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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 528: Pranks and Useless Things are What Make Life Difficult - Review and Synopsis

I really don't like Housen. Synopsis: Pranks and Useless Things are What A Hard Life Is Made Of   Hayate is in a panic and wants to go rescue Klaus immediately. Nagi decides to leave Klaus alone and concentrate on finding the key before Hisui does. Hina explains that it will be difficult to release him if what they want is info on the key. Miki and Risa panic that the old geezer will definitely tell Hisui and Housen about the key. Make way for the heroine! Nagi believes that they should concentrate on finding some negotiation material first and leave the rescue to another person (her phone shows that it's Sakuya she's getting into contact with... because we all know that Sakuya is secretly a ninja.) Nagi says that they only have a few hours and they should find the key within the clock tower before Klaus starts talking. Nagi also thinks that there should be more than one hint. Hina and Yukiji suggest that they should start at the library so off they go. Mean Hisu

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 527: The Clutz Way of Thinking Or Something Similar -- Review and Synopis

A cute idiot... still an idiot.... also still cute. Synopsis: So the search for the... err... Loto Key? begins. We start with Izumi already lost. We go to a little flashback just before everyone went into the Clock Tower. Hina remarks that it looks like a dungeon. Nagi says that it looks like (the hard level?) tower Anywayz, Nagi says that you could easily get lost in here so Hayate warns everyone to be careful (lol foreshadowing) At this point, we check back in with Izumi who just conveniently got herself lost by straying off by herself. Anywayz, she tries various ditzy things like crying out for help. She then decides to look for the exit... and conveniently runs past an exit sign. Back to Hayate's party, Hina remarks that it would be a lot of work looking for the key inside this place. Miki and Risa agree. Nagi remarks that this is a game so perhaps it's still too early... Yukiji says that you'd usually move in after you get a hint from a villager. They then all d

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 526: Everyone's Najimi Tower Adventure Begins -- Review and Synopsis

By the way, it's been forever since Hayate himself was on the cover Synopsis: Hayate and Nagi meet up with Isumi's mom who tells them that Yukariko might have hidden it at the Najimi Tower (tower of intimacy?) Isumi arrives to gag things up a bit but basically, she says the same thing and points out to Hakuo's student council tower. Hayate and Nagi go there... but not without Isumi and her mother tagging along when asked, Hatsuho responds with her: "if I had to give a reason, it would be because..." Hayate marvels at how huge the clocktower is and Nagi says it's about 300 meters. Hayate says that it would be hard to find a tiny key in there but Hatsuho has THE ANSWER with her crystal ball! An arrow appears in the crystal ball that points upwards... which is absolutely no help. Isumi sees that Hayate and Nagi don't get it so she suggests using her Iphone to try and find it Some pink-haired girl arrives and wants to get involved. Hayate explains the

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 525: Playing Mario Kart with everyone is fun -- Synopsis and Review

Synopsis: Hayate tells Maria and Nagi about the inheritance and how there's a box that needs a key that contains the Mikado's will and that whoever writes his/her name on that will can take over the inheritance. Flashback to Mikado: The key? Go look for it. I may have placed it all over the world. Maria: Could it be that he just lost the key? Nagi and Hayate: No no, It's a legendary key item isn't it? To think that it would be lost is just... Mikado: It's not lost! Hayate: Oji-sama? Maria: It's been a while, gramps Nagi: Wtf are you doing here, geezer? Mikado: It's a custom for the Sanzenins for the previous generation to hide the key to this box and for the next generation to find it! Hayate: Then the key is in this box? Mikado: Yearh, but the other day, I discovered that this box has a strange secret. Hayate: Secret? Mikado: It's this! Letter inside box: I took the key! Yukarin. Maria: Could it be a kid's game? Mikado: yesh Maria: Why didn'