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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 548: Creation From Light -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis:  Hisui: At last, you're kneeling before me.

Hisui: Now to take teh stone~

Hayate: Why is it amidst all this destruction this kid

Hayate: Still wants to win this fight. She just won't stop.

Hisui: Here I come~

Hayate: Awww c'mon, lez stop fighting (time for you to join my harem)

Hisui: Isn't this what you wished for?

Yozora: Yes~ s'awright. Wait a sec, I'm a bit busy right now.

Isumi: Are wa?

Athena: Who ya gonna call? (ghost busters)

Yozora: Yeah, yeah, guess it can't be helped.

Yozora: Anywayz, my role ends here. I leave the rest to you.

Person on Denwa: Gotcha, be there in 2 minutes~

Athena: Where ya goin?

Hayate and his desperate fighting style.

Yozora: Who knows? :D Now, let's settle this shall we?

Hisui: Afraid to take me on bare-handed? You effin butler!?

Effin Butler: I'll do anything to win!

Hisui: Then I'll slice ya to pieces~

Effin Butler: I gotz teh timing~

Hisui: Effin let me go, Yozora!

Yozora: Hisui, you can't beat Ayasaki Hayate right now.

Hisui: Nani?

Effin Butler: Are wa?

Hisui: Lemme go! We need that thing.

Yozora: Ya need to understand...

Yozora: Hisui, this is my last present.

Yozora: Use this and become the king.

Yozora: It was an honor to have met you.

Sorry, but I feel nothing for you. You look cute here though.

Hisui: :( Yozora...?

Effin Butler: Nani?

Effin Butler: Are wa-----

Effin Butler: Blargh~

Hisui: Thanks for that...

Hisui: Now then, with this I shall be Ki--

Athena: With this, you gonna give up, right?

Isumi: Sorry but, this is the end of the line, right?

Hisui: I see...

Hisui: It's a shame but...

Hisui: We're out of time~

Isumi: Eh?

Athena: Nani?

Denwa Man: Sorry, I'm a bit later than 2 minutes.

Hisui: S'awight. I got this.

Hayate: Dare!?

Isumi: Are wa... (shaky shaky)

Hisui: Sorry for the late intro.

Hisui: Meet mah butler (who is more bad-ass than Hayate who can't beat a little girl)

Hisui: Himegami~

So many developments this chapter... most of them stuff that I dun really care about. We have the big fat reveal that Yozora did indeed call Himegami -- well, we all knew this, right? Also, he is apparently Hisui's butler.

Also, Yozora suddenly decided to disappear into thin air -- apparently forever... bye, Yozora-chan, we hardly knew you. Really, her goodbye had zero impact because all we ever knew is that she's a manipulative character. In this chapter though, we're shown that she seems to genuinely care for Hisui.

Ok, so we're also shown that Athena can indeed use her unlimited blade works magic even without Midas' influence.

Never cross a servant-level magus,

Oh, and Skeleton Midas suddenly pounced on Hayate from out of nowhere... dunno what that was all about.

Anyway, I didn't really think much of this chapter because as usual, the main characters are just being played like tools by the villains. Still, Hisui is just as awesome as ever. It's good that we're shown a moment of weakness to her in this chapter. I'm sure Hayate almost had her and would have won the fight if Yozora hadn't intervened. With that said, we can definitely count on Hisui being better prepared next time.

Ok, here's the thing. Hisui managed to pick up one of Hayate's stones. Seems she wants to become the king or somethin... dunno wazzup with that.

K, that's that. Not much to review here. Also, dun forget to support Hata and buy the manga. Vol. 49 is out.

Himegami: Damn, I'm bad-ass!

Also, it was Hata's birthday yesterday. I just tweeted some birthday art and senpai noticed me~

Awright, that's it for now. Hata's takin a 2-3 week break. See ya then~

Fanart Corner:
The first one is a Nagi meme and goes with anything. Feel free to use it. Anywayz, here ya go~

Hata's drawing not mine. I just traced it and added the colors... and finished her hair lines



  1. Congratulations for ^_^

  2. Classic Hayate winning through cheap tricks

    1. Hayate is one of the strongest characters of the series and yet he prefer to win via cheap tricks. Hisui if we assumed he is stronger than Hayate fight with no prudence or subtle approach using to much energy and leaving openings

    2. I think it's more about self-restrains than about cheap tricks.
      If it's a trick then that trick is about remaining human despite the excessive strength.

