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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 504: This is a Story of Friendship -- Review and Synopsis

Any bets on when we'll start seeing a loli Yukariko doujin? Synopsis: This chapter is basically Kananiwa talking to mikado and revealing how Yukariko, Himegami and everyone else fall into the king's jewel plot. We learn that Yukariko found the stones when she was a little girl and this triggered everything regarding the royal power. Anyway, Kananiwa is using the school trip to find a worthy candidate to open the royal garden. Also Athena was eavesdropping the whole time and thinks something should be done about Kananiwa. Mikado says he's got this. Also, it seems Kananiwa is a relative of Mikado's and possibly a candidate for his inheritance. Review: Well... ya know, lots of interesting revelations about the King's Jewels plot and all here, but... no Nagi no like for this blogger. But yeah, plot is moving along at a steady clip, so I suppose it's time to speculate on who becomes Kananiwa's candidate? Well... there are three possibilities the way

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 503: The Goblin of Las Vegas -- Review and Synopsis

She's either wearing a g-string or nothing at all for her skirt to be digging into her ass the way it is in this cover. Synopsis:  Kananiwa and Wataru's mother are havin a little conversation and it seems they know each other... and Kananiwa's here to talk about KING's JEWELS BUSINESS! (meh) Then we get a totally unrelated page involving Maria... oh wait, it's Hayate dreaming about Maria. Anyway, he wakes up and finds that it's just Nagi in front of him (Hayate, you poor tasteless fool). Nagi says that it's just the demon of Las Vegas. It's because this manga isn't popular anymore... is it going to be alright? She says that weak-spirited people need to watch out. Anyway, Nagi breaks the 4th wall for a while, but the gist of it is that Wataru's mother is in Las Vegas. Back to the old hags and their King's Jewels conversation. It seems that they came across the jewel before while they were playing hide and seek as kid