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Merry Christmas 2021!

Here's a fanart I made for Christmas. Could've done better on the umbrella but I was in a rush to finish before the 25th. Oh, and check out my youtube channel by the way.  lordcloudx - YouTube

Happy Birthday Nagi Sanzen'in (12/3)

  Today is mai waifu's birthday. Here's a video to celebrate the occasion as well as some illustrations from me. Still need to make a digital version of the bikini one in watercolors. It's actually painted on 12x18" paper

Mama’s Story: A Marriage Sealed With A Kiss

(Written by Cymark Ferdinand Mirasol. As requested by Cynia P. Mirasol for her 66th Birthday) The pendulum swing of values throughout human history is a fact of objective reality – but Marx and Engels were wrong about their prospective vision. The pendulum will never stop because a perfect system does not and cannot exist simply because of the inherently chaotic and indomitably rebellious nature of humanity itself. On a smaller scale, I have been fortunate enough to experience the dynamic nature of human values as it has swung from one side to the other several times during my 60+ years of existence. It really drives home the reality that in the grand scale of the universe, we are all just microscopic particles clutching onto delusions of grandeur about our own scale of influence and power. Far detached from these grandiose thoughts, this is a story of a simpler time. A time when the ruling paradigm of human values in the Philippines was ridiculously conservative: this is the story of

Happy Birthday Hayate Ayasaki - 11.11

 Happy Birthday, Hayate Ayasaki -- former butler turned boyfriend of Nagi. You may not have had the best of luck, but you certainly hit the jackpot in the end. Also, he was born in 1988. He's in his thirties now. He old.  Also, I might update this post with new images later. Current one is a quick sketch on my LCD writing tablet -- that I should review pretty soon. Oh, and I finally removed adsense from my blog, by the way. I mean, like I've had it on for nearly a decade and I've never had a single payout anyway.

The Mediocrity of the Filipino - An Anecdote by lordcloudx

Why do we Filipinos often become the butt of the joke in many an online meme and why do we act like we're proud of it? It's like the modern iteration of the infamous "crab mentality." We make fun of ourselves and make fun of other Filipinos and our own mediocrity becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If we don't respect ourselves, then how can we expect the rest of the world to do so? The next presidential elections won't resolve anything. Not if we don't change the way we think. In my honest opinion, we need to revamp our culture. Keep what works, discard what doesn't. Keep it simple like Bruce Lee's philosophy. I believe that the best lessons in life are always drawn from personal experience and not from cold, unfeeling statistics. The experience is different at ground level -- no matter what mathematics might say from a statistical analyst's standpoint. Here's an anecdote about the mediocrity of the Filipino mindset:  I had my bike servic

The Martial Law Years: From A Person Who Actually Grew Up In The Time of Marcos

  (My personal thanks to my only son, Cymark Ferdinand Mirasol for writing this personal account.) Let me get one thing straight -- the Martial Law Years were miserable. This is coming from me – a person who literally grew up during the time of the late President Ferdinand Marcos; one of the most divisive personalities to ever grace the pages of Philippine History. Ferdinand Marcos was very famous for his intelligence. In fact, he was as close as you could get to being a superhuman. He studied for the bar exams while incarcerated for a crime that he was eventually acquitted of – which he represented himself in as the legal defense. Most Filipinos at that time believed that he would be the best leader that we could ever have. Thus, during his first term as the Philippine President, Filipinos in general idolized Marcos and of course, as a naïve elementary-schooler, I was no exception. Fortunately, Marcos definitely lived up to the hype – at least during his first few years as Presi

Masters of the Universe Revelation - A Review By A Casual Fan

  Little warning in advance. This is a full review of Masters of the Universe Revelation Part 1 on Netflix, so if you haven’t watched the show yet and you do plan to watch it, then stop watching this video now and come back here when you’re done unless you’re okay with spoilers. The Bad Right, so let’s get the things I hate from this show out of the way. First of all, I really hate the central character in this series, who is of course, Teela. Yes, it was a bait and switch all along. If you wanted to hate this show for feminist, SJW pandering, then she is the embodiment of all those things. She’s portrayed to be super capable – a lot more than Prince Adam and basically, she can do no wrong in this show even though she has a horrible personality. When Prince Adam dies, instead of mourning her friend, she’s more hung up over the fact that he didn’t reveal his secret to her and feels justified in basically having a temper tantrum and sulking off because her feelings were hurt. This

Hayate Reflections Revival Episode 2: Are Recent Anime Really Superior?

