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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 549: Final Chapter: What A Wonderful World (1) Astrogation

Sleeping Cutie
 Synopsis: We beginz the chapter with mai waifu asleep in her room.

Suddenly, she awakens

Hayate greets her good morning and asks her if she's awake and wazzup

Nagi: No, No right now... well, ya know what? what was it again?

Nagi: What was this important dream I had just now.

Hayate: Dream?

Hayate: Ya wouldn't have those kinds of dreams if you'd wake up earlier. It's already late ya know.

Nagi: This is not something to be taken lightly. Last night...

Hayate: What happened last night?

Nagi: In this game...

Hayate: Mou, you'll never grow up to be a fine adult this way.

Nagi: STFU!

Nagi: How can I wake up refreshed in the morning if you greet me with that kind of talk? Anywayz, Bring it on!

Hayate: A nice morning greeting?

Nagi: Yeah, it's a butler's duty to do so!

Hayate: Fine, I guess it can't be helped.

Hayate: Well then, here comes the world's best coffee...

Nagi: (hits the effin butler with a pillow)

Nagi: Screw your coffee. You don't get it! (Do it one piece style or somethin)

They talk a bit about the wake-up pattern and stuff like that. Nagi's all agitated.

Nagi: Ya gotta get me excited to wake up!

Hayate: You're excited enough aren't you?

Hayate: Fine, I'll show you an exciting wake-up call.

Hayate: Ojou-sama...

Nagi: Eh?

Ya gotta wake her up properly, you effin butler!

Hayate: (kisses Nagi on the cheek)

Hayate: Are you awake now (Hayate winning smile)

Nagi: Ah... un... ano...

Maria: Wtf are you doin in the morning?

Hayate: Uwaaaa!!!

Nagi: Maria!

Nagi: You've got it wrong! This is all Hayate's doing?

Hayate: eeh?

Maria: yeah, yeah, I get it.

Maria: Anywayz, could ya help me with the dinner, Hayate?

Hayate: Understood.

Well... I couldn't have done it better myself. Good job, butler boy.

Hayate: Well then, laterz ojou-sama

Nagi: S-sure

Maria: Seriously...

Maria: Nagi's quite a handful in the morning, isn't she?

Hayate: Haha sou desu ne?

Maria: Hayate, you're Nagi's butler too so be careful ok?

Hayate: Yes, I will...

Hayate: !?


Hayate: That's ojou-sama's previous butlah!

Athena: Himegami!

Hayate: Right now... what's goin on?

Isumi: Hayate samaaaa

If this goes on everything...


Himegami: Too bad, Ayasaki Hayate

Maria: Hayate kun? Wazzup?

Hayate: Right now... I was having a weird daydreeam or flashback

Maria: In that case, me too.

Maria: I somehow managed to quit being a maid.

Hayate: Eh? Maria san stop being a maid... haha masaka...

Maria: That's impossible, right?

I thought it would never end.

Hayate: Right?

Maria: Yup

However, there is an end to everything.

Nagi: Oi, Hayate Hayate!

An end to everything will come.

Nagi: Oi, Hayate

Hayate: What is it, ojou-sama?

Final Chapter: What A Wonderful World (1) Astrogation

Himegami: Too bad, ain't it, Ayasaki Hayate. This is the result of your weakness.

Review: Man, I was excited for this chapter when I saw the early spoilers through certain channels... but I did expect it to be a dream sequence. The awesome part is that this time, it's not Nagi's dream. We're looking at Hayate's subconscious here.

Now one of the implications is that he wants the happy life he has with Nagi and Maria to last forever... well, that's all well and good.

What I'm excited about however is that he kissed Nagi on the cheek in this dream sequence. Certainly, it's not really all that romantic and it was more in keeping with his role as a butler. HOOOWEVER, remember that this manga is all about implications. Just think about it this way: would he have casually kissed any other girl? Perhaps... but then again, Nagi has always been special to him (in a non-romantic way if you must) right? Again, it wasn't really romantic... but it's not all that unromantic, either. Hope blossoms!

Anywayz, it seems Himegami is really strong if he took out Hayate that easily. He's so bad-ass that he ko'd Hayate off-panel. BUT I'mma gonna want to see  a Hayate vs Himegami round 2 now. This time, Hayate must have proper motivation... like seeing Nagi in danger. Then old Himegami will see what the effin butler can really do.

Finally, here's some food for thought for ya: Hayate's purest and strongest feelings only come out when it comes to Nagi. Sure, he's never shown romantic love for her just yet, but you cannot deny that his strongest feelings are definitely with her/for her sake.

