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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 548: Creation From Light -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis:  Hisui: At last, you're kneeling before me. Hisui: Now to take teh stone~ Hayate: Why is it amidst all this destruction this kid Hayate: Still wants to win this fight. She just won't stop. Hisui: Here I come~ Hayate: Awww c'mon, lez stop fighting (time for you to join my harem) Hisui: Isn't this what you wished for? Yozora: Yes~ s'awright. Wait a sec, I'm a bit busy right now. Isumi: Are wa? Athena: Who ya gonna call? (ghost busters) Yozora: Yeah, yeah, guess it can't be helped. Yozora: Anywayz, my role ends here. I leave the rest to you. Person on Denwa: Gotcha, be there in 2 minutes~ Athena: Where ya goin? Hayate and his desperate fighting style. Yozora: Who knows? :D Now, let's settle this shall we? Hisui: Afraid to take me on bare-handed? You effin butler!? Effin Butler: I'll do anything to win! Hisui: Then I'll slice ya to pieces~ Effin Butler: I gotz teh timing~ Hisui: Effin let me go, Yozora! Yozora: Hisui, you can't

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 547: Hayate vs Hisui!! The Must See Last Battle! - Review and Synopsis

Synopsis: Greetings! Early spoilers from lordcloudx fail translations at your service. Hayate: As expected, this kid doesn't hesitate... this person... Hisui: shyaaaa 0_0! Hayate: Shit... Hayate looks all cool here... just before he gets beat up Hayate: This is really dangerous ain't it? These blades? Hisui: So what? This is a life and death struggle, isn't it? Hisui: You've gotta be prepared to put your life on the line if you stand against me. Hayate: Kaa! (lol! good job, hi-chan) Hayate: You've gotta be kidding me. How is this kid moving like this? Hayate: b-but if you kill me then you'll never know where I hid the stone, right? Hisui: My friggin huge snake eyeballs can see that you hid it in your right pocket. Hayate: Na-nande!? Hisui: You dun get, do ya? Hayate: w-what? Hisui: I knew everything from the start. Hayate: F-from the start? Hisui: All your efforts were for nothing. I knew from the start. I knew from the start. Hisui: I can see everything fr

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 546: Spiral Mirror Bliss Theater -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis : Hisui: Mataku, why'd you come here in the middle of da night? Hisui: You're a bit lacking in common sense, ain't ya? Hayate: Sorry, didn't have time to push the intercom. Hisui: So, ya lookin for this? (shows em the stone) I gotz ya stone right here~ Hayate: Are wa! Athena: Watashi no ishi Hisui: N? Hisui: Yozora? Who da shrimp? Yozora: Eh? lovely, isn't she? Yozora: AA... are wa Tennousu Athena desu Hisui: Tennousu? Hisui: Could this be the old man's favorite, Tennousu Athena? But I thought she was 17 or 18. Yozora: yearh.... Hisui is crazy... I like her. Yozora: She used the royal power with da king's jewel or somethin and then lost her memories. Yozora: To cure the illness of death, Tennousu Athena used the royal powah 10 years ago. (I dunno whose death she's talkin about. Seems to be Athena's or it could be Mikado's) Yozora: Father assigned the Tennousu House to protect... Yozora: Anywayz, various things happened