 When I was a child,  I used to love stuff like Transformers, Archie Comics, He-Man, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers... basically, any cartoon or kids show that I could watch at that time. As I grew older... perhaps around the time I hit high school, I realized that some shows just didn't feel right for me anymore. While I could still watch stuff like Pokemon, Batman: The Animated Series, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and of course, anime, I tried to avoid watching animations that didn't have this mature vibe to them. At that time, I thought that this was merely a consequence of growing up. After all, I was now a teenager, therefore, my tastes had matured. Those kiddy shows from my childhood just didn't fit with my more adult tastes nowadays. I continued to adopt this kind of mindset when it came to animation for the next two decades or so. Anime always got a pass since where I'm from (in the Philippines), it was always seen as ok to like anime. For

So I Tried Singing

 Time to sing with my pseudo loli voice~

Hayate Reflections Revival Episode 1 - Leaving Meaner Comments On Mean Comments

  Meanwhile, I have a few new drawings of Nagi to show off, so here ya go.

New Hayate Reflections Episode Incoming...

If you're not aware, Hayate Reflections is a little episodic youtube series that I started on my Youtube channel about 3 years ago after the Hayate no Gotoku! manga ended wherein I talk a little bit about my thoughts on different aspects of the manga. I got tired of it eventually -- mostly due to having almost zero viewership on youtube thanks to getting shadowbanned and the really unfair algorithms they've put in place. Anyway, since I've been motivated to make more new videos recently, I'm bringing back Hayate Reflections with a facelift and a brand new episode this week... watch out for it on my channel at I won't completely spoil the content, but here's a little hint:


So while buying lunch at GT Town Center Mall this weekend, I happened to overhear an interesting conversation: one that presents a moral dilemma. There was an old (senior citizen) man who sat down at one of the free tables at the food hall. He had a takeout package from Jollibee. As he proceeded to open the package to eat his lunch, one of the people manning a particular food stall there told him: “Sir, bawal magkaon diri. Puwede lang ka pungko. Take out lang kon magkaon.” (Sir, it’s forbidden to eat here. You can sit down, but the establishment only allows take-outs.) To which, the old man promptly answered: “To, siling nila sa akon to puwede ka kaon diri sa food hall. Food hall ni indi bala?” (Buddy,   they said I could eat at the food hall. This is the food hall, isn’t it?) The employee replied: “Sir, wala taka gina saway ah. Galing basi masaway ka sang security karon.” (Sir, I’m not scolding you, but security might tell you off if they see you.) The old man repeated

The Sir Jigger I Knew

By Cymark Ferdinand Mirasol Former Feature Editor, USA Publications There is always much more to a person than “meets the eye” – and it’s not just because I grew up with Transformers. The fact of the matter is that no man would exemplify this phrase more than Mr. Jigger Latoza.   Although I was a member of the USA Publications Staff for a good 4 years in college, the truth is that I did not really feel the influence of the man known as Jigger Latoza or simply “Sir Jigger” during my tenure. Perhaps it is because I was too early or a little bit too late, because I can honestly attest to the fact that Sir Jigger was a lot more active after my time in the USA Publications. Nevertheless, while I never had the chance to familiarize myself with the man as one of the “pubpipol,” I was already well-acquainted with him well before I ever decided to apply for a place in the USA Pub. Sir Sid And Sir Jigger – My Mother’s Male Best Friends This is because I knew Sir Jigger as a good f

They said I could be anything I want... so I became an anime girl!


I Am Invincible - Watercolor Painting

  Just a little weekend watercolor session.

