Sunday, September 30, 2018

Hayate Reflections: Video Version of an old post

This week we have a video version of an older post from here

Fanart Corner

Like I said, I've just recently discovered how fun Mobile Legends can be. I'm pretty  sure other heroes are fun and all, but for now I enjoy using Layla.
Layla Nagi will drive away the darkness!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Tale of The Prince's Bride Chapter 4: The Kindness of Strangers

Six days had passed as the prince followed the trail of the golden fireflies. There was no end to the path in sight. So much so, that he was starting to believe that the girl had lied. Before long, it was already the sixth night.
“This is probably a wild goose chase. I’m being taken for a ride.”

He thought of how much he loved his would-be bride. The princess clad in black attire whom he had fallen in love with at first sight.
Suddenly, on the road ahead, he saw a man lying down… was he perhaps dead?
There was a girl in a thick black cloak by his side. She was ever so slight that the prince missed her form at first sight.
“Hunger is indeed quite a burden to bear, but stranger, you’ll live if you’ll just take a bite from this pear.”

“Thank you, dear lady. You are indeed generous and kind. I think I can manage, but this fruit is expensive. Are you sure you don’t mind?”
“It was the last of my food for the road ahead, but I’m glad to part with it if it means you don’t end up dead.”

At this point, the beautiful prince had heard enough. He approached the kind lady for it was his turn to speak up. He reached into his satchel and…
“I’m truly touched by your sweetness, oh lady so kind. Won’t you please take these sweet treats and some wine? For your travels, I mean… that is, if you don’t mind.”
“Uh… oh-“ Underneath her cloak, the little lady hid behind.

“It’s alright. No need to be shy.”

“Thank you, then I’ll take them and I’m sorry that I can’t stay, but I must hasten and be on my way.”
In his heart, the prince would really have desired, for the kind little lady to stay for a while. With that said, he knew that he too had to go forth and ride. And continue his quest for his elusive kidnapped bride.
On and on he galloped on his steed of black stripes and pure white; chasing the trail of the golden fireflies.
Before long he had finally arrived. At the entrance to the Forest of Lies – although it was not much of an entrance all entangled with vines.

Meanwhile, at the castle on the hill past the forest of lies. Some chatter was going on between the witch and the princess in black attire.

“Pardon me, miss witch, but might I inquire as to the cause of your mischievous smile?”
“W-what do you mean? Where do you see a smile? I’m just quite amused with the prince you so desire.”
“Ara, but let me correct you there, I do not see him as an object of desire.”

“Eh? What do you mean?” Said the witch quite surprised, “Didn’t I abduct you from him on your wedding night?”

“True, I was to wed him on that night, but don’t misunderstand. It’s not like I would tremble if he held my hand.”

“So why would you allow him to become your husband?”
At the witch’s innocence, the princess smiled.
“I was simply bored out of my mind. We met just hours before and he said it was love at first sight.”

“But… you never loved him from the start?”

“If I did, then right now we wouldn’t be apart.”
The princess’ eyes had a mischievous spark.
“You must have had a really boring life – to agree so readily to be a stranger’s wife.”
“Indeed, I was. So bored, I could have died. But the prince, I wonder what  his so-called love… is truly right.”
At the Princess’ musings, the young witch smiled.

“We shall see soon enough, Princess in black attire. He has finally reached the forest of lies. The path ahead will be filled with trials…”

The princess looked into the young witch’s eyes.

“Ah I see… now I understand what it is you truly desire.”

To be continued...

Fanart Corner

I like how this one turned out. This is a hand-sized card and painted with Bento Picasso watercolors. I've been playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang (lol at that "Bang Bang") lately, so you might see Nagi in Layla cosplay next week.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Tale of the Prince's Bride Chapter 3: The Path To The Forest of Lies

On his steed, the beautiful prince rode in haste, to find the Forest of Lies without waste.
He rode for awhile, for days on end, until he came to a foreign land.

“Excuse me, sir. Might you lend me a hand?”
He asked this of an old, silver-haired but somewhat well-built man.
“Yes, of course. Ask away, lad.”

Deep inside, the prince was quite touched – at the fact that he had been called a lad. After all, as you may be well aware, he was always being mistaken for a lady with his feminine face and skin so fair.
“Can you tell me anything about the Forest of Lies?”

“Oh, it is known to all, but to travel there would be unwise.”

“I fully understand that monsters may lurk inside, but sir, if you would please tell me where to go, for I have to find my would-be bride.”

