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Hatsune Miku: Empowering The Musician - Not The Vocalist

Before you ask, yup, this was based on the PV for Luka's double lariat. Drew it myself. As a follow-up to my other Hatsune Miku blog post , I thought I'd talk a bit more about why I like Miku so much. Aside from her character design, which is definitely a plus for me. I'm a big fan of Miku's music, but I never really realized how much I liked her songs until I started playing Hatsune Miku: Project Diva for the PSP when it was first released. I have to admit that I sucked big time at that game when I first played it. I was so bad at it that I was actually failing the first song, "World Is Mine" on easy. Of course, once I realized that music games are as much about using your ears as they are about using your eyes, I got much better at the game. In fact, I'm at least able to get an excellent on most songs in Extreme in Project Diva f right now and going for normal and hard perfects on 4-star songs (which don't really reflect the actual difficulty lev

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 448: An Assassin From The Past -- Review and Synopsis

She gets the cover art, but has nothing to do with the contents of this chapter -- typical. Synopsis : We start with a flashback to an incident some time ago. It seems Aika tries to return her King’s Jewel, but she is asked by Mikado to literally throw her stone at Athena. On May 7 in the current year, Aika does as asked and Athena effortlessly catches it, just as Mikado predicted. She notices that Midas’ curse on the King’s Jewel has been lifted and gives the Jewel to Machina and tells him to take it far away. Just as Aika turns away to leave however, she is surprised by some kind of noise. She turns back at Athena and discovers that she’s shrunk. Lookit all dat PLOT! Aika and the miniaturized Athena go to confront Mikado. At this point, Athena states that this is the curse of the King’s Jewel and she and Mikado engage in a discussion about the powers of the King’s Jewel leaving Aika completely out of the conversation. It seems that those who use the royal power can nev

Hayate The Combat Butler Fanart And A Little Shipping Talk

Say it, Ayasaki! Say it! No new chapter for Hayate no Gotoku! this week, so I thought I'd do some fanart. This one was inspired by a similarly styled piece of fanart that I came across on some online image board. Let me explain the premise of the pic a bit. Basically, I just realized that as a self-proclaimed Nagi x Hayate shipper, I haven't really done that much fanart shipping these two together -- so I simply had to remedy that and in a hurry! I was thinking of a proposal from Hayate as the theme, since I'm pretty sure that's what most of us on the ojou-sama ship want to happen because Hayate has never really openly reciprocated Nagi's feelings for him. I can understand why Hata would delay this inevitability (lol :P) since it would mean "game over" for all the other ships if this does happen and he can't really afford to do that unless we're very near the end of the series since those other seafaring vessels are helping to keep the main

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 447: A Lot Changes In Ten Years. Like Getting A Promotion... Maybe - Synopsis and Review

Synopsis: The Hakuo baka-trio (Izumi, Risa, Miki) are arguing over their little video koushien thing (Hata does not forget even the silliest plot threads) and Risa and Miki use it as an opportunity to harass Izumi saying that there’ll be a “flesh-colored punishment” awaiting the loser. Izumi is all confident that both of them didn’t make any noteworthy videos anyway, but she is surprised when both of them turn up with award-winning documentaries coz y’know, they’re filthy rich and are willing to put in a whole lot of effort just to harass Izumi. Athena: I'm like sooo ready to confront a murderer. Izumi’s in a pinch so she comes up with this idea of filming footage of a fish in an aquarium using a fixed camera and watching it grow every day. Kotetsu points out that it won’t work out because fish don’t grow that easily and she’ll need to put some real effort into taking care of it. Somehow the conversation moves to equating growing fast with “promotions,” so Izumi asks her fa

Hayate The Combat Butler Extra Chapter: Investor Y - Synopsis and Review

I wonder how Hata draws those backgrounds Synopsis: Yukiji spends her million yen summer bonus on lottery tickets and got absolutely nothing for it. We flash back to a scene where Yukiji is asking Aika for advice on how to get rich inside the Hakuo student council room. Aika explains that the very basics of economics is that “you lose the money that you spend.” Anywayz, Yukiji says that she’ll find the richest man in the world and ask him instead. Aika tells her that it’s someone named Warren Buffett, the world’s #1 investor who’s written a whole lot of books. We get a little trivia on him courtesy of Aika. At the end of the little autobiographical economics lesson, Yukiji decides that she’ll be an investor. She pulls out some kind of book on Security Analysis and proclaims that she’ll learn how to get rich by reading it, but it turns out it’s too complicated and she doesn’t understand a thing. She decides that the book is too hard for her to tackle and pulls up some kind of cocka

My Hatsune Miku Blog Post

Awright, so I’ve been meaning to write a Hatsune Miku post for the uninitiated for quite some time now, but I just really haven’t had a whole lot of free time to put my thoughts into words – until today that is. In hindsight, I’m also questioning why I’m even writing this since if you’re reading my blog, then you’re probably not uninitiated into the different aspects of the otaku fandom… oh well, let’s continue Now even if you are totally unfamiliar with Hatsune Miku, I’m sure you are at least aware of her image/appearance. Y’know, she’s that blue-green (teal or aqua, actually) haired anime girl with gigantic twin-tails who looks somewhere between 14-16 (16 officially). Miku’s fandom and popularity have expanded exponentially over the years since her initial release and she’s received at least 7 official dedicated handheld games along with several iOS/Android spin-offs. Furthermore, just type in “Hatsune Miku” on either Youtube or Google and you’re bound to come up with million