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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 438: Attention Please - Review and Synopsis

Look who's here too.   Synopsis:   One month earlier, (presumably from the current timeline) Hina gets sent an invite from (allegedly) Hakuo’s sister school to deliver a speech in Australia. The letter comes with a business class airplane ticket especially for her. As the ticket is super-expensive, it’s an offer she can’t really refuse. Should've ordered a salisbury steak to go with that, Hina She finds herself all jittery and nervous in the waiting lounge of the airport while munching on what she says is some “strange food” and coffee, while wondering whether this will be her last meal. To add to this, a little boy and his father notice her and the brat starts laughing at her and talking her down for being so scared when there’s a 0.001% odds of the plane breaking down. True to her, “I hate to lose” persona, Hina glares at the brat and imagines scaring him out of his pants, but doesn’t actually follow through with it. Troll father and son duo. Before l

Cherry Mobile G1 Watch Phone - Unboxing and Review

Just bought this new watch which also doubles as a phone, or if you prefer, a phone which doubles as a watch, from Cherry Mobile. In any case, it’s appropriately named the G1 Watch Phone – which is exactly what it is. Front of the box. Nothing special, really. The relevant specs from the box are as follows: ·         Dual Sim ·         1.44 inch TFT LCD (128x128 px) ·         VGA Camera ·         Music Player ·         MicroSD supported up to 8 gb How the G1 looks when worn. It comes in several colors including red, light-blue, purple, yellow, and violet. As you can see here, I chose the red one specifically so I can make like an effin power ranger. The unit is fairly comfy on my wrist. It has a very soft rubber strap and the body of the watch phone itself is made of hard plastic. It has a resistive touch-screen along with a slide-to-open keypad. It also comes with Bluetooth functionality and is bundled with a Bluetooth earpiece for this purpose. The bl

Sega Prize Figure Nagi Sanzen'in

So today was the day before the official Dinagyang celebrations, an annual event here with pseudo-religious overtones, but which is mostly just another excuse for people to have fun while dressing up as natives and indulging in food, drink, and good conversation with friends as well as family etc. Y’know the usual festival stuff that you see in Japanese anime/video games? This is our version of em, but that’s not important. What is more important is that I saw this slip in our mailbox for a parcel that was just delivered last January 20 with my name on it… and the post office wouldn’t deliver, so I had to go and claim it myself at their building. Okay, here’s the thing, if you’re familiar with Iloilo City (which you are probably not if you are reading this blog – lol~!), then you’d know that the post office is located right at the center of where all the festival and pre-festival celebrations are being held. What this means is that all the roads are closed there and it’s crawling

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 437: Plans And Expectations Are Nothing But One's Imagination - Review and Synopsis

Maria and Nagi in sync Synopsis: Hayate wakes up inside his room in the Violet Mansion from his recollection of the past from ten years ago and his original meeting with “Santa Claus” (Sanzen’in Mikado) and remembers that his brother had a King’s Jewel. We also finally learn what Dr. Kurosu said to Hayate about his brother back then. It seems that a man with a cross-shaped scar with sharp eyes was one of Kurosu’s patients and he’s had amnesia and was now working as a lifeguard at a Beachside Restaurant called “Life.” Since Nagi will need a King’s Jewel in order to reclaim her inheritance, Hayate reveals this information to her and Maria and thus, Nagi decides that it’s time for the group to pay Hayate’s brother a visit. Hayate also establishes that only a day has passed since the doujinshi contest with Ruka ended. (time sure passes by slooowly in this manga) Meanwhile, thanks to Ruka’s over-aggressive approach towards Hayate, Hamster and Hinagiku have a little girly chit

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 436: A Dream About Santa Claus - Review and Synopsis

  I see no "evil intent" behind Mikado's words here. Do you? Synopsis: Continuing the flashback story from 10 years ago, which was started in the previous chapter, Mikado Sanzen’in (Nagi’s grandfather, just in case you didn’t already know… which would be quite a stretch if you were following this manga :P), disguised as Santa Claus, has just stumbled upon Hayate who appeared to be the perfect candidate to open the Royal Garden with all the bad luck he’d suffered in the few seconds since Mikado saw him. Mikado tests Hayate out a little bit more by innocuously slipping a banana peel onto his path, which sets off a chain of misfortune on poor Hayate that is so ridiculous that Mikado declares that “This boy has the misfortune of a god!” Before he can give him the stone however, Mikado witnesses Hayate collecting some empty soda bottles and is quite intrigued, so he decides to observe him a bit more. Despite the biting cold of the winter night, Hayate manages to co