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Happy Birthday, Miku-chan!

On August 31st 2007, Hatsune Miku was born and changed the world forever! Sadly, I don't have enough time to draw fanart for the occasion, so you'll have to do with this sweet song I'm sharing by Deco*27 with additional pianos by one of my favorite Vocaloid Ps, 40mP. My Japanese is a bit hazy, but the song is most likely a "thank you" song to Miku for being born on this day. (The video upload is not mine, obviously.) Thanks to Shinico from youtube for reprinting this video from NicoNico

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 462: Explaining it Again -- Synopsis and Review

Synopsis: Continuing on from where we left off in the previous chapter, Nagi and Athena are now eating shaved ice while discussing the King's Jewel thing -- and they are surprisingly in sync with each other! Finally! I can get down to my seryaz buzinezz! They discuss the possibility that Mikado could be hiding a King's Jewel inside his castle all while Hayate is absolutely clueless as to what is going on. Finally, it's decided that taking the King's Jewel that Mikado has and presenting it to him is a good way to win back Nagi's inheritance because it's not stealing at all! It's just being kind! Being smart is one of Nagi's main character traits. Accept it, haters! With that said, Nagi, Maria and Hayate pay Mikado a visit and put the plan into action. After a brief banter between Nagi and Mikado, she pretends to get all sulky after one of her Grandfather's usual pokes and says she's going to her room for a nap and takes Hayate along with

About Atrium Iloilo's Carpark Policy

I usually don't post much about real life, but when I do, it's usually a rant/complaint... so with this in mind, read on. Here in Iloilo City, there's this little-known 4-floor shopping mall known as "The Atrium" located at the very heart/center of the city. It sits adjacent to a hospital and is only a few blocks away from four other significant shopping malls here: Gaisano City, SM Delgado, Marymart Mall and Robinsons Place Iloilo.  The Atrium has a 2nd floor carpark, which I happened to make use of today after dropping off my mother at the University of San Agustin. Inside the mall, I had some breakfast at McDonald's and then proceeded to make my way out of the building to buy some medicine on an errand for my mother at a drugstore a few blocks away; because everyone knows that the in-house drugstore of The Atrium sells ridiculously overpriced medicine. This is when I experienced The Atrium's militant carpark policy first-hand. You see, as soon

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 461: And Sometimes See a Movie -- Review and Synopsis

Unfortunately, no one really cares that much. Synopsis: Chiharu points out the obvious that despite the happy-happy ending that Hayate got, he still didn't get the King's Jewel required to win back Nagi's inheritance. Alice chimes in to say that she knows where another King's Jewel could be found, but is quickly interrupted by a scream from Nagi. This is a matter of monumental importance! Hayate rushes over to see what's up and it seems that a manga that Nagi was reading went with a bad ending. Alice tries to continue from where she left off about her important info regarding the King's jewel; she is dead-set on advancing the plot at all costs! However, Nagi is totally uninterested and says to just send her the info on Line because she wants to watch the new Godzilla movie. Hayate and Maria conclude that with all her delaying tactics, Nagi just wants to procrastinate instead of actually doing something productive -- even if it's something as import

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 460: The Sea Is With Us -- Synopsis and Review

Synopsis: In the face of the apocalypse , Red-Hawk Scanlations comes through with another chapter of Hayate The Combat Butler, and this time, it's the end of the beach arc. The chapter picks up where the last one left-off with Hayate being successfully rescued by Ikusa. A-tan is a little schemer. We learn immediately that it was Isumi who shot that magical bolt of lightning at the King's Jewel and that it was upon Athena's (now in Alice form) request/command/manipulation. Et-tu, Isumi? Nagi confronts Hayate and Ikusa and confirms that her butler is fine, but Hayate is feeling down about not getting the stone. Of course, Nagi tells him that it's fine because that's not what they came here for in the first place. Just as Hayate is ready to conclude that everything is fine and that things all worked out in the end, Nagi reminds him that he still hasn't won the competition. After a brief pause, Ikusa tells him that "this and that are different thi