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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 528: Pranks and Useless Things are What Make Life Difficult - Review and Synopsis

I really don't like Housen.

Synopsis: Pranks and Useless Things are What A Hard Life Is Made Of

Hayate is in a panic and wants to go rescue Klaus immediately. Nagi decides to leave Klaus alone and concentrate on finding the key before Hisui does. Hina explains that it will be difficult to release him if what they want is info on the key.

Miki and Risa panic that the old geezer will definitely tell Hisui and Housen about the key.

Make way for the heroine!
Nagi believes that they should concentrate on finding some negotiation material first and leave the rescue to another person (her phone shows that it's Sakuya she's getting into contact with... because we all know that Sakuya is secretly a ninja.) Nagi says that they only have a few hours and they should find the key within the clock tower before Klaus starts talking.

Nagi also thinks that there should be more than one hint.

Hina and Yukiji suggest that they should start at the library so off they go.

Mean Hisui gets tired of interrogating Klaus for info about the Loto Key and leaves Housen to torture Klaus while she sleeps. Housen proceeds... by tickling his foot with a feather.

Meanwhile, Izumi finds herself in all sorts of trouble -- and becoming the object of fanservice while Hayate and company are investigating the bluprints of the Clock Tower in the library.

When she shows that (cutieful) face, you know she means business.

While brainstorming for a hint together with everyone and looking at the map of the 1st and 2nd floors, Nagi discovers that they spell out "Kagi" in Katakana or KEY.

Well, the only thing I really noticed is how delightfully insigtful Nagi has become. In fact, ever since her failings in the mangaka arc, she has become one of the most reliable characters in the manga as far as mental tasks, insight, intuition and a (whole lot) little bit of luck is concerned. She has really entrenched her status as the main heroine -- moreso than the main male character at the moment, actually.

Are you impressed yet, Hayate? You should be.

Anyway, she was great and I love how she's drawn here. Oh, and in related news, Volume 48 of the manga comes with those Heat Transfer something cards that reveal something sorta naughty at the right temperatures... I'm getting one because Nagi is in one of those cards together with Chiharu and Sakuya.

Kinda surprising that Nagi would call on Sakuya for help. I mean, it's not like Sakuya has ever been the physical type although I would definitely say she's very reliable.

Aside from that, we have some Izumi fanservice... if you like that sort of stuff. Anyway, not much to talk about this chapter, so let's look forward to the next one.

Fanart Corner: No new fanart this week, so have some pics of Doll Nagi instead. These are two different dolls, by the way. The one in casual clothes is the limited edition that looks sideways and the one in the yukata is a normal edition... I love them both~

Oh... and check out my new bag.


  1. I Hisui and Housen are going a bit easy. Nagi is as always the brains behind the bunch. Recently Hina is shown differently conflicted by her feelings I guess she is not what she was in the beginning of the series.

    1. Well, as to Hina, we know that she hasn't given up on Hayate yet and she is a super popular character. Hata may be prepping her up for a real confession scene from out of nowhere -- just as Nagi is watching. It's a good recipe for the much-anticipated "explosion."

  2. I've always felt that nagi is the brains and hayate is the muscle (even though he doesn't have any) and together they form an amazing combination.
    Maybe it's just me but I find a resemblance between Maria and yukariko. Not just regarding their looks but also their personalities. Yukariko is shown to have a mischievous personality. Maria is also mischievous but in a more mature way I guess. I think it would be interesting if Maria turned out to be actually blood related to nagi in some way.

    1. Yup. Hayate and Nagi definitely complement each other in almost every way possible. Nagi is decisive, Hayate is indecisive. Hayate is unlucky, Nagi is lucky and just as you've said, Nagi is the brains and Hayate is the brawn... sort of.

      Also yeah, you're not the only who noticed that Maria looks a bit like Yukariko. Come to think of it, we're not even sure where Maria came from in the first place or if she's really seventeen as she claims.

    2. I was wondering if you would do a character analysis of hayate someday. I've read your other character analyses and they're pretty good. Hayate is a character who is really oblivious to certain things in life but since he's one of the main characters of the story, it would be nice to get a deeper insight into what he actually thinks, the kind of person he is, what he actually wants, why he does what he does and of course his relationship with nagi.

    3. I'll think about it. Maybe this week since the manga is off for Golden Week. As you can probably tell though, I don't have a very high opinion of him -- he's been disappointing me over and over again as the manga progresses. Still, he and Nagi are actually perfect foils for each other, so why not?


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