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Hayate Reflections: Video Version of an old post

This week we have a video version of an older post from here Fanart Corner Like I said, I've just recently discovered how fun Mobile Legends can be. I'm pretty  sure other heroes are fun and all, but for now I enjoy using Layla. Layla Nagi will drive away the darkness!

The Tale of The Prince's Bride Chapter 4: The Kindness of Strangers

Six days had passed as the prince followed the trail of the golden fireflies. There was no end to the path in sight. So much so, that he was starting to believe that the girl had lied. Before long, it was already the sixth night. “This is probably a wild goose chase. I’m being taken for a ride.” He thought of how much he loved his would-be bride. The princess clad in black attire whom he had fallen in love with at first sight. Suddenly, on the road ahead, he saw a man lying down… was he perhaps dead? There was a girl in a thick black cloak by his side. She was ever so slight that the prince missed her form at first sight. “Hunger is indeed quite a burden to bear, but stranger, you’ll live if you’ll just take a bite from this pear.” “Thank you, dear lady. You are indeed generous and kind. I think I can manage, but this fruit is expensive. Are you sure you don’t mind?” “It was the last of my food for the road ahead, but I’m glad to part with it if it means you don’t e

The Tale of the Prince's Bride Chapter 3: The Path To The Forest of Lies

On his steed, the beautiful prince rode in haste, to find the Forest of Lies without waste. He rode for awhile, for days on end, until he came to a foreign land. “Excuse me, sir. Might you lend me a hand?” He asked this of an old, silver-haired but somewhat well-built man. “Yes, of course. Ask away, lad.” Deep inside, the prince was quite touched – at the fact that he had been called a lad. After all, as you may be well aware, he was always being mistaken for a lady with his feminine face and skin so fair. “Can you tell me anything about the Forest of Lies?” “Oh, it is known to all, but to travel there would be unwise.” “I fully understand that monsters may lurk inside, but sir, if you would please tell me where to go, for I have to find my would-be bride.” “Well, now that is a different matter altogether. Fine then, young man. To the tavern, let us step inside.” And so, the two chatted for a while and before long, morning had given way to the night. “I see

White Nights Watercolor Painting - Nagi Sanzen'in

Just a video of me using my White Nights watercolor set to paint Nagi using washes for a negative painting technique and finishing up with hard outlines.

Hayate Reflections: For The Hina Shippers!

So it has come to my attention, that a lot of Hina shippers, which of course, doesn’t necessarily apply to all Hina fans, are quite dissatisfied with the ending of Hayate no Gotoku! Because they claim that they at least wanted to see Hina’s confession scene. The way Hata handled it was apparently quite disrespectful to her character... well, ok, I’ll give you that. In fact, I agree with you. So for this week’s Hayate Reflections, I’m going to give you exactly what you want, enjoy! Yeah, like she said, how does that make you feel? Are you satisfied yet? I sure am. Hahahaha!  This is lordcloudx and this has been Hayate Reflections – sort of. I’ll see you next week for the third episode of the Prince’s Bride.

The Tale of the Prince's Bride Chapter 2: Love At First Sight

Chapter 2: Love At First Sight The beautiful prince traveled to the lands beyond. On and on he rode on his steed of black slashes and pure white.   Before long, he came upon a palace, or perhaps more accurately, a mansion of grand design. The place seemed abandoned, so he dismounted and carefully set the rusty iron gates aside. Perhaps the garden had a well for both he and his horse were thirsty and somewhat tired. He went around the building and circled to the right side, from there, he saw a well but something else filled his sight. It was a maiden of golden hair in a royal robe of the blackest of attires. His heart skipped a beat as their eyes met for the first time. “Oh my, who might you be? What a curiosity to find such a fine lady in this lonely royal mansion of mine.” “You’re mistaken, milady. Ahem,” the prince sighed as he stifled a look annoyance that even his pretty face could not hide, “with my admittedly feminine face aside. I assure you that I am a man