Hayate Reflections: Elements of Joy - A Hayate The Combat Butler Poem by Roop Banerjee

Elements of Joy -
(by Roop Banerjee)

-They’re rare to find,
But remain hidden
In plain sight.
A beautiful smile,
Unconventional thoughts,
A strange talk.
Cut off by rain.
Expecting help?
No one is there.
More talk,
Whispering mode,
Bitter comfort.
Deafening silence,
The eyes speak all,
Green to blue.
The rain stops,
There's darkness around,
It's shivering cold.
Huddled close,
Moonlit night,
Waiting for death.
Drowsy eyes,
Unwanted conversation,
Slower pace.
Entwined fingers,
Tighter grip,
Latent heat.
Hours go by,
Eyes close shut,
Dreams arrive.
Floating among clouds,
Ceiling of stars,
Galaxy path.
Myriads of colours,
Swirling into depths,
Ring of darkness.
Streams of light,
Rush of wind,
Water droplets.
Wet hair entangled,
Fingers still entwined,
The night has been survived.
Perplexed at the courage,
Expecting death?
Just defeated that.
Beautiful smiles,
Green and blue eyes,
Unconventional thoughts.
An eternal moment,
An endless life,
Everlasting hope.
Elements of Joy,
Remain hidden,
In plain sight.

Fanart Corner: I was able to finish this CG for the week. Her clothes and eyes are based on Eromanga Sensei's art style. I'll share my thoughts on the poem in the comments a bit later. I'd like people to read/listen to it without any preconceived notions first, if possible.

Text: Even if one year, three years, or ten years may pass, my love will remain unchanged. (based on 40mP's "Initial Song")


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