“Well, now that is a different matter altogether. Fine then, young man. To the tavern, let us step inside.”
And so, the two chatted for a while and before long, morning had given way to the night.
“I see, that is indeed a terrible plight. So a powerful witch abducted your would-be bride and on your wedding night?”
The prince nodded to confirm that this was right.
“Well, I understand that you have to enter the Forest of Lies to get to the castle on the other side but… what if your information wasn’t right?”

“What do you mean? Why wouldn’t it be right?”

“Well, the information came from the witch who took your bride. Wouldn’t it make sense for her to mislead you with lies? But in any case…”

“In any case?”

“There’s one more reason why you shouldn’t enter the Forest of Lies.”

The old man stared at the prince with scrutinizing eyes.

“Umm… this is getting kinda creepy, I hope you’re not into guys?”
“Oh perish the thought. I was just looking at your hands. I understand that you are an extraordinarily strong young man… but that will not help you in the journey beyond. There is something that you should know about the Forest of Lies. It preys upon the weakness of the heart, and those whose convictions were wrong from the start. If you lack the strength and resolve from inside, then you could even lose your mind.”

“And you think that I will have trouble in this Forest of Lies? If you doubt my convictions, then please tell me why.”
“Then answer me this…”
But the old man had drunk too much wine, at that moment, he fell asleep and bade the prince…
“Good night.”

Suddenly, a wooden cup flew by and hit the old man on the head, which did not disturb him, he was sleeping quite tight.
“H-hey! Don’t fall asleep before you get to the best part! Oooh, I knew I should have done this myself from the start.”

It had come from a lady, or perhaps a mere child. Who was clad from top to bottom in a cloak of red and white.
“Listen up, stranger. I’ll tell you the best part.”

But at that moment, the owner of the tavern held the prince and the girl by the cuff.

“I’m sorry, but you’re both underage and I’ve had enough.”

And thus, they were promptly evicted, because drinking for minors is strictly prohibited.

“Ahem anyway, stranger about the best part.”

“Wait, a second…” The prince responded, “don’t I know you from the start?”
“O-of course not.” Was her prompt reply.

“Now if you won’t listen to me, I must say goodbye.”

“ No, please wait, go on and tell me… what is the best part? You see, I must enter the Forest of Lies. I implore you this time, tell me what I need to know, to find my sweet heart.”
“S-weet heart? Well okay then. I’ll tell you the path to the Forest of Lies. See these?”
The prince turned his eyes to some buzzing lights.
“These are pretty. Quite an amazing sight.”
“Aren’t they? Anyway, Just follow the trail of these golden fireflies. It’s three days from here to the Forest of Lies. The only problem is that  you can only see them at night.”
With that, the girl hopped on top of a giant rock to supplement her lack of height.
“Well then, farewell stranger… and I bid you good luck.”
“Thanks but…” the prince kindly smiled
“Aren’t you really the witch with powers beyond my mind?”
The girl seemed to shake from her knees for a while but then she recovered and said, “Of course not. I’m going now! Good luck and goodbye!”

To be Continued...

3 chapters left until the finale~

Friday, September 14, 2018

White Nights Watercolor Painting - Nagi Sanzen'in

Just a video of me using my White Nights watercolor set to paint Nagi using washes for a negative painting technique and finishing up with hard outlines.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Hayate Reflections: For The Hina Shippers!

So it has come to my attention, that a lot of Hina shippers, which of course, doesn’t necessarily apply to all Hina fans, are quite dissatisfied with the ending of Hayate no Gotoku! Because they claim that they at least wanted to see Hina’s confession scene. The way Hata handled it was apparently quite disrespectful to her character... well, ok, I’ll give you that. In fact, I agree with you. So for this week’s Hayate Reflections, I’m going to give you exactly what you want, enjoy!

Yeah, like she said, how does that make you feel? Are you satisfied yet? I sure am. Hahahaha! 
This is lordcloudx and this has been Hayate Reflections – sort of. I’ll see you next week for the third episode of the Prince’s Bride.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

The Tale of the Prince's Bride Chapter 2: Love At First Sight

Chapter 2: Love At First Sight
The beautiful prince traveled to the lands beyond. On and on he rode on his steed of black slashes and pure white.  Before long, he came upon a palace, or perhaps more accurately, a mansion of grand design.
The place seemed abandoned, so he dismounted and carefully set the rusty iron gates aside. Perhaps the garden had a well for both he and his horse were thirsty and somewhat tired.
He went around the building and circled to the right side, from there, he saw a well but something else filled his sight.
It was a maiden of golden hair in a royal robe of the blackest of attires. His heart skipped a beat as their eyes met for the first time.
“Oh my, who might you be? What a curiosity to find such a fine lady in this lonely royal mansion of mine.”
“You’re mistaken, milady. Ahem,” the prince sighed as he stifled a look annoyance that even his pretty face could not hide, “with my admittedly feminine face aside. I assure you that I am a man – and a prince, nonetheless, who has fallen in love with you – at first sight.”

