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The Secretary of Death -- Visual Novel Review

You can download this visual novel for your PC at When a story about death turns out to be one of the most uplifting experiences you’ve had all week, then you just know that you’ve read a good one. Today, let’s talk about a visual novel called “Secretary of Death” by ATP projects. Now let’s get one thing straight before we continue: mikey, the author, has always been a good friend of mine, but let me assure you that if that influenced this review at all – it wasn’t conscious on my part at least. Therefore, my conscience is clear. So anyway, let’s start off with the premise of the story. Basically, Hiroaki, the first-person narrator of this story is literally, a secretary working for death – or one of many deaths. His boss, Aleksandra is a female “death” working within the jurisdiction of his town and it’s Hiroaki’s job to ensure that she stays on schedule everyday – you know, just like a normal secretary, except that his boss is death.