Confessions of a Deprived Gamer - A Video Essay Detailing My Journey With Handhelds


VALIDATION - A Satirical Prose

Disclaimer : This is a work of satire. If you feel offended by anything included in this piece, then you are most likely one of the people being satirized, or you need to look up the definition of the word “satire.” Please understand that if you are offended, then this is intentionally meant to hurt you. Imagine being you. Stay salty. Greetings stranger! As you already know, the truth is always in your heart. Go with what you feel and you will never go wrong. So stay a while and listen as I affirm to you what you already know to be true. Always remember to BELIEVE ALL WOMEN, because a woman always tells the truth about being victimized – and it’s definitely not because they’re the weaker sex because WOMEN CAN DO ANYTHING THAT MEN CAN DO… only better.  So if a woman tells you that she has been raped, you should understand that this is always 100% true. This is because ALL MEN ARE TRASH and don’t you even think about attempting to refute this with the tired old phrase that NOT ALL MEN, b

NCR Plus Bubble? Have A Short Scenario/Story

The funny thing is that I actually wrote this story just two days ago on Facebook before the Philippine government launched its latest brainstorm to quell the upsurge of COVID-19 cases. (I've included a Tagalog version coz it's funnier that way.) Government Task Force: A Story Employee A: Bro, they gave us a budget to form a new task force against the rising cases of COVID-19. Employee B: Awesome, bro. What do we do? Employee A: Think of a name. It's gotta be a really lit acronym. Employee B: Wait a minute... ARCS, bro. How about ARCS Team R6? Autonomous Response Covid Solutions Team Region 6. Employee A: Awesome bro! That's it! I knew you were good at naming names. We totally sound like some Navy Seals shit. Employee B: So, what now, bro? Employee A: Now that we have a name, we drink! Just go and buy some masks really cheap from your friend who owns a drug store later. We'll hire some people to hand em out on a contractual basis. THE END Tagalog Version Employee A:

Anecdotes Of Discrimination

When we think of class discrimination, it’s often the case that what comes to mind is the class struggle between the privileged and the working class. This is even truer in modern times wherein Marxist ideology is enjoying pandemic-levels of resurgence among younger individuals as their new religion. The new logic is: as long as you belong to an oppressed, victim class, you’re always correct. However, if you were born into privilege, you must die for the sins of your ancestors known as “accumulation of wealth” according to Patron Saint Karl Marx. Seriously, this is some “Good Eldian” levels of bullshitery – to use a relevant modern allusion. Still, as a privileged kid, I would say that my experience seem markedly different from what the culturally dominant self-proclaimed socialists living in non-socialist states want you to believe. But… I’m not here to change your mind. Think of these as “food for thought.” Read, and think about it. Do these scenarios sound familiar to you? Anecd

Just Some New Art - You've Probably Seen These On Twitter

  Yeah, I usually post on my twitter (@violent_cloud) or PIXIV (lordcloudx) account first. Anyway, here are some new digital pieces from me. Frankly, I'm quite proud of the wetness of the bikini on Nagi's DAT ass This is the entire pic. It's a redo of an older CG This one was rendered for Valentine's Day. Pretty simple stuff. Chinese New Year thing. Detail shots included.

Home - A Short Story by lordcloudx

 “The goal of togetherness is oneness.” Alex woke up to his Mother’s voice repeating these words over and over again for a total of 10 times at exactly 6:00 AM every morning. The very same words were also plastered in big bold letters at the dining hall just outside of his room. Over here, Alex ate two meals a day with six other children at 6:00 AM and then another meal in the afternoon at 3:00 PM. Some time ago, Alex distinctly remembered that they had at least three meals a day, but Mother changed the schedule recently since there was just not enough food for everyone to have three meals a day. This meant that being used to three meals a day, Alex went to bed just a little bit hungrier than usual, but at the very least, everyone must have felt the same. “At least we all go a little bit hungry, right Alex?” Mikaela, the girl who sat next to Alex at the dining hall asked. “Yes…”   Alex answered with a hint of reluctance while pondering the question in his head. “…There is a

This is Justice - A Short Rhetorical Story

There was once an earnest young woman from a very, very poor country. At a young age, she managed to stow away on board a merchant vessel in an effort to escape her miserable situation. When the crew discovered their uninvited guest, they took pity on her. Therefore, instead of letting her off at the next port, they decided to train her as an honorary member of their crew. The woman began working as an assistant in the ship’s kitchen. At first, they had her do odd jobs such as cutting the meat and vegetables, beating the eggs and of course, cleaning up the pots, pans, dishes and other kitchen utensils after use. She remained as an honorary member of the crew for the next five years. Of course, during this time, she learned various recipes and cooking techniques until eventually, she had gained the competence of a full-time chef. Because she proved to be very diligent and helpful, she was paid a minimal allowance for her services. It was a very small amount when compared to what