Hayate's still got it wrong, though. He's not thinking of either Nagi or Maria's feelings here. He's subconsciously imposing his own ideal version of them inside of his head. I hope it all comes back to bite him in the end.

THAT IS ALL. See ya next week!
Oh, I don't believe for one moment that this is really the final chapter or even a part of it.

Fanart Corner:
Ok, here's a little poem along with chibi angel Nagi.


  1. Thank you so much.This was really good. Finally got a little bit of what I have been waiting for. Hayate to have this inner conflict about his role in Nagi's life is absolutely brilliant. It seems he is confused about what his actual worth is in Nagi's life; he wants to stay in her life and is trying to convince himself that he just wants to be her butler. But as Freud said, many things are revealed in the unconscious, and hayate's unconscious speaks plenty. He wants a different role in Nagi's life, one that would establish more closeness between them than the mere role of a butler. He wants a different sort of relationship which he doesn't want to give a name to and yet he wants to explore that relationship. He has mentally restrained himself to the boundaries of being Nagi's butler which is why he is unable to think beyond the current status.

    1. Yeah, I was happy to see a little bit of what we've been waiting for for years. Still as vague as ever, but definitely a step in the right direction.

  2. The kiss scene was so very really get the feeling that it's something Hayate has wanted to do for a while, even just looking at his expressions before, during, and after, or his getting absolutely flustered that Maria caught him doing it.

    It's not openly romantic, as you say, but looking it over again knowing it's all Hayate's idealistic fantasy you definitely get a tiny little undercurrent of forbidden desire there.

    1. "Forbidden desire," I like how that sounds~

      It's like Hayate subconsciously wants to flirt a little bit more with Nagi and also expects Maria to implicitly support him. There's also Nagi's reaction in his head -- which hints that he does want her to take interest in him as well.

  3. When I first saw the chapter's name, somehow I remembered that the arc where Hayate n Athena's relationship was depicted was also named as 'End of the earth'. It maybe just my imagination. I checked chapter 180 and I saw he used to wake Atan up by the same method. And recently he saw the storyboard of Nagi's new manga where Hayate confesses her. This altogether may cause the daydreaming. I think Nagi is the next Athena stuck in RG. This maybe the starting. But this time I see a great chance that he can save her somehow. Nagi treats the kj as the stone of bonds which can define her relationship with him whereas he takes it only as a key to the RG for lotto's key
    . Even Nagi is claiming the inheritance only for both of them to be together happily. During Saku's bday, Nagi told that Maria is going to leave soon. But right now she probably is not prepared for that. Himegami being in her opposite side may be a shock for her too. This may trigger for the negetieve explosion too. And in the daydream, Hayate Is underestimating her growth. This Is the final arc after all!

    1. That would definitely be nice. It's time for Hayate to redeem himself for his weakness in the past. Still, I would like Nagi to be more than a damsel in distress in this final arc even if she does get in trouble.

    2. Hayate once told Maria he likes elder girls as they are mature. As Nagi is growing up, I think she has a chance now. During a karaoke competition with Ayumu , it was revealed that Nagi has been trained to be an excellent singer, maybe there is other qualities in her too that is yet to explain. She may want to return the royal power to heaven to complete her mother's task. And the goddess may help her too.

  4. the kiss was sooo good, even if it meant as a greeting. but hayate pegged nagi's reaction pretty nicely~

    thanks for the translation and lovely poetry with chibi nagi.

    1. You're welcome as always. Just keep in mind that I'm a rather unreliable translator even though I try my best not to make any huge blunders.

      I like Nagi's reaction in Hayate's dream sequence. It shows that he is somewhat aware of her feelings for him... or that he wants it to be so.

  5. Thanks for all the comments so far. They really put a smile on my face as a hardcore Nagi shipper... and so did this chapter in general.

  6. final vol is vol 51

    1. Interesting. So it's really ending. I wonder how well Hata can wrap this up. Still, I'm pretty hopeful.

    2. I'm a bit apprehensive though. Hayate has a lot of catching up to do with Nagi in terms of being a well-developed main character.

    3. WAAAIT! False alarm. "The final chapter of Kenjiro Hata's genre-savvy, heavily referential manga series has officially begun in the most recent Weekly Shonen Sunday, Volume 51."

      The most recent Shounen Sunday is volume 51

  7. The next hayate no gotoku vol to be publish is vol 50


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