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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 451: I Love Curry -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis: Athena concludes her talk with Ikusa who still insists that he can't remember a thing. However, Athena says that she's extracted enough information and that her "companion" will take care of the rest. Also, she warns Ikusa that Hayate might still win the competition, but Ikusa is skeptical that anyone can make that much money in 3 days. Athena counters by telling him that Hayate is off to find a secret spice that might just swing the odds in his favor. A-tan, you ******* schemer! On another part of the island, we go back to Hinagiku and Hayate. Hayate's had just about enough of the "being scared of ghosts thing" and says that they won't do that part this time while touching Hina on the shoulder (Hata makes it a point to emphasize the shipteasing panels).  Oh noez! It's a ghost! Hayate is all business about finding this secret spice and pokes fun at the absurdity of finding such a thing considering they don't even know what

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 450: Make Sure To Enter -- Review and Synopsis

LOL! You totally called it on that chapter cover, Doughnut Gunso . Looks like Nagi grew a bit. She's at least  up to Hayate's Neck right now if this picture is to be believed. Synopsis: Athena finally confronts Ikusa on murder island and he calls her a “blonde mourning girl.” He’s apparently lost his memories, so she tries to help him get them back… with her magic memory recover hammer conjured from hammerspace. Of course, Ikusa effortlessly destroys it, because he’s right. Only an idiot would stand still and let that thing hit him. Ikusa calls Athena a “well-endowed exhibitionist girl” as Athena conjures several of her memory recover hammers to “attack” Ikusa. After much couple-bickering and after calling Athena a “transformation-tis drill-hair girl, Athena notices that she’s got only 10:23 minutes left in her original form and asks Ikusa to just let her return his memories and tells him about how he might have saved her ten years ago from the Royal Garden and that h

1000 Words - A Hayate The Combat Butler Photo Essay

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words -- so let's put this age-old saying to the test with this photo-essay. Hayate is NOT happy being with Nagi. "Passing the hat" is an insignificant metaphor because she said, "she might not return it next time..." OK? This stone is the key to my inheritance and for whatever reason, you look troubled because of it. Goodbye, my inheritance and millionaire heiress lifestyle As you can see in this panel, this was clearly irresponsible and unreasonable of Nagi. I mean, it really doesn't show how much she loves Hayate at all... not at all! Also, that narration about seeing the future is absolutely NOT foreshadowing anything except an eventual Athena x Hayate ending, yup! This too is NOT foreshadowing anything. You got that, Hayate? Can't Take My Eyes Off You contradicts the manga! It will NOT be canon! Hata just wanted to draw an apple there for no apparent reason. NOT c