“Ara-ara,” the beautiful lady responded with a mischievous smile.

“That is quite interesting, this love at first sight. Might it be some kind of affliction? How may I help you with this plight?”
“Will you marry me?” The prince replied. For he was certain such a fine lady clad in pure-black attire, had to be a princess and was more than fit to be his bride.

“Hmm… you amuse me, so certainly, let’s get married tonight!”
The journey to the black princess’s kingdom took them quite a while – and because this is a lore in medieval style, naturally, some bandits had stalked them and blocked their path with sly smiles.
There were five of them and each with a dagger – surrounding the couple from all sides. The prince dismounted as his bangs covered his eyes.

“Stay put, milady. He said with his usual kind smile.”

The black princess stared back at him with a look of surprise. This was the first time after all, she had seen his winsome smile.
“Now then, ladies, hand over all your goods and while you’re at it, leave the horse behind.”

“Hey boss, I like the fair-haired one with the beautiful face, but I really can’t resist the buxom one in the black attire,” said another bandit as he ogled the couple with lust in his eyes.
And of course, this remark had pushed the prince over the edge. With a kick, and a punch, and even a poke to the eye, without drawing his sword, he let his fists and feet fly.

Ah yes, I forgot to tell you didn’t I? Actually, the prince can take care of himself in a fight with his feminine looks and charm aside. What is more, he was quite filled with rage at being mistaken for a girl all the time.
And soon the prince and the princess rode away, leaving five half-dead bandits in quite a state of disarray.
At the kingdom of the princess with black attire, the beautiful prince was accepted and well-liked. The kingdom had been ruled by the princess all alone for quite a while, due to an unfortunate accident that killed her parents in a fire.
“Well, my prince. As promised, we shall get married tonight… but this journey has actually left me quite tired, so if you’ll excuse me, to my bedchamber I shall retire. Oh, and the guest room is on the door to the right.”
“Hah, not so fast! You princess with obnoxious breasts and black attire! You’re coming with me right now. Dare to refuse and you shall invoke my ire!” Said a loud, high-pitched voice, which came from a figure of small stature wearing a hood of thin animal hide.
“Ara… an intruder has crept inside? And what of my guards, do tell me child.”

“C-c-child? I’ll have you know I’m a powerful witch with powers that will blow your mind! As for the guards, why not draw your curtains and see for yourself.” Said the witch with a glint in her eye and her witchy face concealed in her hood of animal hide.
“Indeed, my guards are on the floor – all dead.”
“N-no! I didn’t kill them. There’s no blood as you can see! I ran in-between them and they just tripped over their feet and clashed with their heads.”
“Ara-ara… such powers, you possess. So why have you come here? Pray tell, do confess.”
“Hehe~ you don’t seem to know very much, so I will tell right now. I have come here to kidnap you, oh princess of black attire.”

“But why?”

“W-why!? I can’t tell you that… let’s just say that it’s to fulfill my wish – my greatest desire.”
“Oh my, how sinister, oh powerful witch with powers that blow my mind. Well come then, let us descend together. My carriage will take us and leave my prince far behind.”

At this point, the prince finally spoke a line.

“Wait! Don’t I get a say in this, oh princess of mine? We were supposed to get married tonight!”
“Ara… we were going to do that. You’re right. But as you can see, I’m a bit preoccupied. This witch has powers beyond my mind. I am powerless to stop her rampage – so my prince. I’m afraid I must leave you behind.”
The princess uttered this with an amused smile.
The prince sank to his knees cursing his own helplessness from the inside, as the princess, his would be-bride, casually walked away leaving him behind.   With that, the princess and the witch slowly disappeared from his sight – but not without turning back to wave bye-bye.
“See you next time, prince.” The witch said with her high-pitched voice like that of a child.

“At the castle on the hill past the Forest of Lies.”

To Be Continued...

Fanart Corner

Greetings! To break it up a bit, I might do a regular Hayate Reflections next week instead of continuing this tale. In any case, see you next week for sure.

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