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Just Some New Art - You've Probably Seen These On Twitter

  Yeah, I usually post on my twitter (@violent_cloud) or PIXIV (lordcloudx) account first. Anyway, here are some new digital pieces from me. Frankly, I'm quite proud of the wetness of the bikini on Nagi's DAT ass This is the entire pic. It's a redo of an older CG This one was rendered for Valentine's Day. Pretty simple stuff. Chinese New Year thing. Detail shots included.

Home - A Short Story by lordcloudx

 “The goal of togetherness is oneness.” Alex woke up to his Mother’s voice repeating these words over and over again for a total of 10 times at exactly 6:00 AM every morning. The very same words were also plastered in big bold letters at the dining hall just outside of his room. Over here, Alex ate two meals a day with six other children at 6:00 AM and then another meal in the afternoon at 3:00 PM. Some time ago, Alex distinctly remembered that they had at least three meals a day, but Mother changed the schedule recently since there was just not enough food for everyone to have three meals a day. This meant that being used to three meals a day, Alex went to bed just a little bit hungrier than usual, but at the very least, everyone must have felt the same. “At least we all go a little bit hungry, right Alex?” Mikaela, the girl who sat next to Alex at the dining hall asked. “Yes…”   Alex answered with a hint of reluctance while pondering the question in his head. “…There is a