipino and you want to learn more about the unique art supplies that you can buy from local places like National Bookstore. The videos are shot in high quality with clear, easy to follow narrations in English and sometimes in Tagalog as well. Jimmie also showcases his own art and talks us through his various techniques in mixed media on the channel. So yeah, go check it out and do like and subscribe to his videos -- he deserves it: So we have something a bit different today. A fanfic reading of my old fanfic, " A Place of Beginnings ." Full credits are in the actual video page on youtube. Fanart Corner Got quite a few pieces today. I'm including a few non-hayate related fanart. I've been hooked on Sakura Koi

Hayate Reflections Postponed To Next Week

Just a quick heads up that Hayate Reflections is postponed to next week because I was away on a 2-day road trip and because I have something special lined up for next week and need a bit of time to prepare it. Meanwhile... this week's fanart. This is a fixed version of her birthday art from 2017. The face wasn't quite right... now it is.

Hayate Reflections: The Significance Of "I Loved You"

A lot of manga readers nowadays are quite blind to many of the subtle literary clues left behind by the author and of course, when they can’t detect it, it’s automatically “bad writing.” In fact, in terms of Hayate, some of these clues are figuratively staring at you in the face, yet very few people acknowledge them.   Oh, and before you go off on a tangent, if you will readback on my blog, I have actually acknowledged certain points wherein Hata might have left behind red herrings (as they have been proven to be now) for all the other ships, but as you all know, you’ve lost. Ok,   so today, we’re going to discuss one blatant clue left behind in the manga which was confirmed and then re-confirmed twice. What I’m talking about of course, is Hayate and Athena’s iconic mutual confession scene near the end of the Golden Week arc. We all know what they say to each other, right? Obviously, if you haven’t read the manga, then you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Anyway, the

Hayate Reflections: Reality As It Should Be

So in Hata’s new series, Tonikaku Kawaii, the first actual problem between Nasa and Tsukasa has finally been introduced in the form of a new girl and a misunderstanding between the two of them. As someone else has noted, it’s now beginning to look a lot more like Hayate. Of course, unlike Hayate wherein the story is about a couple who overcome misunderstandings and get together in the end, Tonikaku Kawaii is a story about a couple who are together from the start and then undergo misunderstandings – but hey, don’t quote me on this. I’m just paraphrasing the author himself. Anyway, I find it rather off-putting how modern anime and manga enthusiasts get triggered by the smallest inkling of a threat on their ship. It’s not even about expectations anymore. Modern fans have become so spoiled that they actually want to have an active part in the development of an ongoing story. Sure, this is fine if you’re playing an MMO, but if you’re just following an ongoing fiction story writt