Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 504: This is a Story of Friendship -- Review and Synopsis

Any bets on when we'll start seeing a loli Yukariko doujin?
Synopsis: This chapter is basically Kananiwa talking to mikado and revealing how Yukariko, Himegami and everyone else fall into the king's jewel plot. We learn that Yukariko found the stones when she was a little girl and this triggered everything regarding the royal power. Anyway, Kananiwa is using the school trip to find a worthy candidate to open the royal garden. Also Athena was eavesdropping the whole time and thinks something should be done about Kananiwa. Mikado says he's got this. Also, it seems Kananiwa is a relative of Mikado's and possibly a candidate for his inheritance.

Review: Well... ya know, lots of interesting revelations about the King's Jewels plot and all here, but... no Nagi no like for this blogger. But yeah, plot is moving along at a steady clip, so I suppose it's time to speculate on who becomes Kananiwa's candidate?

Well... there are three possibilities the way I see it.

Nagi: Coz she's gonna be so in despair over possibly losing Hayate and stuff.

Hinagiku: I dunno... just insert your favorite rationale here, I 'm sure others can think of this stuff better than me. Anyway, she's apparently important to the plot right now and she's part of the school excursion, so...

Third party interference: Time for Hisui Hatsushiba to come in since she hasn't made a move in a long time and does not appear to be in cahoots with Kananiwa.

Anyway, I dunno... but just lemme say it again: I really like Kananiwa's character for some reason. Sure, not as much as I love Nagi, but yeah...

By the way, I'm totally shipping Mikado x Athena right about now... it's wrong and I know it!
I mean... they're together even in the OVA with a picture of Nagi and Hayate married.
Fanart corner: Man, I am soo lazy to finish my fanart these days. Here are a few. One finished and one unfinished... that is all. See ya next chapter!

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