Monday, March 22, 2021

NCR Plus Bubble? Have A Short Scenario/Story

The funny thing is that I actually wrote this story just two days ago on Facebook before the Philippine government launched its latest brainstorm to quell the upsurge of COVID-19 cases. (I've included a Tagalog version coz it's funnier that way.)

Government Task Force: A Story

Employee A: Bro, they gave us a budget to form a new task force against the rising cases of COVID-19.

Employee B: Awesome, bro. What do we do?

Employee A: Think of a name. It's gotta be a really lit acronym.

Employee B: Wait a minute... ARCS, bro. How about ARCS Team R6? Autonomous Response Covid Solutions Team Region 6.

Employee A: Awesome bro! That's it! I knew you were good at naming names. We totally sound like some Navy Seals shit.

Employee B: So, what now, bro?

Employee A: Now that we have a name, we drink! Just go and buy some masks really cheap from your friend who owns a drug store later. We'll hire some people to hand em out on a contractual basis.


Tagalog Version

Employee A: Pre, may budget tayo. Buo daw tayo ng panibagong task force.

Employee B: Galing, pre! Anong gagawin natin?

Employee A: Mag-isip ka ng pangalan natin. Dapat yung astig!

Employee B: Sige... teka lang... ARCs, pre. ARCS Team R6. Autonomous Response Covid Solutions Team Region 6.

Employee A: Ang astig niyan, pre! Sabi ko na ang galing mo talagang mag isip ng pangalan. Para tayong mga Navy Seals yan!

Employee B: Eh ano na ngayon gagawin natin, pre?

Employee A: Wala na. May pangalan na tayo eh. Tara inuman na! Bili ka lang ng mga mumurahing face masks sa kaibigan mong may ari ng botika mamaya. Tapos, kuha lang tayo ng mga job hire upang ipamigay yan sa mga tao.


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