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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 507: Karakoi -- Review and Synopsis

What was this "warmth?" By the way, this chapter cover is very similar to my fanfic cover here Synopsis: While Nagi is asleep, Hayate confronts Sakuya as to why she is really here in Las Vegas. Sakuya then directly asks him if he would quit as Nagi's butler if he were to win the 150 million on this school trip. Hayate hesitates but also declares that it's been a fun nine months being Nagi's butler. He then ominously says that he feels that he's making a huge mistake and that he feels it's going to end before too long. The narrator states that "they lack 'love.'" Sakuya says that it's ok to feel uneasy about things. They then move to a discussion about the Sanzen'in Inheritance and Hisui Hatsushiba's role. Sakuya informs Hayate that if Nagi loses the inheritance this time, it's going to be permanent. Also, she says that if Nagi wins the inheritance then these fun days can continue as long as Hayate doesn't quit

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 506: Older Female Relatives Tend Not To Mind Their Own Business -- Review and Synopsis

Nice background art here. I notice Hata can do some pretty detailed BGs when he wants to. Synopsis: Continuing from where the story left off. Nagi and Hayate meet up with Sakuya who explains that she's here because Mikado said this trip would be important for deciding who gets the inheritance... in other words, she has nothing better to do. Nagi explains that this school trip has not been very fun and Sakuya can't have that, so she decides to make it fun by randomly going up to Isumi and pressing her completer. Kananiwa reveals to Yukiji and Sonia that if there's more than one individual left in the competition when the time is up, then everyone is disqualified. I'm here to stare at your cute face, Nagi... that's what! Meanwhile, Yukiji meets up with Hayate and Nagi and tries to buy off Hayate with one million yen to press his completer. She reveals that she has been buying off the other competitors using Aika's money. However, Aika herself meets up wi

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 505: Please Read Ad Astra Per Aspera -- Review and Synopsis

Nagi Cover FTW! Synopsis: Nagi cover! Yes IEEEYESSU! Nagi: EFFIN NEW SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT! Hayate: Have you gone nuts again, ojou-sama? Nagi: Listen, stupid! The author has a new series, see? Hayate: Oh it's AD Nagi: Yeah, it's AD! Maria: What a stupid title eh? LOL Nagi: Finally, the time has come eh? For this manga to be censored Maria and Hayate: ... Hayate: Nah Maria: Yearh, it hasn't been decided yet Nagi: TAKE THAT! Here's the effin evidence! Words on magazine: The serialization of the manga will leave this magazine Hayate: Ahh... Nagi: This is us, isn't it? This is definitely us! Hayate: Everything will be daijobu. It's been more than ten years and it seems this manga is not that good. Nagi: Whadja talkin about!? Maria: More imporantly Nagi: WTF are you babblin on now, Maria? Maria: Where do you think this new series is going? Nagi: Where do I think? Hayate: Btw, Ad's first chapter has like 83 pages Nagi: 83 peygeeee? Hayate: Yearh, and full color