  3. I'm eager to see Nagi being involved here and surpass Athena by intelligence.

    1. Oh yes, that would be so amazing. Not that I have anything against athena, but I would love nagi to gain some spotlight through her wit.

    2. I'm all for that. By the way, I have this gut feeling that Nagi is the one who gave Hisui her scar via a fencing match.

    3. Both nagi and hisui seem to be gifted in their own ways. But while hisui's goal is extremely high, nagi wants to become a mangaka and lead a normal life. I would love if the two face off in a battle where others would somehow, be forced to be uninvolved and the battle would entirely be between the two girls.

  4. I think Himegami's strength is beyond Hayate. Maybe who will fight with him is not Hayate but his brother.

    1. Who knows Hayate don't fight fair

    2. According to some foreshadows, Hayate will die (a gruesome, but: not necessarily final death).

      Also, Hayate's brother is bound to save him once at some point.

      This all adds up only if the final match will be in that castle.

      I think it's also an important clue that decent part of that harem is still around (I guess Hina with those swords will be quite important).

      The 'legal' tickets to that match (the stones) are already sold out, so maybe Nagi will find a loophole to enter there without a stone used? To save (wish back) Hayate? That would fit her nicely.

    3. Nagi has a stone. Wataru gave her his stone.

    4. One stone, one ticket to enter as I take it.
      But so far Hina, Maria, Nagi (and maybe others as well) would wanna' participate, just from the 'good' side.
      As it was set up it'll be one pretty crowded last scene I guess.

    5. I think the more important takeaway here is that Hayate is now all set to break Nagi's heart and open the path with an explosion of negative emotions. Nagi has a stone and Hayate is unaware of it.

    6. I thought he will get really hurt from Hinegami to make nagi have an explosion of negative emotion

    7. I don't think that will be enough for Nagi. She believes that Hayate is invincible no matter how much he gets hurt after all. The setup has always been for Hayate to betray her feelings.

    8. I mean he might loose a limb

  5. finally hata gave us himegami.i was gushing at the last page. by the looks of it he will mean business.reason he quit being nagi's butler: king's jewel and his sis, but i wanted more from himegami than just a guy after power.

    'Skeleton Midas suddenly pounced on Hayate'--i believe that was the parting gift of yozora. she attacked hayate and secured the kj for hisui.
    i agree with you, yozora was not an impactful char. she came out of nowhere, badass maid then suddenly the exposition she is daughter of god??

    and is it me or there is subtle hints in the chappie that yozora likes/loves hisui.

    1. Yeah, in this chapter and there was some foreshadowing in the previous one. Even the way she rescued Hisui via a sweetheart carry. Pretty reminiscent of Hayate.

  6. I wonder if the manga will go on as the story of "Can't take my eyes off you" when the time mentioned in the season will come.

    1. The timeline of that season was already replaced by the level 5 arc. Ruri Tsugumi even made her official manga appearance there.

    2. Thanks a lot ��. I didn't noticed it properly. But Ruri was not properly explained there. I thought the manga would contain more details about her.

    3. Yeah, i want to know what happen with the Kuro Tsubaki in the manga, and Nagi's father too

    4. Yeah, i want to know what happen with the Kuro Tsubaki in the manga, and Nagi's father too

    5. The Kurotsubaki was briefly featured in the manga. It was in Mikado's mansion when Hayate and Nagi were trying to steal one of his King's Jewels. At the end of that story arc, Hayate gave it to Nagi and she said she would sneak it back inside Mikado's mansion later. Presumably, she already snuck it back in... or she might still be carrying it around.

    6. I think it was around somewhere in the recent chapters, displayed in some glass box and marked as 'broken'.
      I'll check it later.


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