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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 525: Playing Mario Kart with everyone is fun -- Synopsis and Review

Synopsis: Hayate tells Maria and Nagi about the inheritance and how there's a box that needs a key that contains the Mikado's will and that whoever writes his/her name on that will can take over the inheritance.

Flashback to Mikado: The key? Go look for it. I may have placed it all over the world.

Maria: Could it be that he just lost the key?

Nagi and Hayate: No no, It's a legendary key item isn't it? To think that it would be lost is just...

Mikado: It's not lost!

Hayate: Oji-sama?

Maria: It's been a while, gramps

Nagi: Wtf are you doing here, geezer?

Mikado: It's a custom for the Sanzenins for the previous generation to hide the key to this box and for the next generation to find it!

Hayate: Then the key is in this box?

Mikado: Yearh, but the other day, I discovered that this box has a strange secret.

Hayate: Secret?

Mikado: It's this!

Letter inside box: I took the key! Yukarin.

Maria: Could it be a kid's game?

Mikado: yesh

Maria: Why didn't you keep such an important item safe?

Nagi: -_- Oh... so it's really lost (doesn't care one bit)

Mikado: It's not lost, it just hasn't been found.

Nagi: It's the same thing!

Mikado: WHAAAT!?

The two start clawing each other.

I'd love to pinch Nagi too~

Hayate: No, no... don't fight over such a small thing.

Mikado: What, you call this a small thing?

Mikado and Maria talk about the security measures around the will itself if someone were to try and take it by force without the key.

Mikado says that anyone who tries that would be submerged in water and die.

Nagi: Then why'd you lose it in the first place?

Mikado: It's not lost! It just hasn't been found!

Nagi: This is the second time we've had this conversation.

Nagi: Screw this, I'm drawing some serious manga.

Maria: Then I'll go cook dinner

Mikado: Wait! Seriously, wait!

Hayate: Don't you have any clue where it is?

Mikado: I think I understand why Yukariko purposely hid it.

Nagi: You're just making this up, aren't you?

Maria: it could have been stolen while they were playing, right?

Hayate: Maybe there's a hint in the kind of children's game they were playing?

Hayate: Right... the ones who played the game with her. (err... not sure that's what he said)

Nagi: meh, it can't be helped... then let's find the ones who played this game with her.

Hayate has a flashback that re-introduces Yukariko and he refers to her as the royal power's true successor (who effin cares, Ayasaki!?)

He also thinks about the words she left him and how she asked him to protect Nagi in her stead .

Hayate: This is my answer...

Hayate: Right, let's do it.

Nagi: I think these two knew my mother very well. (photos of Hatsuho and Mikoto)

Hayate: Wataru's mother and Isumi's mother, right?

Nagi: Yup.

Nagi: Anyway, let's go talk to Isumi's mother.

Review: Oh whatever... another setup chapter. At least we can see from this chapter that Nagi and Mikado don't really hate each other that much. They don't get along, but if they can play around like that -- then they're probably not out for each other's throats.

Dat sweet workstation

Anyway, I still think Hayate's making the wrong decision in prioritizing Nagi's inheritance over her feelings here, but whatever. The way he says, "this is my answer" seems to imply that he's resigned himself to protecting Nagi's future -- which he equates to winning her inheritance... he's making a terrible mistake, IMO.

Yes, if we were to take real world standards into account, Nagi does need her inheritance to survive blah blah blah and all that, but that's not what is most important to her and don't you dare even try to deny or downplay this or I'll have your throat!

Ahem... anyway, not much new here. Looks like we're gonna get deeper into this whole Sanzenin inheritance business next time... which could be a good thing or a not so good thing but whatever, I'm so not into it.

Anywayz, sorry for the lazy review. Lemme know what YOU think in the comments.

Fanart Corner: Alrighty! Got a new one for you. I like how this one turned out. It's so simple yet it looks great -- even if I do say so myself. I have another sketch actually, but I think I'll just show you that when it's finally done. I've still got a backlog of fanart to finish coloring too.

The pose and title of this fanart was inspired by Neptune's song in Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection btw. Also Nagi has a lovely back... Nagi has a lovely everything~!


  1. Nagi's mum does the most unusual stuff. She is an interesting character as always. I love the bitter-sweet relation between Nagi and Mikado.
    I get the feeling the next chapter will be mostly gags.

    The fanart is looking good.

    1. Well, Hayate describes her as whimsical and having a "mischievous heart." What I'm more interested in is that Hayate seemed so certain when he said that "this is my answer" as if he'd anchored his life around protecting Nagi's inheritance -- which I think is a totally big mistake on his part since Nagi doesn't even care about the inheritance and cares more about him. Even her manga admits this much.

  2. Just a little heads up, I found raws here:

    1. I actually discovered the raws just as you posted this comment. Still, thanks for the heads-up, anon. Better than rawmanga and their ads, at least.


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