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Hayate Reflections: Elements of Joy - A Hayate The Combat Butler Poem by Roop Banerjee

Elements of Joy - (by Roop Banerjee) -They’re rare to find, But remain hidden In plain sight. A beautiful smile, Unconventional thoughts, A strange talk. Cut off by rain. Expecting help? No one is there. More talk, Whispering mode, Bitter comfort. Deafening silence, The eyes speak all, Green to blue. The rain stops, There's darkness around, It's shivering cold. Huddled close, Moonlit night, Waiting for death. Drowsy eyes, Unwanted conversation, Slower pace. Entwined fingers, Tighter grip, Latent heat. Hours go by, Eyes close shut, Dreams arrive. Floating among clouds, Ceiling of stars, Galaxy path. Myriads of colours, Swirling into depths, Ring of darkness. Streams of light, Rush of wind, Water droplets. Wet hair entangled, Fingers still entwined, The night has been survived. Perplexed at the courage, Expecting death? Just defeated that. Beautiful smiles, Green and blue ey

Hayate Reflections: The HayaNagi Love Story -- Hayate's Side

Last week, I talked a bit about Nagi's side of the love story. This time, it's Hayate's turn. I actually used the glossy back cover of vol. 52 as well as a piece of Pokemon art as reference for this one. When it come to Hayate, his feelings for Nagi are a bit harder to pinpoint because he never overtly admits to anything. It's not something that a lot of people are used to seeing in this day and age, but I think it's also an intentional design by Hata to make both main characters the perfect foils for each other. Foil and Contrast There is a lot of contrast in Hayate and Nagi. For one, they are complementary opposites by design. Initially, Hayate is super capable and just about perfect at everything except his bad luck, meanwhile, Nagi, while mentally gifted and blessed with amazing luck is lazy and described by Hayate himself to be a failure of a human being. Therefore, it is justifiable that while Nagi's feelings were always out in the open and eas

The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku: Light Novel Review

I recently finished reading a light novel that I bought on a whim. I saw it inside a local bookstore and seeing that it was Miku on the front cover and it was in fact a Hatsune Miku novel, I just knew I had to have it. Anyway, I went into this novel without any strong expectations. Of course, as a vocaloid fan, I was familiar with Cosmo BousouP and the song that this novel is based on. With that said, I had no idea what kind of writer this person was nor was I any more familiar with the co-writer, Muya Agami. Naturally, this has nothing to do with Agami-san’s ability nor fame as a light novelist, but with my own lack of experience in the genre.  With that said, “The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku: The Novel” just resonated well with me all throughout. It gave me just the right amount of all the little things that I like to experience in a good story and for me, despite a few parts that felt fairly rushed, this was a very satisfying story to read. A Vocaloid Origin Story Th

Hayate Reflections: The HayaNagi Love Story -- Nagi's Side

Sure, there's a lot of extra stuff in the two Hayate limited edition booklets that came with volumes 51 and 52 but ya know what? I don't really find them all that interesting apart from the Hayanagi-related editorials from Hata. I've also already covered Maria's after story last week. Anyway, this week, I'd like to talk about one aspect of Sanzen'in Nagi that I really love and that would be: her love for Hayate. Let us proceed: Underrated Development When people talk of a "well developed love story" in the context of Hayate no Gotoku!, manga readers would quickly point towards Hayate x Athena and alternatively Hayate x Ruka or Hayate x Hina and even Hayate x Ayumu or Hayate x Maria. Hayate x Nagi is never an option except for Nagi shippers -- and we are very few and far between. Why is this so exactly? Are we Nagi shippers simply wrong and deluded? Well, perhaps... but as to the question of who is right or wrong, I think that's a pretty bigo

Samantha And The Pieces Of A Heart: Chapter 7: Finale + Author's Notes

Previous Chapter With no regard for her own safety, Samantha flung herself up and over into the well. Her one and only goal was to retrieve her precious heart pieces that Professor Ian had purposely tossed inside. “Hrumph! Got you!” Suddenly, Samantha felt a powerful arm wrap around her waist from behind. “D-Dr. Rationale? Please, let me go! I need to get my heart pieces back.” Dr. Rationale, who had hoisted Samantha to safety, shook his head as he gently placed the little girl down on the ground. “There’s no need to jump in after them, Sam,” Dr. Rationale said calmly. “Eh?” “Right, we’ll get them back for you,” a familiar voice said from behind. “A-Antoinette? You made it out!” Antoinette placed her hand on Dr. Rationale’s shoulder. “Yes, a few moments after you got out, the doors opened again and there was my husband waiting for me. I must say, it was quite a remarkable reunion, wasn’t it, darling?” “Wait, you mean… ?” Antoinette nodded in reply.

Samantha And The Pieces Of A Heart Chapter 6: Heart To “Heart”

Previous Chapter With five heart pieces down and two to go, Samantha had a spring in her step as she bounced along to her next destination. She took a quick glance at the list that Dr. Rationale had given her and then confirmed her next heading. Along the way, she came upon two girls who were playing house with a foldable pop-up tent, or rather, two girls who wanted to play house, but for some reason were not. As Samantha got closer, she noticed that they looked quite sad – almost as if they were about to cry. You might have realized this by now, but Samantha was simply not one to ignore someone who was in trouble. “What’s wrong, girls? Why do you look so sad?” Asked Samantha. “Our friend Anna and her family moved away to a different neighborhood today.” Said one of the girls. “We used to play house together – just the three of us. Milly as the Mother, Chloe, that’s me by the way, as the father, and Anna as our child, but starting today… we won’t be able to do that any

Samantha And The Pieces Of A Heart Chapter 5: The Hate Driven Boy

Previous Chapter “I guess he’s not here anymore.” Samantha had meant to stop by at Dr. John Rationale’s house just before she continued on in her quest, but the good doctor was not at home at the moment, therefore she simply moved on. Her next destination was a riverbank where an oddly unique boy was hanging out. The place was only a short distance away from Dr. Rationale’s house and after 10-15 minutes of walking, Samantha arrived. There were plenty of people by the riverbank. Most were kids who liked to stop by here before coming home from school. In the distance, Samantha caught sight of a boy who looked exactly as Dr. Rationale had described. He was sitting by the shore throwing and throwing stones by himself into the river. Apparently, he was trying to make them bounce, but he didn’t seem to be very good at it. Every once in a while, he’d get a stone that bounced two or three times, but most of them sunk immediately. There must have been something wrong with his technique

Hayate Reflections: Volume 52 Limited Extra Story: The Future Beyond

Synopsis: This is an extra Maria after story that comes with the limited edition Hayate Great Reflection book from volume 52 of the manga. Basically, Maria reflects on how she was born alone, met a lot of important people, but in the end, she is alone once again. The world is still wide and there are lots of things to see, so she decides to move ahead. (The timeline appears to be the 2 year gap between chapters 567 and 568 of the manga and before the extra epilogue in volume 52.) Nanahi Yakumo. Her character design is kinda similar to Hina, but her personality is definitely based on Nagi. Anyway, after that rather touchingly worded intro and Maria narrating that she's super rich and super capable, we are introduced to a new character -- a girl named Nanahi Yakumo who wants to become a viral youtuber basically. She spots Maria introducing herself as the local nursery school's new maid and immediately decides that an interesting person has appeared and she has to make a v