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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 483: It's Unclear If This Is The Only Neat Thing To Do -- Review and Synopsis

Maybe it's about time for me to get to that "Hina as Archer" fanart that I mentioned about a year ago. Synopsis: Hinagiku is mulling over the scene she witnessed between Hayate and Ayumu. She commends the hamster for her aggression and it also doesn't escape her that Ayumu implied that Hayate has already kissed another girl so she steps out to stalk Hayate investigate. Meanwhile Hayate is at loser park and he's all ready to go home when he stumbles upon Konoha who apologizes to him for some reason. He apologizes right back and tells her that he should have been better at "dodging."  Anyway, Hayate makes it clear that he cannot go out with Konoha and so the girl says her farewell. At that moment, Hinagiku appears from behind and surprises Hayate by asking him why he rejected such a cute girl. Hayate goes into emo mode and explains how Konoha's feelings were probably a mistake and that no girl could fall in love with him except by mistake.

Why Steins;Gate Is One Of The Best Anime I've Ever Seen

Now as you may be well aware of (or not) I'm not a hard reviewer to please. Pretty often, when I start watching a particular series, I'd try my best to get into it and enjoy it -- even if there are certain elements of the show that don't exactly agree with me.  However, every once in a while, there's that certain anime series that just really clicks with me and Steins;Gate just happens to be one of those -- which is the rationale for the title of this review. Seriously, I haven't found myself this hooked on a show since AIR from 2005 -- although, you shouldn't let this color your perception of Steins;Gate since the story has zero similarities with AIR.  I stumbled upon the series completely by chance (since I generally ignore what is/was making waves in the anime/manga community) when a friend on Facebook said that it was pretty good and I saw that there was going to be a PS Vita localization of the original source material, the Visual Novel. Initially,

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 482: Committed To The Result -- Review and Synopsis

Honestly, she looks like she not only came from another era, but another manga altogether. Synopsis: So, Ayumu asks Hayate if he'd kiss her too while she's in her school swimsuit. Naturally, Hinagiku had to pick this particular moment to come home and catch them in the act. Hina's shocked face is too cute here. Feeling embarrassed and out of place, she quickly turns away and tells them to continue whatever it is they were doing. LOL! Go on, continue! Since everything's gone awkward now, Ayumu decides to change back into her regular clothes and Hayate agrees. Next up, we check in with Athena and Isumi inside the secret room in the Violet Mansion who are still trying to figure out King's Jewels related stuff and trying to reconcile some inconsistencies with what they now know about the King's Jewels and what Mikado said. Since they have no leads, Isumi pulls out an iPad Mini and makes it out to be some kind of magic box wherein a robot who can

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 481: This Is What Happens When A Normal Person Tries -- Review And Synopsis

That looks like a rather painful pose. Synopsis: When we last left our unlucky indebted butler, the hamster AKA Ayumu Nishizawa was apparently seducing him by inviting him to take a bath with her while they were alone in the violet mansion.  Hah! Didn't see this one coming. In this chapter, Ayumu takes off her towel completely only to reveal that she's actually fully clothed underneath with some very short, shorts and some kind of tube top. Hayate's like "wtf did I get myself into now?" Still, while taking her bath alone, Ayumu ponders Hayate's reaction and she is pleased that he does think of her as a girl and that he actually blushed when she made the offer. You are, actually. Although your face looks more like Nagi. She decides it's time to go on the offensive. Having finished her bath, she dons her middle-school and goes up to greet Hayate. Of course, this being Hayate, he immediately gets evasive and tells her that he'd pre

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 480: Being A Girl Is Tough -- Review and Synopsis

Can anyone can tell me what that "heal people's hearts" is a reference to? Astro Boy maybe? Synopsis: Having stuffed herself with an expensive rice dish courtesy of Fumi and Sharna, Ell-chan declares that she's now fully recharged and ready to do her master's bidding... as soon as she's fully dressed. Fumi offers to give her some of her own clothes, but she calls them hand-me-downs and Sharna points out that she doesn't seem too happy, so Fumi buys her some new clothes instead. After that, Ell-chan declares that she is now really ready to serve her master, but her stomach starts growling indicating that she's hungry again. For some reason, Fumi and Sharna decide that it's a good idea to go to Nagi's place and ask her for help regarding the energy efficiency of their android. Nagi makes some obscure reference to some jdrama that I totally don't get and then proceeds to scrutinize ell-chan. She says that she's really well-made a

Hatsune Miku Ai Kotoba PS Vita wallpaper

Ai ga to, ari ga tou~ Here's a new Hatsune Miku PS Vita homescreen wallpaper I just made.  Edited version to prevent Miku's head from being cropped: Miku was drawn based on the Ai Kotoba/Love Words song DLC by Deco*27 for Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd as shown here: This is the original background that I made for this fanart. As always, feel free to share/repost the wallpaper, but please give me credit for the artwork. Loop Start playing when buffered ( Only Notify ) - % Smart Buffer Estimated Time: Donate to SmartVideo! Global Preferences Loop Start playing when buffered ( Only Notify ) - % Smart Buffer Estimated Time: Donate to SmartVideo! Global Preferences